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Chapter 419: Chu Lian Feng’s Decision!

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Chu Lian Feng crossed the auction hall’s stage and entered the hall for guests of honor. He looked quite upset. The third manager was behind him and also had a long face.

However, when the old man entered the hall for guests of honor, he was stupefied when he saw Tu Ba and the others. Fo…Four Godly Emperors of the first layer? And that young man? Were those the people he had to take care of? Where had the Young Master found such friends? How incredible!

“Great Leader Tu, Great Leader Lin Feng,” said Chu Lian Feng when he saw Lin Feng and Tu Ba. Then he sat down and sighed, looking nervous. Lin Feng frowned… something had definitely happened, but what?

Lin Feng looked at the old man behind Chu Lian Feng, and the old man looked back at him. He was startled, as this young man had the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. He was on the verge of becoming a Godly Emperor… What kind of friends did the Second Young Master have?

“Master, may I ask you…?” asked Lin Feng.

The old man looked hesitant, but he was wondering who Chu Lian Feng’s friends were, too. Chu Lian Feng remained silent.

The old man sighed and asked, “You are the Second Young Master’s friends, right?”

“Yes, we are,” said Lin Feng smiling patiently and waving at Tu Ba and the others.

The old man was astonished, but relieved, too. “The Second Young Master will not become the leader of the Chu Clan,” the old man sighed. The atmosphere instantly became heavy.

Lin Feng looked at Chu Lian Feng. Chu Lian Feng really cared, and he really wanted to become the leader of the Chu Clan, otherwise he wouldn’t have reacted like that.

Lin Feng could imagine what the situation was like. He had children, after all. Chu Lian Feng’s father probably hoped his son would become the leader of the Chu Clan, too. Chu Lian Feng was already a Godly Emperor, why would the leader of the Chu Clan offend Chu Lian Feng?

“Great Leader Lin Feng, I’ve told you about my brother, Chu Lian Ying. He’s the one who cooperates with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. The Chu Clan is about to form an alliance with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty,” said Chu Lian Feng. He looked confused, angry, and dispirited. He clenched his fists.

“Oh?” Lin Feng was stupefied. If that was the case, then his plans were ruined. The Chu Clan wouldn’t help him with Yan Di, and in the future, the Chu Clan might stand against Lin Feng because of the Celestial Emperor.

Therefore, no matter what, the Chu Clan couldn’t collaborate with the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Chu Lian Feng needed to do something so that the Chu Clan would collaborate with the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

It would be great for Chu Clan as well. That way, they’d have a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer, and they would be backed up by six or seven cultivators of the first Godly Emperor layer and many cultivators of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. Lin Feng had never seen that before.

He had to help Chu Lian Feng!

“What do you need me to do? We’re like brothers now, we can help each other,” said Tu Ba when he saw Lin Feng remaining silent. He had to support Chu Lian Feng.

The third manager was stupefied because Tu Ba looked so dignified and majestic, yet wild and aggressive. He was amazed by Chu Lian Feng’s friends. They were extremely strong…

When Chu Lian Feng heard Tu Ba, he finally calmed down. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “Great Leader Lin Feng, if I do it, can you…”

“I promise I will help you become the leader of the Chu Clan,” said Lin Feng without hesitation.

Chu Lian Feng hammered the table with his fist and said, “I agree to cooperate with you. I will do my best to make the Chu Clan part the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.”

“No, not become part, just help my friend,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He didn’t want to become a member of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty himself, he just wanted to help Yan Di and form alliances with friends.

Chu Lian Feng was surprised. Lin Feng was a bit too naive, wasn’t he? But then he smiled. He knew what Lin Feng was thinking. If Lin Feng managed to help him become the leader of the Chu Clan, then Chu Lian Feng didn’t mind helping Yan Di!

“Second Young Master, the auctions are going to start. I have to go. Dear friends, it was a pleasure,” said the third manager, glancing at the group and walking back towards the auction stage. He was in charge of organizing the auctions.

“Third Uncle, wait,” said Chu Lian Feng, calling out to the old man and glancing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded, taking out a ring and throwing it at the old man. “Master, there are fifty hearts which belonged to beasts of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer inside and some low-level weapons. I hope you can get good prices for them.”

“What? Eh…?” When the old man heard Lin Feng, he was astonished. He checked the contents… Linn Feng had said the truth!

Lin Feng now used high-level godly imperial weapons, but not everybody could afford them. For Holy Spirit Emperors, low-level godly imperial weapons were precious, almost priceless, and beasts’ hearts were extremely rare, many people who made weapons and medicine needed them. However, it wasn’t easy for Holy Spirit Emperors to obtain beasts’ hearts, and Godly Emperors were usually so busy that they didn’t have much time to go and hunt.

Therefore, beasts’ hearts were more interesting for Holy Spirit Emperors, but it wasn’t easy to obtain some, even dangerous. Risking one’s life to fight against beasts was a bit stupid. A beast’s heart usually cost ten million Godly Stones.

“Little friend, these things…?” The third manager didn’t understand why Lin Feng would want to sell such great things? His things might not be as precious as some of the items being sold at the auction, but he would definitely get a good price for them.

“Yes, sell them all,” Lin Feng nodded. The old man looked surprised, but turned around and walked away with the ring.


The auctions were about to start.

“Great Leader Lin Feng, Great Leader Tu, this time, we’re lucky because something special is going to happen. People from all the influential groups of the Gods Government came for the auctions,” Chu Lian Feng said after the third manager left.

“It’s alright, husband. There will be many extremely precious items. Conflicts could also arise,” said Huang Nü. Chu Lian Feng realized Huang Nü probably had a complex background. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng’s wife would have such a powerful background. Chu Lian Feng had more doubts, but he was even more determined.

“Dear guests of honor, dear friends, the auctions are going to start. Let’s start with the first item,” said the third manager, now up on the stage. The Qi of the Godly Emperor layer spread all around in the halls, and people didn’t move. Most of them were Holy Spirit Emperors, after all.

Holy Spirit Emperors were pillars in the Continent of the Gods, and represented the biggest community in the continent.

But to Godly Emperors, Holy Spirit Emperors were like insects with miserable lives.

When the old man said that, a woman in a red skirt appeared behind him. Her cleavage was very revealing, with perfect snowy-white breasts. The men in the auction hall were all aroused.

She slowly walked forwards, rolling her hips, which aroused them even more. Many of them even drooled. But it was an auction house, they had to behave. Even the members of the Four Temples had to give the Chu Clan face today.

When Lin Feng saw the woman’s figure, he gaped, then smiled wryly because Huang Nü looked at him angrily.

“You find her hot?” said Huang Nü, biting her lips and smiling mockingly. Tu Ba and the others all burst into laughter. Lin Feng feared his wife?! Hahaha!

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