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Chapter 417: En Route for the Gods Government!

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After Lin Feng and Tu Ba finished discussing, they left for the Gods Government. Everybody followed. They were hundreds of people.

Jiang Hao, Chu Lian Feng, Qiao Lao Gou and Han Da Li also followed. They were excited, about to start new lives. Staying in the forest all the time also came down to being penned in.

Chu Lian Feng asked Lin Feng and the others to go to the Chu Clan first. He needed to talk to his dad and then he’d make a decision. Lin Feng didn’t mind. Having such a big group of people to help Yan Di was great.

Lin Feng didn’t know how advanced Yan Di and the others’ battle was, but Godly Emperor Huang had told him that Yan Di’s life wasn’t in danger, and that he had support in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

Lin Feng, as a friend, wanted to support Yan Di and help him become the heir of the Dynasty. If the Chu Clan agreed to help, then they would have a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer, and four or five Godly Emperors. Such a group would be much more powerful than any of the Five Governments.

Lin Feng understood the geography of the Continent of the Gods a bit better, too. There was the east, west, south and north of the Continent of the Gods, and in the central part of the Continent of the Gods, there was Gods City, Godsland, the Gods Government, and the mysterious Gods Country.

In Gods City, there were the Six Sects and the Five Governments. In the Gods Government were the Four Temples. In Godsland, there were the Three Dynasties, the top-class groups in the continent. In the Gods Government, there were also many first-class influential groups. It was an ancient place, so there were probably many, many influential groups.

Lin Feng also guessed that some influential groups were probably extremely strong in some small worlds, too. Some of the small worlds’ influential groups might be even more powerful than the Five Governments, but they all operated independently and had nothing to do with the Continent. That’s what he thought, but who could be sure?

Lin Feng and Huang Nü were riding on a bear. To the others, the Illusion Forest was a familiar place, so it was safe riding with them.

During the trip, Lin Feng killed a dozen beasts of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer and took their hearts. They were quite valuable. Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t stay here without Godly Stones, so he intended to sell those hearts for Godly Stones.


Three days later, Lin Feng and the others finally arrived in the Gods Government. The legendary place was at least ten times bigger than Gods City. Lin Feng was astonished because it didn’t look like Gods City at all. The buildings were very simple, and weren’t made of jade or blue jade.

Even though they were simple, they looked very clean and pure. They perfectly reflected the way enlightened beings felt, free and unrestrained. Having magnificent buildings made of precious materials wasn’t good for people who were close to nature.

No wonder the Gods Government was so famous. Lin Feng felt bewitched.

There were people everywhere. Living in a such a high-class place seemed like a dream.

Lin Feng and the others continued walking on the main road, which was a hundred meters wide. The inner part of the city was the place where spiritual beings lived. People who weren’t strong enough lived outside, like Holy Kings and even cultivators of the Qi layer. Lin Feng hadn’t seen cultivators of the Qi layer for a long time.

The Holy Kings didn’t look scared when they saw Holy Spirit Emperors, they just looked vigilant and admiring. Lin Feng wondered how they managed to withstand all the energies of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, though…

“Lin Feng, they might be extremely weak, but they’re trash disciples from the Four Temples. They live in the Four Temples, so they’re used to seeing strong cultivators.

“Some people say that they’ve been expelled from the Four Temples and this district became a district for pieces of trash. Some strong cultivators came here without knowing about them and started slaughtering them, but the members of the Four Temples couldn’t let them do that. Those strong cultivators were killed by the members of the Four Temples and nobody dared slaughter these weaklings anymore,” said Tu Ba when he saw Lin Feng looking puzzled.


Lin Feng and the few people entered the Gods Government on their bears. In four hours, they covered a distance of a hundred li, arriving in the central part of the Gods Government.

“Give your servants money and make them disperse,” said Tu Ba when they arrived. He had decided to make their servants go back to their respective groups, most of them were from the Gods Government.

“Eh… Great Leader Tu… Money?”

Tu Ba’s suggestion sound good but each time they went hunting or obtained something, they spent everything, and they had nothing, how could they give money to so many servants?

Han Da Li looked speechless. He only had a few dozen million Godly Stones, enough for a dozen people, but not a hundred. How could he give only a hundred thousand Godly Stones to people who had risked their lives for him?

“Let’s go. Are there auctions in the Gods Government? I want to sell those dozen hearts. I also have some low-level godly imperial weapons I want to sell,” said Lin Feng. He wanted to sell a lot of things.

Tu Ba and the others looked at Lin Feng, They were now partners, they had no reason not to help him. They were Godly Emperors after all. There were things they didn’t need, but Lin Feng did.

“Great Leader Lin Feng, if you trust me and the Chu Clan, you can come to the Chu Clan’s auctions,” said Chu Lian Feng to Lin Feng, pointing at an auction house.

“I’ve heard that the second elder of the Chu Clan specialized in auctions. Let’s go there,” Tu Ba agreed.

Lin Feng naturally didn’t refuse, and spurred the bear ahead. Tu Ba ordered the members of the Five Great Factions to find an inn for their temporary stay after giving them money to pay for it. They all looked at Lin Feng angrily. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, they would still be free in the forest.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He didn’t know what to say to those servants. Actually, what could he say? Only Tu Ba, Jiang Hao and the others could give them an explanation, but still it wasn’t easy to solve a situation like this.

“Brother, I will come with you. I have nowhere to go,” said a man begging Tu Ba. Tu Ba had recruited him when he was young and had raised him. Without Tu Ba, he would have died. He considered Tu Ba like a member of his own family, like his father.

Tu Ba remained thoughtful for a few minutes and finally nodded. The man was the second leader of the Evil Dragon Faction, they were really close. Tu Ba didn’t want to get rid of him, anyway. Besides, he was a Half-Godly Emperor and would break through to the Godly Emperor layer sooner or later. It would be beneficial for him to stay around Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the man and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Tu Dao!” replied the man expressionlessly. He didn’t like Lin Feng. Lin Feng had killed the third leader, and Dao Ba. Initially, they were enemies. But now Tu Ba was friends with Lin Feng, so Tu Dao had no choice.

“Tu Dao?” Lin Feng nodded. He wouldn’t forget that name. Lin Feng didn’t know that in the future, Tu Dao would help him a lot. Without Tu Dao, Lin Feng would miss many opportunities.

Lin Feng, Jiang Hao, and the others walked to the auction house. Huang Nü followed, of course.


The Chu Clan’s auction house was one of the biggest in the Gods Government. They had lots of influence. They had less influence than the Four Temples, but more influence than the Five Governments, a lot more.

In the Gods Government, perhaps that some people didn’t know about the Five Governments, but they all knew the Chu Clan. Lin Feng really hoped that the Chu Clan would cooperate with him and help him with Yan Di’s case.

The Chu Clan’s auction house was gigantic, a few thousand square meters. It was the most luxurious building of the Gods Government, made of shiny purple stones with golden pillars. The main hall was divided into four halls: a hall for ordinary people, a hall for guests of honor, a hall to rest, and a storage room.

The hall for ordinary auctions was used for common items, the things sold there usually didn’t exceed ten million Godly Stones. The hall for guests of honor was also for expensive items, the prices of those items ranged between ten million Godly Stones to a few hundred million.

Chu Lian Feng gave Lin Feng and the others talismans to get into the hall for guests of honor. While they entered, Chu Lian Feng went to look for the manager of the clan.


Later on, inside…

“Third Uncle, are you no duty today?”

“Oh! Second Young Master! You’re back?”

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