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Chapter 415: Chu Lian Feng’s Hesitation!

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“An insane lifestyle and the opportunity to become a terrifying cultivator,” replied Lin Feng honestly. Tu Ba first looked surprised, but then he smiled and looked enthusiastic.

“Can you do that?” Tu Ba smiled. That smile looked scary though, bloodthirsty, insane…

“You know about my past and my experience. That’s enough to convince you, I think,” said Lin Feng neutrally.

Tu Ba frowned. He knew about Lin Feng’s past. Indeed, Lin Feng was crazy. Tu Ba liked danger. He liked the smell of blood, insane battles, and he didn’t fear death. He loved fighting.

That was the reason why Han Da Li feared him. Ordinary people couldn’t scare Han Da Li. He was a Godly Emperor too, after all. In small worlds, there were no Godly Emperors, such as in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back then, Lin Feng was the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and was only a Ruler.

In the Regions of the Continent of the gods, the strongest Godly Leaders were only cultivators of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and they had at most the strength of the first and second Holy Spirit Emperor layers. Even Mister Time from the Dark Palace only had the strength of the seventh or eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

Everybody saw how scary Tu Ba was in the forest. He was the most aggressive and strongest leader. That was why everybody respected him and obeyed him.

“I will think about it and give you a definite answer before sunrise,” Tu Ba said after a long time. It was something important. He had to think about it.

Lin Feng nodded and stood up. He took Huang Nü’s hand and they left Tu Ba’s tent.

“Brother, how did it go?” asked Han Da Li, running towards Lin Feng. He looked at Lin Feng as if he were looking at his father. Lin Feng was speechless.

“Tu Ba will hit you a hundred times,” said Lin Feng, smiling lightly. Han Da Li paled and stepped backwards hastily. Then he shouted anxiously and ran away.

Lin Feng laughed as Jiang Hao arrived in front of him. Jiang Hao said, “Brother Lin, why are you scaring Han Da Li like that? He’ll go crazy someday.”

“Oh? Why is he so scared of Tu Ba? Can you tell me why?” Lin Feng asked, amused.

Jiang Hao and Chu Lian Feng glanced at each other and smiled strangely. They waved at Lin Feng and said, “Brother Lin, let’s go back and talk at the same time. Haha!”

As they went back to their campsite, Jiang Hao explained everything to Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin, each time Tu Ba bursts into fury, he always looks for someone to release his anger on. At the beginning, we all used to fight against him. He was merciful at the beginning. But when Han Da Li became a leader in the Illusion Forest, he started treating Tu Ba disdainfully and provoked him.”

“Haha, stop it, come on. I’m going to die laughing. Hahahahaha!” shouted Qiao Lao Gou, laughing loudly. Lin Feng was even more curious to know the ending.

Jiang Hao looked at the fifth leader angrily and continued, “Tu Ba and Han Da Li fought, as one could well imagine, Han Da Li suffered a crushing defeat and surprisingly, he farted… he farted at…” said Jiang Hao glancing at Tu Ba’s tent. Lin Feng’s eyes went wide as he understood.

“Indeed. He farted at Tu Ba’s face. After that, each time Great Leader Tu wanted to fight, he crushed Han Da Li. Each time, Han Da Li begged him to stop, but Great Leader Tu didn’t let him off.”

“Hehe, Brother Lin, what do you think?” asked Jiang Hao, laughing. They had all seen it themselves, so it was even more funny for them.

“I understand,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t know what to say. But on the inside, he thought that if Han Da Li had farted at his face, he might have killed him, too!

“Brother Lin, what you just discussed with Brother Tu Ba, could you…?” said Chu Lian Feng seriously.

“Yes, no problem. Tu Ba should also ask you what you think,” said Lin Feng. He knew what Chu Lian Feng meant and telling them the truth was fine. He couldn’t talk to only Tu Ba. The three Godly Emperors in front of him were terrifying cultivators, too. Maybe they didn’t stand out in Godsland, but when they were together? They represented a powerful group!

“I want to cooperate with Tu Ba and you guys,” said Lin Feng, taking a deep breath.

“Oh? Cooperate?” Chu Lian Feng was surprised. How had Lin Feng come up with such an idea? He was quite ambitious for a Half-Godly Emperor!

“What do you have to offer us? You know, we have free and unrestrained lifestyles in the factions. We can’t be tied to any obligation,” said Qiao Lao Gou solemnly. He usually liked to joke a lot, but he could also be serious.

“Indeed, we don’t like being feeling penned. Therefore, Brother Lin, we…” said Jiang Hao after a while. He nodded gravely to indicate he refused.

“I know that you don’t like feeling penned, but think about your future. You can’t live in factions forever. You are now Godly Emperors, your future could be bright. If you waste your life on the pretext of freedom, wouldn’t it be a pity?

“You are extremely strong. I’m sure you’re all ambitious. Otherwise, why would you have practiced that hard to become Godly Emperors? Nobody can become a Godly Emperor unless they’re ambitious. People who aren’t ambitious can’t become strong, and people who are not ambitious aren’t willing to take risks to become Godly Emperors. To become a Godly Emperor, you have to risk your life so often… Are you sure you want to waste your lives on the pretext of freedom?

“Brothers, it’s the truth. You are already penned here in the Illusion Forest, you barely see anything. Maybe you think I’m wrong, but you should think about it at least,” said Lin Feng.

They all had different expressions.

The atmosphere was oppressive. Lin Feng went to a campfire and started grilling some meat and drinking big glasses of liquor. He hadn’t enjoyed a meal like this for a long time. Huang Nü was seated next to him and looking at the few people. They looked angrily, puzzled, hesitant. All of them had different reactions.

But after a little while, Jiang Hao and Qiao Lao Gou looked more and more determined. Lin Feng’s words made them think.

“Can you promise something?” asked Chu Lian Feng finally. The two others also looked at Lin Feng nervously. Chu Lian Feng was about to ask something they all wondered.

Lin Feng was eating and drinking as he glanced at them. “I can’t promise anything, all I can say is we should work really hard, together, to reach the top in terms of cultivation.

“I’ll tell you the truth, I’m going to Godsland because I want to help an old friend there. He needs help, and if you wish, you could also help him.”

“I don’t know the details, but I think he must have quite a high status in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. If we succeed, we will also gain high positions,” said Lin Feng slowly. When Lin Feng saw their expressions, he smiled, as they suddenly all looked excited and enthusiastic.

Indeed, when Lin Feng mentioned the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, how could they not be enthusiastic? The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was an incredible entity. One of the Three Dynasties, they were at the top in the Continent of the Gods. There were countless Godly Emperors there.

If they could get to know some of them, it’d help them become much stronger. Jiang Hao looked at Lin Feng enthusiastically. Lin Feng looked indifferent which made Jiang Hao feel even more excited.

“I agree.” The first one to speak was Jiang Hao. He didn’t want to be penned in the forest forever. He wanted to broaden his horizons.

When Jiang Hao agreed, Qiao Lao Gou also agreed and nodded.

Chu Lian Feng was stupefied, he still looked hesitant. He was fascinated by the idea of getting to know people from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, but…

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