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Chapter 411: Chiliocosm of the Great Tao vs. Thousand Li Butcher!

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“If I win, you help us cross the forest safely. What do you want if I lose?” Lin Feng said after thinking for a few long minutes.

When Tu Ba heard Lin Feng, he was surprised, not angry. He didn’t think Lin Feng could win because even if Lin Feng was famous, he wasn’t a real Godly Emperor. He was only a Half-Godly Emperor, and the difference was too big.

Tu Ba was confident he could win because he was Tu Ba, and in the Illusion Forest, nobody dared offend him. He was proud of his past successes!

“If you win, I’ll consider you my big brother forever. If you lose, you join the Evil Dragon Faction to replace Dao Ba who you killed, and you will be under my orders. What do you think?” replied Tu Ba firmly. He was already sure that Lin Feng was going to become his servant. Definitely!

“Let’s start!” said Lin Feng, agreeing tacitly. He took a few steps backwards to get ready to fight. Huang Nü also walked away. She looked worried, but she trusted Lin Feng, and withdrew a thousand meters away. If anything went wrong, she would definitely intervene. She didn’t care whether Tu Ba was a Godly Emperor or not.

After Huang Nü walked away, Tu Ba also waved and his people walked away as well. They left a thousand meter distance between them and the two fighters. On one side, there was the gigantic and boundless emerald green forest, and on the other side, there was a group of mercenaries on their gigantic beasts. They all looked at Lin Feng angrily.

Lin Feng didn’t care about them. He looked at Tu Ba and said, “Please, let’s exchange views on cultivation.”

“Lin Feng, you will definitely acknowledge allegiance to me. When thinking about the best on the Gods List, people will think about me after this battle, not you!” shouted Tu Ba confidently, throwing a punch. His fist was like lead, heavy and powerful. His entire body turned into a beam of light, and he collided with Lin Feng. The sound of the collision was loud enough to make many people step back.

Lin Feng shouted extremely loudly. He put his arms in front of his chest, his white godly aura dazzling as it illuminated his face and Tu Ba. At the same time, he released brightness strength. Their energies collided, and the lights dispersed.

The sounds and energies dispersed in the forest. Their godly auras became dazzling again, Lin Feng threw a punch. Tu Ba shouted furiously and an evil dragon appeared behind him. It started rotating around Lin Feng.

Lin Feng raised his arms, and his white godly aura became even more dazzling. A swift and sharp blade Qi emerged, and the evil dragon howled furiously, many wounds appearing on its body. It wanted to retreat from Lin Feng’s blade Qi.

Tu Ba’s expression didn’t change. He put his palms together and started chanting some incantations. His face became paler and paler. However, his evil Qi became more and more powerful.

Lin Feng remained extremely vigilant.

Lin Feng flashed to avoid Tu Ba’s attack, and released space and time Dao, a dozen space and time cages appeared all around Tu Ba. If he made one step in any direction, he would end up in a cage. If he did, Lin Feng would only need one second to attack and defeat Tu Ba. However, things couldn’t be that easy.

Tu Ba remained extremely vigilant as well. He stared at the cages around him, then smiled mockingly. He suddenly stomped the ground, the sound of an explosion going off echoed far away. The ground started trembling.

“Lights of Destruction!” shouted Tu Ba. His voice sounded like an old man’s voice. At the same time, two grey-white beams of light emerged from his eyes. The Qi of the light beams was as powerful as two high-level godly imperial weapons. It pierced through the cages and broke them apart.

Tu Ba flashed towards Lin Feng and raised his hand. He threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. He was sure it was going to be his last attack.

“Lin Feng, give up, you can’t compete with me! You’re a Half-Godly Emperor and I am a Godly Emperor. You’re talented, but you can’t ignore the laws of reality. Surrender now!” said Tu Ba. He looked proud and determined. He had seen many young geniuses in his life, but he had also crushed a lot of them. But he admired Lin Feng and wanted to recruit him. It would be perfect for the Evil Dragon Faction!

“How can we know if we don’t try?” said Lin Feng, amused. He suddenly thought that if he could make a Godly Emperor his own servant, it would be great.

“So don’t blame me!” said Tu Ba. He released even more strength, and two gigantic hands moved towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. He was definitely going to make him submit.

However, Lin Feng just smiled disdainfully, taking a deep breath. He raised his left hand and showed his palm, clenched his right fist, and started chanting to release the true essence of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao.

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao!” shouted Lin Feng and then his palm and fist slammed towards Tu Ba extremely quickly. Tu Ba’s chest felt oppressed. However, Tu Ba was astonished, he hadn’t felt this excited in a long time.

“Haha! Awesome! When I defeat you, I’ll be considered the champion of the Gods List!” Tu Ba clenched his fists and laughed wholeheartedly. Then he opened his hands and two blood-red arched lights appeared, forming spiritual blades.

The two blades were dazzling and contained a terrifying blood Qi. Lin Feng was startled, but he quickly calmed down.

“Haha! Come! Thousand Li Butcher!” shouted Tu Ba furiously. He opened his arms and shouted manically. He seemed extremely excited, but at the same time he looked more and more miserable, extremely pale and sick.

His attack was called Thousand Li Butcher because the blades looked like those of a bloodthirsty killing intenter. Tu Ba made cutting motions in the air, and a countless number of beasts started howling with panic in the forest.

Lin Feng shuddered, but kept calm. He still had one palm and one fist raised, he walked forwards steadily. Each time he took a step forwards, it became more and more dangerous for Tu Ba.

Tu Ba could sense Lin Feng’s aggressive Qi, the Qi emerging from his palm and his fist was incredible. Tu Ba used as much strength as he could when he saw that. People around all felt oppressed and paled.

“Our leader will win!”

“Our leader has never lost! Otherwise, he wouldn’t be the strongest leader in the area!”

“That little boy is quite strong, he surprisingly managed to get to this point against our leader! He can be proud of himself.”

“Right. It’s good that he’ll become one of us,” said the members of the Evil Dragon Faction when they saw that their leader was using his full strength. Nobody believed their leader could lose. On the contrary, they had compassion for Lin Feng, poor guy, their leader could kill Lin Feng with so much strength. They hoped it wouldn’t be the case because otherwise, he would never become one of them.

Boom, boom, boom!…

The chiliocosm of the Great Tao and the Thousand Li Butcher energies collided. One blade collided against Lin Feng’s palm, the other against his fist. Were his arms going to get cut off?

Lin Feng’s palm and fist became bigger. In the blink of an eye, they were a hundred zhang in size, it was terrifying. The two energies collided and then disappeared. Lin Feng and Tu Ba both paled, especially Tu Ba, he was as white as a sheet of paper.

Lin Feng felt exhausted. Fighting against Godly Emperor Tian had been much easier. Tu Ba was having a hard time too, he ground his teeth. He didn’t want to surrender.

“Open, Evil Dragon Gate!” Tu Ba suddenly looked even more evil. He raised his arms again and a gigantic black gate appeared. The sound of a growling dragon spread in the air. Lin Feng stepped back as quickly as he could while staring at the gate, out of which a gigantic black dragon appeared.

It was an evil dragon again. However, this one was much more terrifying than the one from the pale man whom he had fought before.

The evil dragon was at least a thousand zhang long, his scales dazzling. Each of his scales contained an evil Qi. Very quickly, the Qi created a cloud. Many strong cultivators who were in the forest sensed that terrifying Qi and rushed over.

“Eh? Tu Ba is fighting?” An armored man had arrived, his eyes went wide when he saw how powerful their energies were.

“Great King Tu and that boy have exchanged a hundred attacks already and nobody has won yet? How is that possible?”

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