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Chapter 414: Let’s Collaborate!

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“Hehe, brother, we’re one of the five strongest factions in the forest. You might not know, but we have power and influence, everybody knows about us. We even have influence in Godsland and the Gods Government. Hehe!” Han Da Li smiled. He sounded happy and proud. Lin Feng was speechless. Han Da Li’s accent reminded him of the accent of Henan Province in China on Earth.

“Brother, we’re the third best faction, the Great Strength Faction,” said Han Da Li, introducing their own faction. He waved and the men next to the bears hurried and waved at Lin Feng. Lin Feng waved back and smiled.

Han Da Li put his hand on his chest and looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled. What a funny man!

“That’s Chu Lian Feng, my second brother, his faction is called the Wind Company Faction. Brother, come and introduce yourself to Lin Feng,” said Han Da Li, pointing at a skinny man in fur clothes. The skinny man had short blue hair. His emerald green eyes looked like precious gems. Lin Feng was intrigued.

Chu Lian Feng bowed hand over fist and said, “My name is Chu Lian Feng, I am the leader of the Wind Company Faction. I’m this simpleton’s brother,” said Chu Lian Feng glancing at Han Da Li angrily. Han Da Li just smiled, then he introduced Lin Feng to the three others.

“That’s Jiang Hao, fourth leader, he’s my fourth brother. He’s from the Ice Tiger Faction,” said Han Da Li, pointing at man wearing a fur robe as well.

Jiang Hao smiled and nodded at Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with admiration. Then, he looked at the members of his faction, who all stood up and greeted Lin Feng. Lin Feng also noticed they all had fierce and tough ice tigers, hence the name.

“Brother, leave it to me, your way of proceeding with introductions is way too strange,” said the fifth leader. He walked to Lin Feng, bumped fist with him and smiled, “My name is Qiao Lao Gou, I am the fifth leader. My faction is the Great Dog Faction,” said Qiao Lao Gou. The members of the Great Dog Faction all had five-meter-long dogs. Lin Feng found the creatures amazing. They were dogs, but they had grey dragon faces and were pitch-black. They were definitely extraordinary creatures.

Lin Feng could see that their creatures were extraordinary. Chu Lian Feng and the members of his faction had eagles. The best creatures still seemed to be Qiao Lao Gou and the others’ gigantic dragon dogs. They were ancient beasts, very different from unicorns.

Lin Feng wouldn’t forget those dragon dogs anytime soon. He also remembered the four others, gigantic beasts, brown bears, ice tigers…

Lin Feng turned around and looked over all these people. They were all Godly Emperors, but they had all only recently broken through to the Godly Emperor layer, half a year before at most. Their godly auras were more or less equally powerful.

There were also mercenaries who had broken through to the Godly Emperor layer for a while already, like Tu Ba and Han Da Li.

“Leaders, Tu Ba is awake,” someone shouted behind Third Leader Han, making the ground shake. Third Leader Han frowned and glanced at him. The man’s face paled, and he didn’t dare look at Third Leader Han straight in the eyes.

“Let’s go, our bro is awake, hehe,” said Han Da Li, smiling lightly. He ran towards the Evil Dragon Faction’s side.

“Brother Lin, let’s go together,” said Jiang Hao. Lin Feng nodded. He had to talk to Tu Ba anyway. He stood up and followed Jiang Hao. They walked over to Tu Ba’s tent.

The leaders gathered around Tu Ba’s tent. The members of the Evil Dragon Faction looked at Lin Feng angrily. He had defeated their boss and had acted a bit too arrogantly for them. He made them lose face. But nobody was strong enough to avenge their boss.

When Lin Feng arrived, he saw that Tu Ba was seated in front of a campfire and his Qi was extremely weak. It smelled good, meat was grilling. A man was standing next to Tu Ba. He was the second leader of the Evil Dragon Faction.

“Hehe, brother, you woke up?” said Han Da Li smiled. He looked a bit scared though, and took three steps backwards.

“Hm? So what? You hoped I wouldn’t wake up,” said Tu Ba sarcastically, frowning. A fierce and tough Qi emerged.

It scared Han Da Li even more, so he took a few steps back and hid behind Lin Feng. He looked at Tu Ba provocatively and said, “Leader Tu, my brother is here, will you dare act insolently in front him?”

“Haha, Third Leader Han, you’re an easily swayed person, aren’t you? You used to lick Leader Tu’s ass all the time,” said Jiang Hao, laughing loudly. He couldn’t help. Han Da Li was hiding behind Lin Feng, after all!

“Right, Third Leader Han, you want to be friends with Brother Lin only because he’s extremely strong,” said Chu Lian Feng, laughing as well.

Lin Feng looked at Han Da Li hiding behind him, speechless.

“You seem tense, should I beat you to make you relax?” yelled Tu Ba.

Han Da Li paled. He remembered all the times when Tu Ba had terrified him. He was scared, but then he looked at Lin Feng in front of him and smiled, “Hehe, Leader Tu, you can’t scare me because my brother is here and he’ll protect me,” said Han Da Li pointing at Lin Feng. He seemed quite proud. Tu Ba was stupefied, but then he coughed and ignored Han Da Li.

“Brothers, you can go. I want to talk to Brother Lin,” Tu Ba said to Jiang Hao and the others. They nodded.

Jiang Hao and Chu Lian Feng cupped their fists, bowed, turned around, and left the campsite. When they left, they glanced at Han Da Li mockingly. Han Da Li didn’t care though. He continued hiding behind Lin Feng. Huang Nü was speechless too.

“You leave too,” Tu Ba said to Han Da Li angrily.

Han Da Li wanted to stay, but Lin Feng spoke first, “Da Li, go. I need to talk to Brother Tu Ba.”

“Brother, you…” Han Da Li was astonished. He didn’t understand.

“If you don’t leave, he may hit you and I won’t protect you,” said Lin Feng, smiling cheerfully.

Han Da Li shuddered with fear, his eyes wide. He ran away extremely quickly, terrified Tu Ba would attack him.

Lin Feng watched him go. Han Da Li leaving made Lin Feng feel better.

Tu Ba shook his head helplessly. That Third Leader was hopeless.

“Brother Lin, I’ve never admired anyone in my life. You’re the first person,” said Tu Ba, cupping his fists in respect.

Lin Feng was surprised, but then asked in amusement, “So, you submit?”

Lin Feng remembered during the battle as they kept punching each other. Tu Ba had refused to submit and now him saying he admired him, it felt strange.

When Tu Ba saw Lin Feng’s expression, he blushed in embarrassment, “Brother Lin, I…I… My brothers… I… How could I?” said Tu Ba. His cheeks became bright red. He felt humiliated, but Lin Feng was really strong and his attacks were amazing. He was an insanely good cultivator, even crazier than him.

“No problem. You’re honest. Nobody will make fun of you,” said Lin Feng, smiling wholeheartedly.

Tu Ba nodded, happy that Lin Feng didn’t make fun of him.

“Tu Ba, I think we should cooperate. What do you think?” said Lin Feng seriously.

Tu Ba’s shy smile disappeared and he looked at Lin Feng strangely. After a long time, he asked, “What do you have to offer?”

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