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Chapter 407: Changes in Sword Mountain!

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In the great palace of the Celestial Gods Government…

Lin Feng and Ye Lü Qi were seated and talking.

“Lin Feng, I want to continue collaborating with you. Besides, I think we have to,” Ye Lü Qi sighed.

Lin Feng frowned; why did Ye Lü Qi want to form an alliance with him? He asked, “Give me a reason?”

“A reason? Simple. People high up in the hierarchy will quickly know, if they don’t already, what you did today. They will definitely investigate Godly Emperor Tian’s death.

“Now, you’re the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City. Your social status is a sensitive issue for many. You won’t be able to do anything if people from Godsland get furious. The Celestial Emperor is terrifying. You don’t know yet, but Godly Emperor Tian had already pledged allegiance to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

“Therefore, what you did today will infuriate the Celestial Emperor. Maybe he’ll try to do something against you. I don’t know how you became the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, but I know that the previous leader of Xuan Yuan City was Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, and the Demon Emperor has always been the Celestial Emperor’s sworn enemy. You’re in a dangerous position.

“Now, because of what happened to Godly Emperor Tian, you’re even more in danger. Therefore, we have to form an alliance. I will back you up regarding Godly Emperor Tian’s death, and the Celestial Emperor will have no reason to attack you,” explained Ye Lü Qi.

Lin Feng suddenly understood. Ye Lü Qi was completely right. They had killed Godly Emperor Tian because it was necessary, they had to get their revenge… but it would have consequences.

“Lin Feng, I will bear the responsibility for that, then, my position in the Celestial Gods Government will change. Everybody knew there were tensions between me and Godly Emperor Tian, and I had enough reasons to kill him. Even if Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is furious, I will announce that the Celestial Gods Government pledges allegiance to him, and then I think he’ll forgive me.

“I will bribe everybody who saw what happened today, such as the elder of the Unicorn Sect. I will make him swear that he never sells you out. I will do that to show you how grateful I am. You helped me get my revenge. I have just one request: after you become a Godly Emperor, I hope that you’ll be kind to us, the Celestial Gods Government.”

Lin Feng remained silent for a few seconds.

Lin Feng didn’t refuse, because he had no reason to refuse. He was a Half-Godly Emperor and he could kill cultivators of the first Godly Emperor layer, but it was extremely exhausting. There were many, many strong cultivators in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Lin Feng couldn’t attempt the impossible and fight against all of them. He had to be reasonable.

Therefore, he agreed to form an alliance with Ye Lü Qi. It was a safe choice. The Celestial Emperor wouldn’t think Lin Feng was guilty, so he wouldn’t be able to do anything against him.

“I accept.”


The fact that Godly Emperor Tian was dead spread all around the continent. It was incredible news for many. Everybody quickly learned about it: the Gods Government, the Four Temples, Godsland, the Three Dynasties.

But it was perfectly justified. The reason they gave to those higher up in the hierarchy was that there were tensions between Godly Emperor Tian and Ye Lü Qi.

Therefore, Ye Lü Qi had killed him to get his revenge.

However, there was something strange. A Half-Godly Emperor who had just broken through to the Half-Godly Emperor layer had killed a cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer? How was that possible?

The reason they gave was that Ye Lü Qi had been poisoning Godly Emperor Tian for a long time. The poison was invisible, they said Ye Lü Qi had been putting it in Godly Emperor Tian’s tea every day, and that the poison was undetectable even when using godly awareness, and that in the end, if he used his full strength to fight, his veins would explode.

Actually, it was true, Ye Lü Qi had really planned something like that at the beginning. After Lin Feng left Gods City, Ye Lü Qi had started bribing Godly Emperor Tian’s maid to put poison in his cup of tea every day. Initially, Ye Lü Qi intended to attack him in another six months, who would have thought Lin Feng would suddenly come back? Killing Godly Emperor Tian had been super easy then!

That was the reason why Lin Feng had managed to kill Godly Emperor Tian so quickly. It was partly thanks to Ye Lü Qi!

Ye Lü Qi also bribed everyone who saw what happened and told them the version they had to tell in case they were interrogated. Ye Lü Qi went to the Unicorn Sect, but they didn’t let him in. They didn’t let the elder come out, either.

Sword Mountain and the Gods Clan told their members what they had to say as well. Regarding the Thunder Gods Government and the Bestial Gods Government, since Lin Feng had forgiven them, they didn’t want to cause trouble either, so they would tell the same story as Ye Lü Qi.

For Godly Emperor Jiu Yao, it was not a problem at all. She was also willing to help Lin Feng. Back in the days, she had never been that mean to Lin Feng anyway, she had never really humiliated him.

Godly Emperor Lei hated Lin Feng for having killed Lei Long, but he had to forget about it for the time being. He still thought that if he had the opportunity someday, he’d try to avenge Lei Long’s death.


After Lin Feng left the Celestial Gods Government, he went to Sword Mountain. He wanted to see his son, Lin Zhe Tian, and his wife, Meng Qing.

However, when he arrived in Sword Mountain, he was astonished because everything had changed.

Jian Shi wasn’t the leader any more, he was now the Chief Supreme Elder. His status was higher than Xing Fa, but the latter couldn’t be angry because Jian Shi used to be the leader and had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor.

The one who replaced Jian Shi as the leader of Sword Mountain was his teacher, Jian Zhen, a real Godly Emperor. He had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer. Back in the days, Godly Emperor Tian had come to attack Lin Zhe Tian, and that old man, Jian Zhen, had made him retreat. After that, nobody had dared come back to Sword Mountain to cause trouble.

Before, when Lin Feng was in trouble, Lin Zhe Tian wanted to go with him and die with him, but the old man had imprisoned Lin Zhe Tian and prevented him from leaving.

After Jian Zhen’s comeback, Sword Mountain had become the most powerful of the six groups, so they had become the leader of the Group of Six. Even though the five others weren’t that happy, they didn’t have Godly Emperors, so what could they do?

Lin Feng thanked the ancestor of Sword Mountain three times for having saved his son twice. Each time Lin Zhe Tian was in danger, the old man seemed to be there. He admired Lin Zhe Tian for his talent and courage. Lin Zhe Tian was the future of Sword Mountain, so the ancestor of Sword Mountain had recruited Lin Zhe Tian as a disciple. He spent as many resources as he could raising Lin Zhe Tian.

Lin Zhe Tian now had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. When Lin Feng saw that, he was completely astonished. In less than two months, his son had gone from the sixth layer to the top of the ninth… He was almost stronger than his father. Lin Feng was dumbstruck, but he was also happy and proud, because this was his son!

Lin Zhe Tian had thus become a Great Elder in Sword Mountain. He was in charge of most things in Sword Mountain. He had many privileges, too. Great Elder Xing Fa’s status was barely higher than Lin Zhe Tian’s. People in Sword Mountain loved Lin Zhe Tian.


That night, Lin Zhe Tian was in a courtyard chatting with his father. It was peaceful, illuminated by the flame of some torches.

“Dad, I am not worthy of being your child. When you were in danger, I couldn’t save you,” said Lin Zhe Tian, kneeling down and bowing hand over fist. Then he kowtowed three times.

Lin Feng lifted his son up. He was proud of him and clapped his shoulders. When he sensed his pure inner Qi, he nodded.

“My good little boy, if you continue working hard, you’ll surpass me in a few years. Haha!” said Lin Feng happily. He laughed so loudly people could hear him dozens of li away.

Sword Mountain’s disciples looked in the direction of Lin Zhe Tian’s courtyard happily. They wished they could go and spend time with him. However, the leader had forbidden everyone from going to Lin Zhe Tian’s courtyard. Even the vice leader and elders weren’t allowed to go and disturb them. Lin Zhe Tian needed to rest. He had so many things to do usually, so he deserved a rest.

“Dad, after what happened to you, Uncle Tian Chi left Sword Mountain. He was discouraged and dispirited. He said he wanted to find Uncle Hou Qing Lin and the others.”

“Yes, he feels guilty. I can’t blame him, though. Nobody could save me that day. It’s good that he left. We’ll have many other occasions to gather again,” Lin Feng nodded. Even though he was disappointed, he hoped Tian Chi would achieve enlightenment on the path of Buddhism.

The Continent of the Gods was so big, Lin Feng was convinced there were Buddhist Godly Emperors. If one of them noticed Tian Chi and thought he was talented, he’d help him become extremely strong.

Suddenly, Lin Zhe Tian started talking… “Father, mom…”

“What’s the matter?”

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