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Chapter 422: Great Talisman of Desolation!

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When Lin Feng shouted, everybody noticed it was the one from the third hall. Dan Nü smiled icily. She would have the opportunity to get her revenge.

“Twelve million,” said Dan Nü. People were astonished. Was she bluffing now?

“Fifteen million,” said the one in the second hall for guests of honor. Dan Nü frowned. Dan Nü remained vigilant and didn’t say anything again. Would the one in the third hall raise?

Dan Nü giggled, but then someone spoke again, and she frowned.

“Seventeen million,” said Lin Feng. Many people were astonished. Who were these people who didn’t mind offending other powerful people?

The one in the second hall for guests of honor was a man in black clothes, looking grave and stern. He stared at the wall which divided the different halls, but he couldn’t determine the other bidders’ strength. However, he really wanted that talisman.

“Twenty million!” said the man.

“Twenty-three million,” said Lin Feng with a trembling voice.

“Twenty-five million,” said the man icily. He was angry, but Lin Feng didn’t care. He had to make Huang Nü happy.


“Eh?” the man in black clothes frowned. His eyes were bloodshot, and an ice-cold Qi emerged from his body. It seemed like it came from Hell. People around him moved farther away from him.

“Your Excellency, why would you want the Great Talisman of Desolation?” shouted the man in black clothes.

“I’m just having fun. Is it forbidden?” replied Lin Feng breezily. He ignored the oppressive Qi. He was strong, too. He didn’t need to fear him.

Having fun? Many people smiled coldly. What an excuse! The mysterious man in the third hall had offended disciples from two influential groups. Dan Nü from the Elixir Temple and a disciple from the Spiritual Yin Temple. Even though they didn’t know who the man in black clothes was, he probably had a high position in the Spiritual Yin Temple.

Unless the man in the third hall for guests of honor was from one of the Four Temples as well, he would be in trouble after the auctions.

The third manager was extremely worried for Lin Feng. What was their Young Master doing with someone like that? Sooner or later, he would indirectly be involved.

“Your Excellency, I am Yin Jiu from the Spiritual Yin Temple. Please think carefully, are you sure you want to be enemies with the Spiritual Yin Temple?” said the man in black clothes, smiling icily. His deadly energies filled the air in the auction hall.

When he said that, many people looked terrified. No wonder, it was Yin Jiu!

A moment before, Yama had scared them, but he was nothing in comparison with Yin Jiu. Yama had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Yin Jiu was a real Godly Emperor. They belonged to two different worlds.

Offending someone like him was extremely dangerous!

“Yin Jiu is one of the nine great disciples of the Spiritual Yin Temple. He has the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer. His eighth and seventh brothers are also Godly Emperors of the first layer. Yin Liu has the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer. Yin Si has the strength of the third. His second and first brothers have the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor layer. My father has seen them personally. They’re terribly scary,” said Chu Lian Feng. He was extremely worried. Would Lin Feng push it to the limits? Lin Feng had just earned lots of Godly Stones, wasting them on that talisman was useless. He had obtained the Blood Soul Pellet, that was enough…

When Lin Feng heard that, he realized the situation was complex, but he had to obtain the talisman for Huang Nü.

“Brothers, I need that talisman. Don’t worry though, I’ll give you lots of Godly Stones,” said Lin Feng. Then he turned around and shouted, “Thirty million!”

“He’s insane, he really wants to die!”

“Right, he thinks he can compete with the members of the Four Temples because he’s in the hall for guests of honor?”

“I just asked some people, the members of the two other Temples are not here, which means he’s not from any of the Four Temples.”

“He’s definitely going to die. Why offend the Four Temples in the Gods Government? The only possible explanation would be that he’s from the Three Dynasties, but that’s impossible. Haha!” many people whispered. Since he wasn’t from one of the Four Temples, he was really in danger. They knew how auctions were.

“Do you think you can offend the Spiritual Yin Temple as you wish?” shouted Yin Jiu ferociously. It had been a long time since someone had infuriated him like this. He had the impression his heart was going to burst.

“Spiritual Yin Temple? Hehe. Yin Jiu? Tell your daddy to talk to me. You are not qualified to talk to me,” said Lin Feng icily. Since he was definitely going to get the Great Talisman of Desolation, he didn’t need to fear Yin Jiu.

When Lin Feng said that, Chu Lian Feng’s eyes popped wide. He couldn’t believe his ears. Han Da Li looked at Lin Feng with awe, admiring him more and more. Jiang Hao smiled wryly. Lin Feng was really crazy, even crazier than Tu Ba.

Chu Lian Feng had the impression Lin Feng was even more mysterious than he initially thought.

It was difficult to imagine that Lin Feng had absolutely no background. Each time someone tried to put pressure on him mentioning their background, Lin Feng reacted aggressively and fearlessly. Unless they were really able to kill Lin Feng, most people seemed like jokes in front of him.

Yin Jiu looked furious and said icily, “Alright, alright. It’s been a long time since someone dared talk to me like that. Wait and you’ll see when the auctions are over. We’ll definitely meet!”

“We’ll see if I have time,” replied Lin Feng dismissively.

Yin Jiu didn’t raise again. The third manager didn’t know what it meant, but it probably meant it was over. Of course, nobody else raised again. In the end, Lin Feng obtained the Great Talisman of Desolation for thirty million Godly Stones.

Huang Nü burst into tears. She looked extremely moved. Lin Feng didn’t regret it. He was happy if she was happy.

“Next item. There are fifty beasts’ hearts inside, from beasts which had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. They’re very good for cultivation. Two hundred million Godly Stones is the starting price,” said the third manager. They were Lin Feng’s beasts’ hearts.

The auctions really started with those seemingly priceless items.

Dan Nü really wanted those beasts’ hearts. The Elixir Temple lacked beast hearts, and she needed them to concoct pills and potions. Those hearts were from beasts which had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, which was even more incredible.

“Two hundred thirty million,” said Dan Nü.

“Two hundred fifty million,” said someone in the fourth hall for guests of honor.

“Two hundred seventy million,” said someone from the seventh hall for guests of honor. The atmosphere became very lively. People in the ordinary halls understood that it was between the members of the halls for guests of honor.

Lin Feng remained focused. He didn’t need to worry about the price of the hearts, he knew that alchemists or weapon manufacturers would do their best to get them, no matter the price.

“Little Huang, can you tell me more about the Great Talisman of Desolation?” asked Lin Feng, looking at the Great Talisman of Desolation and the Blood Soul Pellet. He took up the Great Talisman of Desolation. It was yellowish and contained a desolate Qi. Lin Feng instantly sensed the godly emperor seed in his body start shaking. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to break through. He looked at Huang Nü with his eyes wide.

“The Great Talisman of Desolation is a talisman which belonged to the Great Huang Dynasty. There were five of them. My father has one, I have one, my brothers had the three others. That one is my older brother’s. Husband, look,” said Huang Nü, taking the talisman and showing Lin Feng some marks on the talisman. “Only my three brothers can use those unicorn marks. My talisman has phoenix marks. My father’s has dragon marks.”

“When the Great Huang Dynasty still existed, they were extremely strong, and strong cultivators had to protect the talismans, but now..,” said Huang Nü. She didn’t finish her sentence, she just sighed.

“It’s alright, you have this one back now,” said Lin Feng, trying to cheer Huang Nü up.

When Tu Ba heard them, he was astonished. Huang Nü was the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty?

How… How was that possible?

“You, brother, you’re so strong. Your wife is a princess!” Han Da Li smiled smarmingly.

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