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Chapter 420: Harassing Dan Nü!

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“You’re more beautiful, Little Huang,” said Lin Feng, scratching his nose and laughing in embarrassment. When Tu Ba and the others saw him laugh like that, they chuckled.

Huang Nü laughed so hard that she snorted. Lin Feng was lucky to have a woman like this in his life. Apart from Meng Qing, Yao Yu Yan, and Huang Nü, no other woman made him feel like this.

Huang Nü ignored Lin Feng and studied the woman in the red skirt, then looked at her own breasts, swearing on the inside. The woman in the red skirt had bigger ones than her. Damn, why did men like big breasts so much?

“Everybody, the first item is a vaiḍūrya pill. It’s a godly pill and serves as an antidote against poison. It last appeared in the Elixir Temple and was bought by a mysterious cultivator for thirty million Godly Stones. Now, there’s this vaiḍūrya pill, I don’t know if it’s the same one from back then,” said the third manager, showing a purple box to the crowd which contained a bright blue pill. When the crowd sensed that Qi, they all calmed down. It made them feel at ease, but its main purpose was to cure poison.

After that, the third manager looked at the people in the hall for guests of honor. Dan Nü was there and she was from the Elixir Temple, the vaiḍūrya pill was a precious item for them. Did she want it? Maybe that it wasn’t expensive, but the Elixir Temple had never revealed the recipe.

Some people from first-class groups didn’t fear the Elixir Temple, like the leader of the Chu Clan.

“Lowest price, thirty million Godly Stones,” said the third manager.

Instantly, someone shouted, “Thirty-two million Godly Stones!” It was a tall and sturdy man in black clothes. He was holding a dagger and looked ferocious, his face completely distorted. He had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. For Lin Feng, that wasn’t very strong, but for most people, he was very strong.

In the Gods Government, everybody knew him.

“It’s Yama! Doesn’t he support the Spiritual Yin Temple? What is he doing here?”

“Right, it’s Yama. It’s better not to mess with him,” a few people whispered after Yama spoke.

“I’ve heard that when he had the strength of the seventh Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he killed eight people of the same level. Then he started acting even more insanely and killed everyone in a small clan. He also raped every single woman of that clan. He’s extremely cruel and violent,” whispered a man.

When he said that, a terrifying Qi appeared and absorbed his Qi. Blood sprayed, and the man’s head fell down. A blade flashed and flew back into Yama’s hand. Yama looked at the dead body disdainfully and said mockingly, “Who do you think you are to talk about me?! If you piss me off, you’ll end up like him!” Yama smiled ferociously. His teeth were yellow and looked disgusting. Some people were angry, but didn’t dare say anything.

“Yama, if you dare kill people during the auction again, I’ll kick you out!” shouted the third manager furiously. He released the strength of the Godly Emperor layer and Yama paled. He was blown back and coughed up blood. He looked at the third manager furiously, but what could he do?

“He’s so arrogant,” Lin Feng sighed.

“People like that should die,” said Huang Nü when she heard Yama’s story. She wished she could kill him on the spot. That bastard was a rapist! He deserved to die!

“Thirty-five million,” said someone loudly. Yama looked at him furiously, but instantly paled again. The speaker was a man in blue clothes, holding a fan. He looked at Yama mockingly.

“You want to kill me?” said the man in indifferent challenge.

Yama looked ashen and lowered his head. “I wouldn’t dare, Prince Chu.”

“So fuck off!” shouted the man furiously, and Yama was blown away again. He stood up and ran away.

“Thirty-seven million.”

“Thirty-nine million.”

“Forty million.”

After Prince Chu, a few people shouted out, not fearing Prince Chu. When the price of the vaiḍūrya reached fifty million, Dan Nü finally spoke.

“Fifty-one million Godly Stones!” said Dan Nü stridently. Many people stopped bidding at that moment.

The third manager knew it was almost time, so she would definitely get it. Just as he thought the item had reached hammer price, someone shouted out, and the third manager shivered.

“Fifty-three million!”

“Oh?” When Dan Nü heard that, she glanced around but didn’t see anyone, it came from the third hall for guests of honor.

Tu Ba and the others were stupefied and looked at Lin Feng. Had Great Leader Lin Feng just shouted?

“You… Brother? Are you alright?” asked Han Da Li. His cheeks reddened. Lin Feng wanted to pay fifty-three million for that? Was he that rich?

Huang Nü was surprised, too. Why did Lin Feng want to pay such a high price for that item? Lin Feng just smiled indifferently. He looked in the direction of the first hall for guests of honor. Even though he couldn’t see Dan Nü anymore, he could imagine her expression.

“Fifty-five million,” said Dan Nü, grinding her teeth. She was furious!

Everybody shuddered. Who dared infuriate a disciple of the Elixir Temple? Everybody knew that a disciple of the Elixir Temple was in the first hall for guests of honor, and that a disciple of the Celestial Sun Temple was in the second hall for guests of honor. Who was in the third?

Was it someone from one of the other Temples?

“Fifty-eight million,” said Lin Feng, smiling and shaking his head.

Many people were astonished when they heard that price. This guy was definitely from a very powerful group.

Dan Nü’s cheeks burned. She clenched her fists and said, “Sixty million!”

“Sixty-one million,” said Lin Feng, smiling lazily.

“Sixty-five million!” said Dan Nü, her heart burning.

“Sixty-six million,” said Lin Feng. His smile grew ever bigger. Huang Nü understood what Lin Feng was trying to do and she laughed. Poor Dan Nü!

“You… Your Excellency. I am Dan Nü from the Elixir Temple, please give me face,” said Dan Nü. She couldn’t control herself anymore. Who dared piss her off like this?

Everybody looked in the direction of the first and third halls for guests of honor. Who were those people? It was someone from the Elixir Temple in the first one, but what about the cultivator of the third hall?

Prince Chu narrowed his eyes. A skinny man behind him looked at the third manager and looked glum.

The atmosphere became tense. One could hear people breathe.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly when he heard Dan Nü threaten him, and said, “Seventy million!”

Lin Feng didn’t care about Dan Nü’s status, and he showed it. Many people were astonished. The third manager’s expression also changed drastically. What was he doing? The Second Young Master knew some strange people… Why did he want to offend Da? That wasn’t a good idea…

However, he couldn’t get involved.

“Your Excellency, we’re going to become enemies. Is that what you want?” said Dan Nü, taking a deep breath. Her heart was pounding. She had reached her limits. Lin Feng couldn’t see her, but he rejoiced.

It wasn’t a good idea to offend Lin Feng either.

“I couldn’t care less. Seventy-two million!” said Lin Feng mockingly.

The vaiḍūrya had now reached twice its initial price. The one who was selling the vaiḍūrya was going to be very happy.

“Alright, since it’s that way, seventy-five million. If you bid again, Your Excellency, you can have it!” shouted Dan Nü furiously.

He could have it for more than seventy-five million?

Many people stared at the third hall, hoping Lin Feng would bid again. However…

“You’re so rich, Dan Nü. I am not as rich as you. I… give up!”

“Haha, Great Leader Lin Feng, you’re so cruel,” said Tu Ba. He suddenly understood. Lin Feng just wanted to piss Dan Nü off! Tu Ba burst into laughter.

Everybody realized Lin Feng had just pumped up the price to piss her off. Was that price worth it?

Dan Nü’s face stiffened and clenched her fists. It was against the rules to fight in the auction house, otherwise, she would have attacked immediately.

She couldn’t imagine that the one who had done that to her was her “old friend”, Lin Feng!

“Going once.”

“Going twice.”

“Alright, sold! The vaiḍūrya pill is for the buyer in the first hall,” said the third manager, smiling happily. How funny!

What would Lin Feng do, though? She would never forgive him! Everybody was worried about it.

But then the third manager took out the second item, a ring. “This ring contains three godly imperial weapons. The buyer didn’t give a minimum price, so the auction house sets the minimum price at sixty million Godly Stones!”

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