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Chapter 423: Plotting!

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“The Great Huang Dynasty was extremely powerful and influential. They had five cultivators of the seventh Godly Emperor layer, they were called the Five Great Gods of Desolation. The Great Huang Dynasty, back then, was considered a manufacturer of geniuses, they had a dozen Godly Emperors, from the first to the seventh layers! Back in the days, they just had to call for action and people obeyed,” said Tu Ba slowly.

Lin Feng was stupefied. He looked at Huang Nü in his arm. He didn’t know those things about the Great Huang Dynasty.

“Then, the Great Huang Dynasty gradually collapsed. Their Godly Emperors also started collapsing. Among the remaining ones, the strongest one has the strength of the fourth Godly Emperor layer. Then, the Four Temples started rising and because of them, the Great Huang Dynasty became less and less important.

“Back in the days, the Great Huang Dynasty ruled over the Gods Government and Godsland. Now, the Great Huang Dynasty will never rise again,” said Tu Ba slowly. He looked a bit sad as he said that. It was always sad to imagine that a group or a person could be so strong and then from one day to the next they didn’t exist anymore.

“Who destroyed the Great Huang Dynasty? Who injured you?” Lin Feng asked Huang Nü when he heard Tu Ba.

Huang Nü’s face paled and she shook her head, “Husband, you need to become stronger and practice hard. Wait until…”

“Speak!” Lin Feng interrupted her. He needed to know who Huang Nü’s enemy was. He had to understand the situation.

When Huang Nü saw how furious Lin Feng looked, she realized she had to tell him.

“Three thousand years ago, the Celestial Emperors Dynasty destroyed the Great Huang Dynasty. The vice leader of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty brought twenty Godly Emperors as well as Godly Emperors from the Spiritual Yin Temple and the Elixir Temple to destroy the Great Huang Dynasty.

“It was a bloodbath for the Great Huang Dynasty. All the disciples and elders of the Great Huang Dynasty fought as hard as they could, but it wasn’t enough. The fourteen Godly Emperors fell during the battle. Back then, the leader was my grandfather; he risked his life to protect my father and help him escape. But I was still struck by an attack and ended up injured. I nearly died…” said Huang Nü. She blushed as she spoke because she recalled that without Lin Feng, she wouldn’t have recovered. Now, she needed to recover her original strength and then plan something to get her revenge.

When Lin Feng heard her, he understood that the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, the Elixir Temple, and the Spiritual Yin Temple were the culprits. They had joined hands to destroy the Great Huang Dynasty, a group which used to rule over a big part of the continent. Before knowing Huang Nü, Lin Feng would have thought that story was sad, but now she was his wife, so those people were his enemies too now.

“Tian Di the Celestial Emperor? The leader of the Elixir Temple? The leader of the Spiritual Yin Temple? Don’t worry, Little Huang, as your husband, I will definitely avenge you,” said Lin Feng looking in the direction of the second and first halls angrily. He took a deep breath. He was confident and determined.

Huang Nü nodded. She had faith in Lin Feng, and was convinced he’d avenge her someday. But before then, he had to become strong enough to fight against someone like Tian Di the Celestial Emperor.

“Hehe, brother, you’re the son-in-law of a dynasty. Hehe!” Han Da Li grinned. The atmosphere felt less tense with someone like that. Huang Nü smiled. Indeed, Lin Feng had become the son-in-law of the Great Huang Dynasty!


The fifty hearts were sold. Someone from the fourth hall for guests of honor bought them for four hundred million. Dan Nü was completely furious. It was a big failure for the Elixir Temple. Everything seemed to be against her today.

“We’ll kill the one from the third hall later,” said the two old men behind Dan Nü. They both smiled and nodding while stroking their beards. Killing one person was easy. They were both Godly Emperors from the Elixir Temple, after all. They didn’t need to fear anyone.

In the second hall for guests of honor, Yin Jiu’s face was distorted with fury. He clenched his fists and looked in the direction of the third hall. He said to the men in black clothes behind him, “Later, we’ll kill him. We’ll show them what the Spiritual Yin Temple does when people dare offend us.”

A few more items were sold. Some of them were extremely precious, but Lin Feng wasn’t interested in them. However, many people wanted them and the atmosphere was still very lively. Some items were sold for a few hundred million Godly Stones.


Three hours later, the auctions were over. According to the rules of the Chu Clan, Dan Nü left first with the two old men. They were holding all the things they had managed to buy.

Many people were surprised. Would she leave the matter at that? What about the one from the third hall who had infuriated her?

After that, Yin Jiu and the other men in black from the second hall for guests of honor also left. Many people paled when they saw Yin Jiu and stayed away from him. They were afraid that Yin Jiu would attack them to release his anger. He just glanced at those weak people mockingly and left. What about the people of the third hall?

Nobody believed they would leave the matter at that. A battle would definitely happen, but outside.

“Let’s go out too,” said Lin Feng, smiling casually. Everybody was curious to see who the people of the third hall were.

Five Godly Emperors and three Half-Godly Emperors, how would people react when seeing that? Wouldn’t they think that offending them came down to bringing about their own destruction?

Lin Feng left the hall for guests of honor first. When he came out, many people giggled.

“Haha, he’s only a Half-Godly Emperor. He’s doomed! The Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple will not let him off,” said a Half-Godly Emperor, smiling knowingly. He could already imagine Lin Feng’s body lying on the ground in front of the auction house.

Lin Feng came out, followed by Huang Nü. Many people gasped with amazement when they saw how devastatingly beautiful Huang Nü was. The one who had looked at Lin Feng mockingly just now looked at him enviously.

“Sigh, that little boy is probably incapable of protecting his wife.”

“Right. It is said that Yin Jiu has committed every imaginable crime in life, and he loves raping his enemies’ wives, and women in general. Haha! That little boy is doomed.”

“A piece of trash who can’t even protect his wife. I wonder why he dared offend the Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple? Fucking idiot.”

Outside, many people looked at Lin Feng. He was only a Half-Godly Emperor… Who would fear a Half-Godly Emperor? There were many Half-Godly Emperors there, after all.

Lin Feng could hear those people making fun of him. He didn’t care if people made fun of him, but he couldn’t tolerate anyone making fun of Huang Nü. Lin Feng couldn’t forgive people who made fun of his wives.

Lin Feng looked at the first man who had made fun of him. When the man saw Lin Feng looking at him with killing intent in his eyes, he suddenly shuddered with fear. He didn’t know why, but he feared Lin Feng, even though they had the same cultivation level.

Thinking about that, the man smiled ferociously and said, “What are you looking at? Did I say anything wrong? You’re really just a piece of trash who can’t protect his wife. You… Uhhh…”

The man’s ferocious smile suddenly stiffened. Suddenly, Lin Feng was right in front of him. He stretched out his hand without any difficulty and suddenly the man started suffocating. He was terrified.

“I don’t give a shit if you humiliate me. However, I never forgive people who humiliate my wives,” said Lin Feng slowly. He pressed the man’s neck with even more force. A crack sounded as the man’s neck broke, and he died.

That’s how easy it was for Lin Feng to kill Half-Godly Emperors.

Cling, cling… the man’s ring fell on the ground. Many people heard it, nobody dared say anything. They looked at Lin Feng in fear. Lin Feng threw the corpse away and glanced around. Many people paled.

“Everybody, come out, let’s go,” said Lin Feng, turning around.

After that, everybody’s eyes popped wide. Some people were so terrified that they fell down on their knees.

Five… five Godly Emperors?

Three Half-Godly Emperors?

Many people were blankly staring at Tu Ba and the others. They all had a godly aura. How scary! Those who had just humiliated Lin Feng were even more terrified.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng indifferently, and they walked away.

Everybody looked confused and took a deep breath. Those who had humiliated Lin Feng felt lucky that he didn’t kill them as well.

Lin Feng didn’t notice that the man in blue clothes who was holding a blue fan, Prince Chu, looked stupefied, and the two skinny old men with him looked grim.

“Great Young Master, wasn’t that Chu Lian Feng just now?”

“He… broke through?” Prince Chu was stupefied, his expression unsightly and distorted with anger. “We can’t let him get back to the clan alive, otherwise, my father will change his mind. He seems stronger than me!”

He held his talisman, blue lights flashed, and they disappeared. The third manager didn’t notice them go…

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