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Chapter 416: Gods Government, the Chu Clan!

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Chu Lian Feng frowned and didn’t say anything for a long time. Jiang Hao and Qiao Lao Gou’s status was lower than Chu Lian Feng’s so if he refused, they’d have to take their word back.

“Brother Chu, you…?” Jiang Hao looked nervous.

Chu Lian Feng looked at Lin Feng and sighed. He explained why he hesitated.

“Brother Lin, I can’t decide without thinking carefully, because it could be harmful to my clan,” said Chu Lian Feng sighing finally explaining the issue.

“Oh? Your clan?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. Chu Lian Feng had a clan?

“Indeed. I am the Young Master of the Chu Clan in the Gods Government. The reason why I created a faction is that I wanted to gather experience and practice, so that I could become a good leader for my clan someday.

“The Chu Clan is a first-class influential group in the Gods Government. We have thousands of people. Four people are Godly Emperors there, and my father already has the strength of the third Godly Emperor layer, he’s the strongest cultivator in the clan.”

“That’s why I have to be careful. If I agree, then the Chu Clan would be under the jurisdiction of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. However, many members of my clan are in favor of getting close to the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. My older brother, Chu Lian Ying, is a fervent partisan of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty,” explained Chu Lian Feng.

Lin Feng understood. It was all because of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. If the Chu Clan stood on the wrong side, their future could be compromised. The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was powerful, they were one of the strongest groups in the Continent of the Gods, but the Celestial Emperors Dynasty was even stronger. Tian Di the Celestial Emperor was the strongest cultivator of the Continent of the Gods, and he usually didn’t hesitate to kill his enemies.

Everybody knew about Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, he used to be aggressive and everybody thought Tian Di the Celestial Emperor had killed him. Who would dare go against Tian Di the Celestial Emperor? Therefore, it was a difficult decision to make for Chu Lian Feng. Before going back to his clan, he clan he couldn’t decide anything.

“Brother Lin, I’ll go back to my clan and ask my father what he thinks about it, and then I’ll give you an answer. If I accept, then it’ll mean that the whole Chu Clan accepts. Then I’ll be happy to collaborate,” said Chu Lian Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t insist. He couldn’t decide for the Chu Clan. Lin Feng hoped they’d accept, that’d be great, he’d have even more support to help Yan Di.

“I respect your decision. Take your time,” said Lin Feng nodded.


The next day, as it became bright outside, the mist in the forest became thinner. Lin Feng hadn’t breathed such fresh air for a long time.

If Lin Feng didn’t want to become the strongest cultivator in the world, he would have settled in a place like that. It was a good place. He could imagine what life would be like if he was there with his wives.

However, Lin Feng had to do so many things. He had to find Qing Feng, and he also had to find his son, Lin Qiong Sheng, especially for Tang You You.

Apart from that, he also had to find Emperor Yu, his beloved teacher.

Step by step. He first had to obtain Yan Di become the heir of Godly Emperor Tian Yan.

“Hehe, brother, what are you doing?” asked Han Da Li breaking the silence. Then he burst into laughter and ran towards Lin Feng. He laughed because Lin Feng was just there enjoying the landscape and the fresh air.

Lin Feng glanced at him angrily. He was a bit sick of this simpleton. Thinking of what Jiang Hao had told him, he wanted to tell Tu Ba about it. Han Da Li needed a good punishment.

“What do you want?” said Lin Feng, frowning.

Han Da Li didn’t mind that Lin Feng’s way of talking to him had changed. He smiled, “Brother, I agree to cooperate with you,” said Han Da Li. He was very enthusiastic. Following Lin Feng was a million times better than following Tu Ba. He didn’t want to follow that madman anymore.

“Oh? You accept?” said Lin Feng, surprised. He had probably heard Jiang Hao and the others talk about it and now he accepted without the slightest hesitation. It proved that Tu Ba had scared him enough after all.

“If I follow you, we’ll eat good meals and drink good liquor all the time, not like that looney. Hehe. What do you think, bro?” said Han Da Li, smiling broadly.

Lin Feng looked at Han Da Li and said, “Maybe I am even more insane and cruel than Tu Ba!”

“It’s alright. I don’t mind.”

“I can also be terrifying when I get angry. I could make your head blow up if I get angry.”

“Uhhh, bro. Stop joking. You’re making me feel very nervous.”

“I am not joking. You want to try?”

“Hehe, I wouldn’t want Tu Ba to see that, he’d be too happy. Hehe!”

“You… Eh, alright. You can follow me!”

“Haha! I accept, awesome, bro! Hehe. You’re a good guy.”


“So, what do you say?” said Lin Feng, entering Tu Ba’s tent. He went straight to the point.

Tu Ba knew what the others thought. Apart from Chu Lian Feng, all the others had agreed to follow Lin Feng and help Yan Di.

Tu Ba knew that his opinion didn’t reflect the others. He couldn’t prevent them from joining Lin Feng if they wanted to. After thinking carefully, Tu Ba had come to the conclusion that he had no reason to refuse. On the contrary, it would be beneficial to be with someone like Lin Feng.

“Yes, I accept, but I don’t want you to consider me a servant. I need my freedom,” said Tu Ba. That was the only condition. He wanted to be a partner, not a servant.

Lin Feng didn’t want servants anyway, he wanted strong allies. To help Yan Di, finding independent and strong people was the best solution. A group of five Godly Emperors was always scary, no matter where they were. If they went back to Gods City, they would be able to destroy any Government there.

Lin Feng only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, but he could already defeat Tu Ba. How strong would he be with the strength of the Godly Emperor layer? Everybody said there was a huge difference between Godly Emperors and Half-Godly Emperors, but Lin Feng was an exception.

Back then, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor could kill Godly Emperors with the strength of the Half-Godly Emperors, and now Lin Feng could defeat Godly Emperors as well.

“Lin Feng, we should get going and leave the forest. Let’s go to the Gods Government,” said Tu Ba. Lin Feng frowned.

“My friend is in Godsland, why would I go to the Gods Government?” asked Lin Feng. Didn’t Tu Ba know that the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was in Godsland?

Tu Ba told Lin Feng to calm down as he explained, “Your friend is from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, but does it mean he’s in the main palace in Godsland?”

“No,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He didn’t know the details. He didn’t even know where Yan Di was actually.

“Indeed. But I know that young people from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty are all in a branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty in the Gods Government. They go to Godsland only to see their ancestors. Therefore, all the disciples of the second and third generations are in the Gods Government. Your friend must be there, too.

“That’s why I think we should go there. Godsland is gigantic. We’ve never been there. Besides, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty is a holy place for gods, and weak people can’t go there. It might be difficult to accept, but it’s the truth. You’re a Half-Godly Emperor now. To them, you are extremely weak.

“Therefore, we first need to go to the Gods Government. We’ll see if your friend’s there. If he is, then we can settle there. We also need you to break through to the Godly Emperor layer. Going to Godsland as a Half-Godly Emperor could be extremely dangerous,” said Tu Ba.

Lin Feng frowned for a while but then nodded. Tu Ba was familiar with the place. He had experience and knew a lot of things. He also knew the Gods Government fairly well. Regarding Yan Di, there were high chances that he was in the Gods Government.

“Alright, let’s go to the Gods Government then. Let’s go now.”

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