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Chapter 412: Insane Battle!

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More and more mercenaries came out of the forest, twenty had arrived already. They all had different clothes but most of them were wearing furs. When they saw Lin Feng and Tu Ba’s duel, they were stupefied. What an insane fight!

“Leader Tu is injured? Oh my…” a tall and sturdy who was wearing a robe made of tiger fur was astonished as he pointed at Tu Ba.

Tu Ba was already injured. The previous attack had struck his veins, and he had an internal haemorrhage. He kept coughing blood, and his Qi was extremely unstable. He was astonished that he was injured. He considered himself the king of that forest, how could he lose?

Tu Ba glared at Lin Feng furiously. He couldn’t lose. He had to win!

“Pfew… I’ll crush you, little boy. Lose now!” Tu Ba took a deep breath. His eyes were bloodshot and pulsing now

Lin Feng noticed that Tu Ba’s body had changed once again. He clenched his fists, a little nervous. It felt like Tu Ba’s Qi was about to explode.

“Argh!” Tu Ba shouted bestially, his muscles twitched and became so red they were visible through his pale skin. He , grew a meter taller, his teeth looked like fangs, and his ears had sharpened.

“Oh no! Leader Tu is so furious that he transformed?!”

Many mercenaries were astonished when they saw that, and their expressions suddenly changed. Many people were scared and ran ten thousand meters away, including those who had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

“Little boy, surrender, otherwise, you’re going to die!” a well-intentioned man in furs said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned and glanced at the crowd around, who all looked so scared. He looked at Tu Ba again, his bloodshot eyes were filled with killing intent. He smiled, excited to fight, on the edge of losing control.

“Thank you very much for warning me, but I’ll continue fighting,” Lin Feng said with a polite smile. Then he jumped high up in the air, raised his arms and closed his eyes.

When the man saw that, he retreated far away as well, wondering if Lin Feng wanted to die?

“Die!” shouted Tu Ba hoarsely. His voice sounded sharp, listening to it felt like being stabbed.

Tu Ba shouted and turned into a beam of light. In less than a second, he was in front of Lin Feng, raising his gigantic fist and throwing it at Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng grunted with pain and was blown away. He crashed onto a gigantic stone and his Qi weakened.

Everybody was astonished and felt for Lin Feng. Huang Nü looked furious, she grabbed her spear and jumped towards Tu Ba.

“Piss off!” shouted Tu Ba icily while throwing a punch. His fist was like a beast, a strong wind started blowing around him. His strength pushed Huang Nü away. However, she threw her spear at Tu Ba without any hesitation.

There was an explosion. Tu Ba’s godly aura flickered but he wasn’t pushed away. He punched the spear, and Huang Nü’s expression suddenly changed. Energies pierced through the spear and reached her hand. Her face paled as she dropped her spear, and was pushed away.

Tu Ba followed her and punched her again. Huang Nü’s face became even paler. She wanted to release desolate Qi to heal herself, but by using that sealed strength, she ended up even more injured.

“If she survives, she can consider herself lucky,” said a man who was hiding in the forest. Her life was hanging by a single thread.

“Why don’t you act like a hero? Go and save her,” said a tall and sturdy man next to him sarcastically. The others burst into laughter.

The man sighed, ignoring the others, “Who would dare?”

They all remained silent, turning their heads again and looking at Huang Nü, whose grace and elegance were peerless. Tu Ba could kill her anytime.

“You want to injure my wife? Over my dead body!” shouted Lin Feng as everyone was looking at Huang Nü, thinking she was about to be killed.

Lin Feng’s eyes were bloodshot. He jumped in front of Huang Nü,took her in his arms and kicked Tu Ba in the face with his left foot. It was like his foot weighed a million tons, Tu Ba grunted with pain and was smashed away. He crashed against a few trees, which collapsed around him, ending up crashing into a boulder.

“Eh… what…” Many people were astonished. He had kicked away Tu Ba?

“Move back, Little Huang!” said Lin Feng, pushing her away. Her Qi was weak and she was completely pale. She had no choice but to leave the fight to Lin Feng. She wasn’t weak, but Tu Ba was too strong.

“ARGH! You want to die!” shouted Tu Ba furiously. He hadn’t had such a fierce battle for a very long time. Lin Feng had managed to infuriate him. He had almost lost his senses, he just wanted to kill Lin Feng now.

Boom boom boom!… The ground shook violently. The whole forest filled with deadly energies. The beasts in the forest fell down and trembled.

Lin Feng clenched his fists and released a black demon Qi. Demonic marks appeared on his face. His eyes were bloodshot and contained deadly energies. He started using his Demon Emperor Celestial Skill.

“You’ve gone crazy, I’ll do the same then!”


Lin Feng looked like a Demon God as he shouted furiously. Many trees blew apart, and the mercenaries who were hiding behind some had the impression their hearts were going to explode. Lin Feng was insane and aggressive, just like Tu Ba!

Both focused solely on the battle. Tu Ba shouted furiously. He beat his chest and then ran towards Lin Feng. He moved a thousand meters in a second, and when he arrived in front of Lin Feng, he threw a punch at him. His fist was like a heavy mountain.

Lin Feng shouted, raised his arms and released brightness strength and demon Qi to protect himself. He condensed energies in his foot and threw a kick at Tu Ba’s fist.

Boom, boom! The ground shook violently again. Energies rolled around them, and blood splashed.

Lin Feng’s legs were both bleeding. Tu Ba’s fist was too, a piece of white bone sticking out of it. Seeing the blood made the two want to fight even more. They were so focused on the battle that they didn’t feel pain anymore.

Everybody shuddered with fear, they were both crazy. Some of them were cultivators of the first Godly Emperor layer, but they were still dumbstruck. Lin Feng and Tu Ba were risking their lives.

“They’re genuinely strong.”

“Right. They’re scary.”

“The one fighting against Leader Tu Ba is a cultivator of the Half-Godly Emperor layer? He’s incredibly strong!”

“I, the third Han, have never admired anyone, but I do admire that young man. If he doesn’t die, I’ll consider him as a brother, yep, as a brother. For sure,” said the tall and sturdy man who was wearing clothes made of tiger fur. He couldn’t help but clench his fists. Such people were an inspiration. He wished he could join the battle, but if he did, Tu Ba would probably get angry, so it wasn’t a good idea.


There was another explosion, and many people gasped with astonishment. Lin Feng’s robe was torn apart, revealing his tanned body and countless wounds. One of his wounds was twenty centimeters long.

Tu Ba was suffering even more, pieces of white bones sticking out of his skin on multiple parts of his body, but he didn’t seem to care, he just looked at Lin Feng furiously. He still didn’t intend to surrender.

“I will make you submit to me!” said Lin Feng icily. The crowd shuddered with fear. Lin Feng pointed at Tu Ba and then jumped towards him. He kicked Tu Ba, who crashed against a boulder again.

“Will you submit or not?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His eyes were still bloodshot. He had blood all over his body and he stared at Tu Ba, who was lying on the ground.

“I won’t!” shouted Tu Ba. He raised his head to the sky and threw himself at Lin Feng once again. He looked like a charging beast.


Lin Feng jumped and threw a kick at Tu Ba again, hurling him away. Sand and dust flew all around them. Tu Ba coughed up blood again, but he continued looking at Lin Feng icily.

“Still not submitting?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His eyes were completely bloodshot, they looked like blood balls that could explode anytime. Demon Qi rolled in waves all around him. He looked extremely frightening.

“No! I won’t submit!” coughed Tu Ba, his hand on his chest. He wanted to get back onto his feet, but he had no strength anymore. He was severely injured. He wanted to say something again, but instead he coughed up blood again. His face had never been so pale. His fangs disappeared and his normal teeth reappeared, his body returned to normal.

Lin Feng coughed blood as well. He had used the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill too much. He also fell onto his knees. He looked at Tu Ba and shouted, “Still not submitting?!”

“I won’t!” said Tu Ba. They were both lying on the ground, looking at each other. Half a meter separated them.

Lin Feng smiled. He threw a punch at Tu Ba, but actually his fist just fell on Tu Ba’s body. He had no strength anymore, but that weak punch still made Tu Ba cough up blood again.

“Still not submitting?” said Lin Feng in a trembling voice, still determined. He wanted Tu Ba to submit.

However, Tu Ba was stubborn. He would never submit, no matter what!


Lin Feng slapped Tu Ba. Tu Ba threw a punch at Lin Feng’s chest. They both continued hitting each other without any strength while lying on the ground. Their attacks were so weak they didn’t make any sound anymore.

The wind was blowing, carrying the smell of blood but nobody reacted. They just stared at the two insane fighters. Many people had cold sweat down their backs.

Huang Nü ran up to Lin Feng and took him in her arms. She touched his neck; he was still breathing, but his Qi was extremely weak. She bit her finger and dripped three drops of blood into Lin Feng’s mouth. Her face became extremely pale and she shook trembled. She didn’t regret it, though!

“Hurry up. Save him! What are you doing staring like that?”

Everybody reacted at that moment. They all rushed over to the battlefield towards the two fighters.

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