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Chapter 410: Massacre!

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“Otherwise, the great leader and the second leader will destroy you!” shouted the scarred man.

“Oh? Hehe. I’d be curious to see how they intend to do that,” Lin Feng said mockingly.

The scarred man was panicking. Lin Feng was still holding the third leader. The scarred man was afraid Lin Feng would kill him. Lin Feng was holding the third leader by the neck, he just had to press a little and he’d easily kill him.

A moment before, when Lin Feng wasn’t paying attention, he had contacted the second and first leaders. He hoped they’d arrive in time.

“Our leader is a strong cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer, our second leader is like our third one, a cultivator at the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. You better think carefully. You really want to be enemies with us?

“You better release our third leader. If you do, we don’t hurt you, we’ll let you live, otherwise… hmph!” said the scarred man. He wanted to threaten Lin Feng by mentioning a cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer. Maybe he was a bit too confident.

In the Continent of the Gods, how many Godly Emperors were there? Any Godly Emperor could become a leader anywhere almost, that’s why that man was so confident. Godly Emperors were rare!

However, even after the scarred man said that, Lin Feng still didn’t intend to release the third leader. On the contrary, he seemed even more amused. The man was furious and shouted, “You better think carefully! Otherwise, you’re doomed!”

“Indeed, even though you’re a Half-Godly Emperor, our leader is a cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer, you understand? He can kill you easily as if you were a pig. So, release him!” shouted a tall and strong man, smiling confidently.

“Cough, cough… Let me go and we’ll spare your life!” wailed the pale man angrily. His voice was so shrill it felt like a blade in people’s ears. What a horrible voice!

“Your first leader is extremely strong?” said Lin Feng, ignoring their threats. He looked at the scarred man.

When the scarred man heard Lin Feng, he thought Lin Feng was scared, he confidently and said, “What? You’re afraid now? Hurry up and release our third leader, we’ll spare your life if you do.”

“Hurry up, come on, come on! Release him.” shouted the tall and sturdy man behind. He didn’t treat Lin Feng like a Half-Godly Emperor anymore, he talked to him as if he were an ordinary Holy Spirit Emperor.

They all thought Lin Feng was scared now.

“Hehe, Interesting.” Lin Feng smiled indifferently and still didn’t release the man.

The scarred man pointed at Lin Feng and shouted furiously, “You fucking… AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!”

The Buddha Sword streaked across the sky and the scarred man’s flesh and body exploded. Blood gushed out, and pieces of flesh flew around. His skeleton collapsed alone, white bones covered with blood. It was terrifying to see.

The tall and sturdy man behind the scarred man who had been shouting furiously suddenly stopped talking. His face was deathly pale. He was trembling, and without even noticing it, he peed his pants.

The scarred man was dead. Lin Feng had killed him, his flesh and blood had exploded, only a skeleton was left. It was too frightening.

“I hate it when people point at me with their finger. If you want to die, try and point at me with your finger,” said Lin Feng, putting the Buddha Sword back into its sheath. He looked at the big fellow icily, then at the skeleton, and smiled indifferently.

“I hate it when people threaten me. If you continue talking shit, I’ll kill you,” said Lin Feng. His eyes were bloodshot. He released demon Qi, and looked like a demon. All the men there trembled, especially the one Lin Feng was holding. He was scared to death.

He only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer at that moment. He had summoned the evil dragon and his strength had decreased. If he had recalled the dragon, he would have retrieved his original strength, the two others were the same way.

They thought that they could defeat anyone who wasn’t a Godly Emperor, but who thought they’d ever have to face an opponent like Lin Feng, who was very observant? How couldn’t he be furious? He was, but what could he do? Nothing! Lin Feng could kill him easily!

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard something. It was the sound of someone moving among trees and bushes. They were getting closer and closer.

Huang Nü readied her spear to attack.


A loud sound spread in the air, two silhouettes appeared in front of Lin Feng, then a dozen cultivators appeared behind them. They were at the entrance of the Illusion Forest.

Lin Feng clearly saw the two cultivators at the front.

The two at the front were wearing black clothes and looked indifferent, skinny and ice-cold.

Lin Feng saw how strong they were. The scarred man hadn’t lied, the weakest one had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor, probably the second leader.

Lin Feng looked at the cultivator of the first Godly Emperor layer. Lin Feng suddenly felt excited, and wanted to fight. The Godly Emperor was surprised because usually Half-Godly Emperors didn’t dare offend Godly Emperors, the difference between the two cultivation layers was just gigantic.

But when he saw Lin Feng didn’t look scared, just the opposite, quite excited, he was furious.

“You’re the leader of the Evil Dragons Faction?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Oh? Dao Ba told you?” asked the man staring at Lin Feng.

{Translator’s Note: Dao Ba means scar or scarred, now he’s using it as a name and not an adjective anymore}

“What’s your name?” asked Lin Feng.

“Tu Ba,” replied the man. What a powerful name, two beams of light emerged from his eyes and he asked Lin Feng, “And you, what’s your name?”

“Lin Feng!” said Lin Feng smiling icily. When he saw Tu Ba’s expression, he guessed that Tu Ba might knew about him.

“Lin Feng?” Tu Ba looked stupefied and almost happy. “You’re the champion holding two titles, Lin Feng?!” He clenched his fists, wanting to have a big battle against Lin Feng. He had heard a lot about him. He had also found out that Lin Feng was the champion of the two competitions, and not Dan Nü. He also knew Lin Feng had defeated Dan Nü!

He knew Lin Feng had offended a powerful cultivator and he had been removed from the list. Ever since he had heard about Lin Feng, he had hoped he’d have the chance to meet him and fight against him.

He had also heard that Lin Feng had defeated Dan Nü when he had the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Now Lin Feng had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. He was sure Lin Feng could compete with him.

He had killed many geniuses in the past; his name was Tu Ba, it wasn’t for nothing!

{Translator’s Note: Tu Ba means aggressive slaughterer}

Tu Ba smiled and touched his blade. It was sharp and cold, and there was still blood on it. Tu Ba was bloodthirsty.

Lin Feng also touched his Buddha Sword. He had just fought with it, it still smelled like blood.

“Should we start?” said Tu Ba, firmly holding his sword.

“Without betting on something? Boring. We should bet on something,” said Lin Feng. He also wanted to fight, but not for free. He wanted to bet on something, it was more fun.

“Oh? What do you want to bet?” asked Tu Ba. He was even more excited and smiled back.

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