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Chapter 406: Killing Godly Emperor Tian!

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However, when Godly Emperor Tian attacked, Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and Godly Emperor Lei remained silent and didn’t do anything. They even did the opposite.

“Great Leader Lin, I made a mistake. I was wrong. I hope you can forgive me and forget what happened in the days,” said Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, bowing politely.

Lin Feng threw a punch at Godly Emperor Tian, using brightness strength. Godly Emperor Tian shook violently, and his Qi became unstable.

As Lin Feng punched Godly Emperor Tian, he smiled at Godly Emperor Jiu Yao and said, “I am the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, how could I kill people who strive for the same goals. Don’t worry.”

“Awesome! Thank you. I feel so grateful. In the future, if you need anything, just ask me,” said Godly Emperor Jiu Yao happily. She bowed and disappeared.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHH!! FUCKING BITCH! I’LL KILL YOU!!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian when Godly Emperor Jiu Yao left. Someone let him down, he was really going crazy now.

“Brother Lei! Hurry up and help me! You and me, we can kill him!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian. He was desperate and panic-stricken. He didn’t believe that two Godly Emperors couldn’t defeat Lin Feng.

However, he would be disappointed once again. Godly Emperor Lei didn’t intend to help. He bowed hand over fist and said, “Great Leader Lin, please forgive me for my sins. Godly Emperor Tian influenced us and we were stupid to follow him. I was so wrong. I hope you can forgive me. I…”

“Hehe, naturally. I admire you for your honesty and integrity. I killed so many disciples of the Thunder Gods Government, I can understand you were angry. I hope you can forgive me for that too,” said Lin Feng, smiling without emotion.

Godly Emperor Lei looked so happy and said hastily, “Don’t worry. They died because they were in the wrong. I have learned from my mistakes.”

“Great. It’s a deal then,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly and nodding with cold eyes.

“Bastard! Godly Emperor Lei, you…” Godly Emperor Tian’s eyes were bloodshot, but Godly Emperor Lei walked away. Godly Emperor Tian wouldn’t be forgiven, because he had initiated all this!

“Great Leader Lin, when you have time, come to the Thunder Gods Government, you’ll be a guest of honor. See you!” said Godly Emperor Lei while leaving. He disappeared into the east of the city. Only Lin Feng and Godly Emperor Tian were left.

“Lin Feng, I was wrong, please, can’t we…”

“We can’t,” said Lin Feng, when Godly Emperor Tian started begging him. His case was different from Godly Emperor Lei’s, he had plotted against Lin Feng. Lin Feng would never forgive him. He just looked at him disdainfully.

“Do you think I could spare your life?” said Lin Feng emotionlessly, clenching his fists. He wanted to crush him.

“You forgave them, why…” said Godly Emperor Tian, but Lin Feng interrupted him.

“Because you initiated everything, you plotted against me, you made them follow you. I forgive them because you influenced them, but I can’t forgive you.

“You know perfectly well what you did. You also made me a criminal even though I am not one.

“You’re the one who has wanted to kill me since the beginning, you’re the one who hung me on the gate of the Celestial Gods Government, you’re the one who wanted to dismember me.

“Now, I’m back, and you wanted to join hands with them again to kill me. You asked them, you’re unlucky, and they refused. You motherfucker, you think I’m a fucking idiot? You are ready to do anything to get me killed, and you think I can forgive you?!” Lin Feng roared at him.

Godly Emperor Tian glared back at him. Lin Feng was extremely aggressive. Godly Emperor Tian understood that Lin Feng couldn’t possibly forgive him, how could he forgive someone who had tried so hard to kill him?

How could Lin Feng let him off? Godly Emperor Tian calmed down and looked at Lin Feng’s cold smile. “So what? You’re the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, will you dare kill me? If you kill me, it will prove that you’re a criminal and a traitor. You will be executed for killing someone who devoted his life to the safety of the continent.”

“Shut the fuck up! You dare threaten me after begging me to spare your life?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He attacked without the slightest hesitation.

Godly Emperor Tian had to die. If Godly Emperor Tian didn’t die, Lin Feng wouldn’t feel safe and the same thing which had happened two months before would happen again. Lin Feng wasn’t stupid.

Lin Feng attacked, he used the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill, the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, the Great and Little Buddha Formulas, and the Imperial Imprint Formula. He used all the skills and techniques he knew: two great Celestial skills, two godly skills, all of them were extremely powerful.

Any of them could pose a great threat to Godly Emperor Tian. He didn’t have any chance to leave alive. Lin Feng was confident he could easily crush a cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer.

Godly Emperor Tian was determined at the beginning. He had lived for so long, he had seen many geniuses, but now he realized that Lin Feng controlled the situation.

He was under pressure. Lin Feng didn’t fear him at all.

Godly Emperor Tian could barely breathe, and was covered with wounds. At first, he thought he would at least try to bring Lin Feng with him into death, but he was terrified. He didn’t want to die, so he hoped he’d manage to kill Lin Feng and live.

There was an explosion. Lin Feng threw a kick at Godly Emperor Tian’s head. He was instantly blown away and crashed onto a building, blood splashing. Godly Emperor Tian looked like a wreck.

Lin Feng flashed over and landed in front of Godly Emperor Tian. He kicked him in the face again and then put his foot on his face. Godly Emperor Tian’s face was ghastly pale. He struggled to break free, but Lin Feng didn’t let him move.

“Godly Emperor Tian, you had never thought this day would come, right?

“You humiliated me, you made fun of me, you plotted against me, you made me a convict, you insulted me and tarnished my reputation. You even wanted to kill my family and friends. You remember?

“When I was in Feng Qi Mountain, I became the champion, but you removed my title. You gave it to Dan Nü. What should I do to you?

“Now I’m back, and you tried to plot against me again, you were still determined to kill me. How can I forgive you?

“Godly Emperor Tian, you can only blame yourself for everything you did. You will die because of your own self, because of your actions, not because of me,” said Lin Feng icily, and pressed on Godly Emperor Tian’s face even harder with his foot.

Lin Feng had rarely been so happy in his life. How awesome!

Many people were completely dumbstruck when they saw that. Was that Godly Emperor Tian on the ground? Was it really one of the five Godly Emperors?

And was that Lin Feng? Wasn’t it the Lin Feng Godly Emperor Tian had tried to kill for a while?

“Lin Feng, leave him to me. I’ll kill him myself.”

Lin Feng heard the ice-cold voice as he was about to kill Godly Emperor Tian. That voice sounded furious. Lin Feng turned around, and saw Ye Lü Qi.

When Godly Emperor Tian saw Ye Lü Qi, his face stiffened, and he remembered all sorts of things.

“Ye Lü Qi, you formed an alliance with Lin Feng?” Godly Emperor Tian was outraged, his eyes flaming.

“Shut up! Who formed an alliance with whom? To harm whom? You know perfectly well!” spat Ye Lü Qi furiously, kicking Godly Emperor Tian in the chest.

Godly Emperor Tian was strong, but it was too much. His rib cage cracked. Some bones stuck out of his thorax and he coughed up blood. His face became even paler.

“You traitor!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian, grinding his teeth.

“I am a traitor? Hmph! I should have become the leader of the Celestial Gods Government, but your father and you plotted against me. You killed my son!

“You plotted against me and ruined my life!

“Haha, now, I’m finally going to get my revenge! I will get everything I’ve lost back, almost…” said Ye Lü Qi, laughing in sad fury. “I will kill you!”

Ye Lü Qi took out a dagger and stabbed Godly Emperor Tian. Blood splashed, smelly and thick.

Godly Emperor Tian’s eyes were still wide open. He stared at Ye Lü Qi and Lin Feng. He wanted to say something but… he didn’t manage to say anything else, he was dead, his Qi dispersing.

He hadn’t died content.

A broken soul appeared. He wanted to escape, but Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi weren’t going to let him off.

Ye Lü Qi took something out and imprisoned the broken soul in a jar. The jar became tiny and moved back into Ye Lü Qi’s hand.

“I will torture you forever! That’s how I intend to avenge my son!” Ye Lü Qi looked crazy.


After a long time, he took a deep breath and looked normal again. He looked at Lin Feng, definitely moved by his gesture. “Thank you for letting me get my revenge.”

“No need to thank me. I did it for myself. It was a nice collaboration. Now we’re done. You can leave,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He didn’t take it to heart.

“No, I think we should continue,” Ye Lü Qi replied when Lin Feng said that. Lin Feng was surprised.

“We shouldn’t talk here, come to the Celestial Gods Government.”

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