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Chapter 409: Illusion Forest!

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When Lin Feng heard Huang Nü, he was surprised.

“Yes, the public road. It’s a road between the Three Dynasties and the Four Temples. The strong cultivators of the Three Dynasties built it to avoid Illusion Forest. Not just anyone can use the public road. One needs the authorization of the Four Temples or the Three Dynasties, they issue tokens to people allowed to use it. Back in the days, the Great Huang Dynasty, my Dynasty, used to have some,” explained Huang Nü patiently.

She was the Great Huang Princess, she knew many things. Back then, the Great Huang Dynasty used to be in Godsland, but then she had been attacked by her enemy, and the Great Huang Dynasty had fallen.

“Eh?” Lin Feng noticed Huang Nü didn’t look happy, even if she controlled herself and quickly looked normal again. Mentioning the Great Huang Dynasty made her sad, so Lin Feng hugged her. He was determined to crush her enemy someday. Each time they mentioned the enemy, both her father and her looked scared.

As Lin Feng and Huang Nü were hugging and talking, they suddenly heard a voice and some people’s steps behind them. “Let’s hurry. If we don’t reach the center of the Illusion Forest, the Great Mercenary won’t be happy. Let’s hurry up!”

Those people were in a hurry. The ground shook as they ran. Their Qi was cold, too.

“Piss off! How dare you stand on our way!” Lin Feng heard the sound of a whip. Someone was attacking Huang Nü!

Lin Feng frowned and turned around. He saw dozens of tall and sturdy men on gigantic beasts. They wore leather and fur clothes, and seemed very crude and aggressive. The leader of the group had a big scar on the face and seemed furious. He was the one who had just taken out a whip and was attacking Huang Nü.

“Who allowed you to attack?” swore Lin Feng icily. He released brightness strength and blocked the attack.

The man was surprised, and then even more furious. He shouted explosively, “You want to die! You son of a bitch!”

The man lashed his whip with full strength at Lin Feng. However, no matter how hard he tried, Lin Feng grabbed the whip and remained motionless.

“Eh? Half-Godly Emperor?” The man frowned. “Interesting. Third Leader, he’s yours!” said the man smiling wickedly.

He had his gigantic beast step back. He was only a cultivator of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He knew he couldn’t compete with a Half-Godly Emperor. However, he didn’t look scared. On the contrary, he looked amused and excited, as if a Half-Godly Emperor was a circus freak.

“Eh?” When Lin Feng saw the man’s expression, he frowned. A gigantic beast came out of the crowd. A skinny man was mounted on it. He was wearing white clothes, and looked as if he had no blood in his face. He looked sick, like a gust of wind could blow him away.

However, Lin Feng knew the man was probably very dangerous. He hadn’t felt threatened like this for a while.

The man also had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, but his Qi was evil. He sickened the people around him.

“Top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer? Hehe.” The pale man looked at Lin Feng icily. His voice was so shrill, he sounded like a eunuch.

Lin Feng was from Earth, he had seen many documentaries regarding eunuchs. That voice sounded like a blade.

“Who are you? Why did you attack us?” Lin Feng frowned. There were a dozen people in front of them, but Lin Feng talked to the leader of the group.

When the pale man heard Lin Feng, he smiled mockingly. It was the first time Lin Feng had seen such a weird smile.

“Hehe, many people have asked me that, however…” the pale man smiled icily. He put his hand under his robe and took out a necklace made of squares; there were hundreds of them, and an evil Qi emerged from them.

“They became material for my necklace,” exclaimed the man, grinning sinisterly. “You’re the next one!”

Whoosh… He disappeared at the same time as he spoke.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. He pushed Huang Nü away. He suddenly felt ice-cold, and cold sweat covered his body. He had rarely felt so startled.

There was an explosion. At the same time as Lin Feng pushed Huang Nü, the man appeared where she was initially. He looked at Lin Feng and frowned.

“You’re strong. I’ll kill you now!” said the man grinned evilly. He threw a punch without any hesitation, aimed at Lin Feng’s head. He looked quite confident.

“You’re a tiny little cultivator who attacks people by surprise, you are not worthy of being a Godly Emperor!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He clenched his fists and took three steps forwards. The pale man and Lin Feng exchanged a few hundred punches. Their godly auras became more and more dazzling white.

“Hey, you’re still alive?” said the man amused. He was surprised that Lin Feng could compete with him. “Evil Dragon, come out!”

The man flashed a thousand meters back and raised his hands while chanting an incantation. Suddenly, his Qi became even more vile, and it suddenly contained dragon Qi, too.

The whole forest started trembling when the dragon appeared. It was a hundred zhang long, its scales pitch-black, its head dazzling and eyes bloodshot. It looked down at Lin Feng disdainfully.

“Kill him,” said the pale man, pointing at Lin Feng. The dragon howled furiously and flew towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng flashed a thousand meters backwards as quickly as he could, but the dragon was so fast that it quickly arrived in front of him and brandished its claws, trying to cut him apart.

“Buddha Sword, Birth of a Buddha!”

Lin Feng unsheathed his Buddha Sword and used his Birth of a Buddha skill. He slashed his Buddha Sword at the dragon’s claws.

However, when the sword collided with the dragon’s claws, its tip crackled and its sword lights became much paler. The Buddha Sword’s soul trembled. If Lin Feng hadn’t held it firmly, it would have been blown away.

The sword couldn’t stop the dragon’s attack, so the dragon’s claws continued moving towards Lin Feng’s chest, and a wound appeared. He coughed blood and was blown away.

Huang Nü’s expression suddenly changed. Her golden armor appeared and she got ready to attack.

Demon lights started flashing around Lin Feng, and he disappeared. The pale man was surprised and his expression suddenly changed drastically. He threw punches behind him.

There was an explosion, and the pale man coughed blood as he was smashed away. His Qi became unstable.

Lin Feng had blood on his mouth, but he smiled grimly when he saw how weak the pale man looked. Then he looked at the dragon and said icily, “When you invoked your dragon, your strength dropped to the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. If I hadn’t seen that, why would I have let the dragon attack me?

“Now you’re injured, what about the dragon…?” Lin Feng smiled. He shook his Buddha Sword.

The Buddha Sword became dazzling and shot towards the dragon at an incredible speed. Then it pierced through the dragon from head to tail. Blood sprayed and the dragon Qi exploded.

At the same time, the pale man continued coughing blood. His Qi was extremely weak. Initially, he was a Half-Godly Emperor, but now he didn’t even have the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer anymore.

“Impossible! Impossible! My evil dragon! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!” the pale man shouted furiously. He couldn’t believe it, and somehow became even paler. He clenched his fists and shouted impotently, glaring at Lin Feng evilly. “I will kill you! You dared destroy my dragon and ruin my cultivation! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!”

The pale man stood up and threw himself at Lin Feng. However, he only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer now. Lin Feng didn’t need to do anything, the pale man couldn’t harm him.

Lin Feng looked at him coldly and stretched out his hand. He grabbed the man by the neck and lifted him up.

“(Cough, cough), you…?” The pale man was suddenly terrified.

He initially looked confident, but now he looked devastated. He was doomed. He didn’t even have his dragon anymore. His whole group was doomed!

“Release the third leader, otherwise, otherwise…!” ordered the scarred man, gritting his teeth. He glared at Lin Feng threateningly, but Lin Feng just looked at him emotionlessly, which made him tremble.

“Otherwise what?” asked Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

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  1. suicai99 May 15, 2019 at 2:28 am - Reply

    Heh… so what if you can summon a dragon.

    LF is the father of a Black Demon Dragon!

    oh wait that was in PMG1

  2. Gray June 12, 2019 at 9:00 pm - Reply

    so a ninth layer guy want to attack Lin Feng wife, and Lin Feng Wife has the strength of half-godly emperor.

    and then another guy show up, with the strength of half-godly emperor, next he fight with Lin Feng.

    Lin Feng strength is already in top half-godly layer, he can easily compete with first godly emperor and even kill them, also he can withstand the second godly Emperor.

    and now here we are, Lin Feng is little struggling fighting with this half-godly which is nobody.



  3. Regnaroc June 24, 2019 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    All that BS and it turns out he was only a half godly emperor

  4. Mo Feng April 1, 2020 at 6:31 pm - Reply

    Gray, there are ordinary people but also talented people, but there are evil people who use evil ways to be stronger, that guy was both talented and evil. So its hard for Lin Feng.

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