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Chapter 418: Bumping Into Dan Nü Again!

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Entering the auction hall, an old man in purple clothes was there, and looked at Chu Lian Feng.

He was the third manager of the Chu Clan, who had always liked Chu Lian Feng. He considered him like his own son. Chu Lian Feng called him Third Uncle. He was one of the Godly Emperors of the clan, and had a high rank.

“Third Uncle, isn’t Second Uncle in charge of the auctions usually? What happened?” asked Chu Lian Feng. He didn’t understand.

The old man’s expression changed for a few seconds, but then he looked away. He smiled unnaturally and said, “He… He’s busy. I’m replacing him for now…”

Chu Lian Feng noticed the old man’s strange reaction. The old man couldn’t hide anything from Chu Lian Feng, so the latter was sure the old man was lying. Why, though?

“Alright, Third Uncle. You’re working hard. By the way, I have a few friends. They’re in the hall for guests of honor. They have a few beasts’ hearts and weapons to sell. Can you arrange something for them?” asked Chu Lian Feng, staring at the old man, who didn’t dare look him in the eyes.

Chu Lian Feng didn’t insist, though. When the old man saw Chu Lian Feng didn’t insist, he took a deep breath. He had cold sweat on his back. He couldn’t let the Second Young Master know what had happened, otherwise, he would be furious and might take risks.

Of course he was willing to help Chu Lian Feng’s friends. If they were friends with Chu Lian Feng, it meant they were good people. He walked away to prepare everything.


Chu Lian Feng watched his Third Uncle leave and then made a sign to call a servant over. The servant walked up to him and looked at him respectfully.

“Tell me, what happened in the clan?” said Chu Lian Feng, staring at that servant. The man’s face paled. He was just a cultivator of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. He couldn’t compete with a Godly Emperor. He fell down on his knees and lowered his head.

“Speak!” ordered Chu Lian Feng.

“Second Young Master, His Excellency announced a few days ago, that the second manager has become the Great Young Master’s teacher and that he had to do his best to raise him until… until…” The servant was shaking.

“Until what?! Speak!” shouted Chu Lian Feng furiously. Everybody heard him in the auction house, including the third manager. His expression changed drastically as he rushed over.

“Until the Great Young Master becomes the leader of the clan!”


An explosion rang out in the auction hall. Chu Lian Feng was so furious that he punched a table and blew it apart, terrifying the servant.

The third manager arrived. When he saw Chu Lian Feng’s distorted face and the broken table, he realized something and paled.

“Is it true, Third Uncle?” asked Chu Lian Feng, turning to the third manager.

The third manager knew what he meant. He remained silent for ten minutes. Chu Lian Feng released deadly energies, which hummed dangerously in the air.

“Second Young Master, the leader has already decided that the Great Young Master will replace him,” said the third manager hopelessly. Of course, he was also angry. He was the Second Young Master’s teacher, he had taken care of him. He also hoped the Second Young Master would become the leader of the Chu Clan someday.

However, in the end, the leader had decided he wouldn’t… and that was why the third manager was now in charge of the auction house, because the second manager had to take care of the Great Young Master.

The third manager was angry, too. He loved Chu Lian Feng like his own son. After Chu Lian Feng had become a Godly Emperor, he had let him go and travel. He had thought that Chu Lian Feng would then come back and become the leader of the Chu Clan. He hadn’t thought things would turn out this way. His brother had come back with some strong cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and they had promised the Chu Clan something.

The Chu Clan’s leader had then agreed to make the Great Young Master the future leader of the Chu Clan. In the future, they’d cooperate with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

The third manager told Chu Lian Feng everything. When Chu Lian Feng heard all that, he wondered what was planned for him…

“Sigh, Third Uncle, I’ll tell you one thing, I hope we can plan carefully…” said Chu Lian Feng, taking a deep breath. He walked to the third manager and whispered something in his ear. The third manager was astonished.


Lin Feng, Han Da Li and the others were in the third hall for guests of honor. It was the best place, they could see everything from up there, but people couldn’t see them, so they didn’t need to worry enemies would see them there.

However, at that moment, Lin Feng saw someone he knew: Dan Nü!

Dan Nü was wearing a golden skirt, and had a pure and holy aura. Her beautiful white legs drew all the men’s attention. Many of them stared at her legs, but they didn’t dare provoke her.

Dan Nü had a high status, as she was from the Elixir Temple. She had also finished first at the two competitions… at least, that’s what people in the Gods Government thought. People in Gods City and in the forest might know about Lin Feng, but in the Gods Government, Lin Feng wasn’t well known.

Those who had heard about him had talked to people from Godsland after he had become the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City. But people couldn’t imagine that the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City had also finished first at the two competitions.

Lin Feng looked at Dan Nü. She was with three old men in the first hall for guests of honor. They arrived at the entrance of the third hall for guests of honor, and she sensed something and tried to look in, but she couldn’t see much inside.

Dan Nü looked for a long time and finally decided not to go in.

Lin Feng sighed with relief. Huang Nü noticed Lin Feng acting strangely and asked, “Husband, who is she? Why are you nervous?”

“That’s Dan Nü,” said Lin Feng, pointing into the first hall for guests of honor.

Huang Nü’s eyes were instantly filled with killing intent. She knew the story regarding the competition and Dan Nü. Huang Nü hated her already.

“She’s Dan Nü from the Elixir Temple?” asked Huang Nü, as if she had suddenly thought of something.

“Yes. The Elixir Temple is one of the Four Temples,” Lin Feng nodded.

Huang Nü looked even angrier. However, she controlled herself and smiled at Lin Feng sweetly, “Husband, forget about her. Sooner or later, you’ll regain your position in the list.”

“It’s alright. I don’t really care about the list. It’s just a source of trouble. Sooner or later, however, I will show everybody who Lin Feng is!” Lin Feng frowned. The temperature in the hall for guests of honor suddenly increased, which drew Han Da Li and the others’ attention.

“Has she broken through to the Godly Emperor layer?” Huang Nü inspected Dan Nü’s cultivation, who had surprisingly become a Godly Emperor.

A Godly Emperor in the Continent of the Gods wasn’t much, but in a small world or in the smaller regions of the continent, they were legendary.

“Isn’t Chu going to come?” Qiao Lao Gou asked impatiently as Lin Feng and Huang Nü were chatting. Lin Feng looked around confused.

“Oh? He’s here?” Tu Ba frowned and looked over. Chu Lian Feng looked glum…

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