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Chapter 413: The Five Great Factions!

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“Save your beloved brother and sister!” When the man wearing clothes made of tiger fur heard the mocking laughter around him, he ran to the battlefield. If Lin Feng didn’t die, he’d consider him as a brother, a big brother. That’s why the men around were making fun of him.

“Let’s go into the forest, our campsite is there,” said the tiger-furred man to Huang Nü when he arrived in front of Lin Feng and Huang Nü.

Huang Nü glanced at the men icily. She didn’t trust them. She held Lin Feng tightly. He had lost consciousness already. She was afraid they would do something to him.

“Little Huang, follow them,” Lin Feng coughed in a weak and trembling voice at that moment. His vision was completely blurry. Many people shuddered and imagined what would have happened to them if they had fought against Lin Feng. They would have ended up badly injured or even dead.

“Husband, they…” said Huang Nü biting her lips when she saw that a few men looked sinister. Most of them were Half-Godly Emperors, but there were two Godly Emperors of the first layer too, like Tu Ba.

“It’s alright,” he coughed. “If they wanted to hurt me, they would have done it already,” Lin Feng shook his head. He was extremely pale. Huang Nü looked at the man in tiger furs again and decided to agree.

“Alright, I accept,” Huang Nü nodded.

The tiger-furred man and the Holy Spirit Emperors behind him grabbed Lin Feng and lifted him up. The tiger-furred man chanted an incantation as if he were trying to summon something.

Everybody saw a few bears come out of the forest. They had pitch-black hair and were ten meters tall.

“Sister, you two get on the bear,” said the tiger-furred man, pointing at Lin Feng.

Huang Nü nodded and helped to put Lin Feng on the bear. Those bears weren’t weak, they all had the strength of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Riding such powerful bears wasn’t a bad idea.

“Enter the forest,” said the tiger-furred man. The bears instantly headed into the forest. Regarding Tu Ba, the members of the Evil Dragon Faction took care of him, carrying him and also entered the forest.


The leaders of the other factions followed the two groups and entered the forest. It was already quite late. At night, the white mist in the forest became thicker, only the tops of the trees stuck out. It was quite beautiful.

After half an hour, the bears stopped. There was a campsite with torches and many tall and sturdy men sitting around cross-legged. They were grilling huge pieces of beast meat. It smelled good.

Many mercenaries’ stomachs rumbled. They blushed, but had no choice but to wait until the meat was done. They also added more to the fire.

Huang Nü grabbed Lin Feng and took him off the back of the bear. The bear’s master also got down. Lin Feng dropped his head to his chest, and looked at the bear. The bear looked scared and started shaking. That’s what happened when a Godly Emperor looked at a beast which was much weaker. The bear felt under pressured.

Lin Feng looked elsewhere as Huang Nü helped him sit down. Lin Feng took a deep breath and sat down cross-legged. He released brightness strength throughout his entire body. His Qi slowly recovered, but the desolate Qi in his body was extremely dense. The godly emperor seed in his body made him feel strange, but at the same time, it was as if he were about to break through.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Nü’s finger. Huang Nü noticed that and bit her lips, immediately putting her hand behind her back and looking nervous.

“Show me your hand,” said Lin Feng angrily. Huang Nü shook her head. She didn’t want Lin Feng to get angry because of this. How could Lin Feng not be angry though? He stretched out his hand and grabbed her arm and pulled it. She struggled, but he used even more force and it hurt.

Huang Nü’s expression changed drastically. She didn’t dare struggle. Lin Feng smiled and pulled her little hand. He saw the wound on her small hand, it was fresh and still oozing.

“Husband, I, I…” said Huang Nü biting her lip.

She wanted to justify herself but Lin Feng interrupted her. He looked grim and said, “If you ever do it again, I’ll spank you.”

“You…” Huang Nü looked at Lin Feng angrily. But Lin Feng was so handsome that she felt warmth despite herself. Lin Feng cared about her. For that reason, she thought even more firmly that giving him three drops of blood was definitely worth it!

“Alright, I’ll remember,” said Huang Nü, sticking out her tongue. She didn’t want to argue with Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction, and held her hand firmly. Her hand was warm which made Lin Feng smile even more.

“Brother, hehe, you’re amazing.” The tiger-furred man grabbed a big piece of grilled meat and walked over to Lin Feng, giving the skewer to Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled and gave it to Huang Nü. Huang Nü shook her head. She was a plant, she didn’t eat meat.

Lin Feng bit the piece of grilled meat. It was juicy, and meat fat dripped down. It smelled incredibly good. When he swallowed it, Lin Feng instantly had the impression he had become stronger. Then he started devouring it which made the tiger-furred man laugh. He asked someone to grill more meat for Lin Feng. Lin Feng was done eating his piece of meat in a matter of a few seconds.

“Thank you!” said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist when he finished.

The tiger-furred man scratched his head, looking simple and honest. He smiled at Lin Feng in admiration and said, “Brother, you made the Butcher lose consciousness, you’re amazing.”

“The Butcher? The Butcher is Tu Ba?” asked Lin Feng, glancing at Tu Ba, who had lost consciousness.

The tiger-furred man nodded, “Of course! Brother, you probably don’t know it, but Tu Ba is the strongest of the five leaders. He’s crazy, nobody can compete with him. And you didn’t know him, it’s very surprising. Haha!” laughed the tiger-furred man. After that, he looked at the Butcher, still looking overjoyed. The other mercenaries rejoiced, but they didn’t say anything. Lin Feng had done something that they wished they could do, too.

When Lin Feng saw the man’s expression, he smiled wryly, as they didn’t seem to like him very much.

“Brother, what’s your name?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at the tiger-furred man.

“My name is Han Da Li, I’m the third leader. They all call me Third Leader, hehe,” said the tiger-furred man smiling easily.

Lin Feng nodded and asked, “Han Da Li, can you tell me more about you guys?”

Lin Feng was curious, he wanted to learn more about the Illusion Forest and the people who were used to being there. He also thought it’d be better to be friends with them, as it might help regarding Yan Di’s case. Lin Feng also wanted to learn more about the knowledge Yan Di sought to obtain.

The more he knew, the better it would be for him when helping Yan Di.

Han Da Li was an honest soul. Lin Feng could see that.

“Brother, what’s your name?” asked Han Da Li smiling.

“Lin Feng,” said Lin Feng, smiling honestly.

“What? Eh… you… Brother… You’re Lin Feng? The champion of the Gods List?” asked Han Da Li. His eyes were wide. He couldn’t believe it. He spoke so loud that all the other leaders turned around and walked closer to Lin Feng.

They all looked over Lin Feng from head to foot.

“You’re really Lin Feng?” asked a man wearing a fur robe. He wanted to make sure.

“Indeed, Lin Feng, in the flesh!” said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist.

Everybody took a deep breath. Lin Feng was a legend to them. They used to think that guy had an undeserved reputation because he had finished first at the two competitions. But now they had seen him fight against Tu Ba, and had seen the result. They had been completely wrong about him. And this guy was fucking insane, even crazier than Tu Ba!

“Han Da Li, can you tell me more about the five factions?” Lin Feng asked Han Da Li.

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