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Chapter 421: Blood Soul Pellet

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The third manager sold Lin Feng’s things separately. That way, Lin Feng would make more money.

“Lowest price, sixty million,” said the third manager. Silence invaded the room. They hadn’t thought there would be godly imperial weapons, even low-level ones. Low-level Holy Spirit Emperors all dreamt of having godly imperial weapons.

“Sixty-five million!” shouted Lin Feng when he saw everybody remained silent. Those around him were stupefied.

“Brother, you, what are you doing? Why would you buy your things?” said Han Da Li, looking surprised.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and ignored him. Everybody would quickly understand.

When Dan Nü heard that in the other hall, her eyes were filled with killing intent. She was furious.

“That guy is interested in low-level godly imperial weapons? He must be so weak. I’ll kill him later!” shouted the old man behind Dan Nü. Dan Nü was surprised, but then she nodded.

“Sixty-six million.” shouted someone finally. That voice came from the hall of ordinary people, but it could always be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, someone who wasn’t willing to be in the hall for distinguished guests in order not to draw attention.

“Seventy million.”

“Seventy-two million.”

“Seventy-three million.”

“I give up.”

“Me too. It’s too expensive.”

When the price reached seventy-three million, nobody said anything else. The prince who was wearing a metallic fan smiled indifferently. It was impossible to know what he was thinking. The old skinny man behind him looked colder and colder.

When Lin Feng saw the impression became silent again, he knew he had to intervene.

“Seventy-five million,” said Lin Feng. Everybody was astonished. Tu Ba and the others stared at him. They looked angry. Lin Feng waved to tell them to keep calm.

Tu Ba took a deep breath. How far did Lin Feng intend to push things?

When Dan Nü heard Lin Feng, she smiled mockingly, “Seventy-six million.”

“Seventy-eight million!” shouted Lin Feng, pretending to be furious. Even though Dan Nü couldn’t see Lin Feng, she could sense his ice-cold Qi.

Dan Nü rejoiced. Since that guy was trying to ruin her plans, she wouldn’t let him get what he wanted, she shouted, “Eighty million!”

“Stinky woman! You dare try and ruin my plans!” shouted Lin Feng furiously.

When Dan Nü heard that, her expression changed drastically, stinky woman? How did he dare? He really wanted to die! Dan Nü ground her teeth and shouted furiously, “Eighty-five million!”

“Stinky woman! You dare try and take my things! Well, I’m not done with you!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Everybody was stupefied, he dared insult members of the Elixir Temple? He was crazy!

However, Lin Feng just insulted her, but he didn’t raise and smiled mockingly. When Tu Ba saw Lin Feng’s gloomy smile, he understood. How cruel!

He had provoked Dan Nü and made her believe he wanted those items to make her raise her bid!

“After the auction, he’s going to die!” shouted Dan Nü, breaking the silence. Her face was completely distorted with fury. She was so furious she felt like crying, but she didn’t even manage to cry.

Because of Lin Feng, she had obtained the vaiḍūrya pill for almost a hundred million Godly Stones, and now the godly imperial weapon for eighty-five million, even though it was initially worth fifty million. She wouldn’t leave the matter at that.

“Going once.”

“Going twice, sold! Congratulations to the buyer in the first hall,” said the third manager smiling. The ring flew towards the woman in red clothes.

“Third item, the Blood Soul Pellet, it’s a godly pill. It is used to heal souls using blood Qi. Two pellets can make a soul five times stronger. Starting price, thirty million. Please start,” said the third manager, pointing at a box the woman in dress had just taken out. A powerful blood Qi emerged.

Lin Feng started without the least hesitation. This time, it wasn’t to provoke Dan Nü, he really wanted the Blood Soul Pellet. Godly Emperor Blood had used lots of energy to help him in Ya City, and now he was sleeping. Lin Feng had checked him out, he was badly injured. He had lost half of his vitality.

Lin Feng felt guilty, and this Blood Soul Pellet would be great, it would help Godly Emperor Blood recover. Even if it didn’t help him become stronger, at least, it’d completely cure him.

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted it.

“Thirty-five million,” said Lin Feng. Dan Nü was furious. She wanted it too, but when Lin Feng shouted, she gave up because she was afraid Lin Feng was still pushing her.

Everybody remained silent. They waited for Dan Nü to shout but she didn’t.

“Going once.

“Going twice, sold! Congratulations to the buyer in the third hall,” said the third manager, smiling wryly. Lin Feng had earned a lot of Godly Stones with his two previous sales. People who were interested in the Blood Soul Pellet were probably furious. The Blood Soul Pellet could have easily been sold for much more, seventy or eighty million, but Lin Feng had obtained it for thirty-five million.

Lin Feng smiled. If he hadn’t sold the two previous items for so many Godly Stones, he wouldn’t have been able to buy the Blood Soul Pellet. Now he would be able to help Godly Emperor Blood!

Huang Nü knew why Lin Feng had bought it, and was happy for him.

“Fourth item, it’s a talisman which dates back to ancient times. It’s a Celestial Talisman of Desolation, which used to belong to the Great Huang Dynasty.”

Huang Nü was initially smiling, but when she heard the third manager, her face paled. She suddenly looked sad and angry. The talisman on stage was old and yellow, the size of a hand, and the word HUANG was engraved on it.

Lin Feng looked at the Great Huang Dynasty’s talisman and Huang Nü’s expression. Lin Feng understood it was extremely important for her.

“Starting price is five million.” When the third manager announced the starting price, Lin Feng was astonished. It was so cheap? Back in the days, the Great Huang Dynasty was influential and powerful, and now one of their talismans was so cheap? Sigh…

Five million? One would have to be extremely stupid to buy a talisman which belonged to the Great Huang Dynasty. The group which had destroyed the Great Huang Dynasty would probably furious at the buyer. Therefore, nobody said anything.

Huang Nü looked at Lin Feng, she really wanted it. Lin Feng took her in his arm and caressed her back. He told her not to worry.

“Six million,” said someone in the second hall. It was the first time that person had spoken. Everybody started thinking that that person might have come specially for the talisman?

“Eh?” Lin Feng looked in the direction of the second hall. He had sensed a particular Qi emerge from there when the talisman had appeared.

“Husband…” Huang Nü looked at Lin Feng imploringly. Her eyes were wet. Lin Feng nodded.

“Ten million!” shouted Lin Feng. The auction hall went silent.

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