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Chapter 424: Kneel Down and Beg?

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“Tu Ba, Han Da Li, Chu Lian Feng, you should hide. I think that the Elixir Temple and the Spiritual Yin Temple will not let me off that easily,” advised Lin Feng, shortly after after leaving the auction house. They were on the sidewalk of the main road.

Tu Ba nodded. Indeed, Lin Feng had provoked Dan Nü and humiliated Yin Jiu, they weren’t going to let him off easily for sure. It was best that Lin Feng’s friends hid, Yin Jiu and Dan Nü would rejoice to see Lin Feng alone.

“We’re going to hide then. We’ll show up when you call us,” Tu Ba glanced at Chu Lian Feng and Han Da Li, and then disappeared. Han Da Li smiled and looked at Lin Feng, then also disappeared.

Chu Lian Feng gave a space ring to Lin Feng and said, “There are four hundred million Godly Stones inside.”

When Lin Feng heard the end of Chu Lian Feng’s sentence, he had already vanished. Lin Feng couldn’t detect their Qi anymore, they were really good at hiding.

“We’re all faction members, we know how to hide,” said Jiang Hao, smiling indifferently when he saw Lin Feng looked surprised.

Lin Feng nodded and looked at Jiang Hao and Qiao Lao Gou. “You go and hide too. Huang Nü and Tu Dao can stay with me.”

Qiao Lao Gou and Jiang Hao looked surprised. But Lin Feng looked determined, so they nodded and disappeared.

“Tu Dao, it might be dangerous so remain vigilant and pay attention,” said Lin Feng, glancing at Tu Dao. He was the second leader of the Evil Dragon Faction, he looked a lot like Tu Ba. Their Qi and attitude were very similar.

“No need to warn me. You be careful,” said Tu Dao, then walked away. He didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü glanced at each other. They both thought Tu Dao seemed like a good guy. If they helped him become stronger, and if Tu Ba didn’t betray them, with his talent, Tu Dao would become as strong, if not stronger, then Tu Ba. He was at most five hundred years old.

“Put on a mask,” said Lin Feng, taking out two masks. He gave the phoenix mask to Huang Nü. Even though one couldn’t see her face, one could see that her Qi was extraordinary.

During the Great Competition of the Gods List, Lin Feng had used the unicorn mask. He was sure Dan Nü would recognize it. How would she react when seeing that mask again?

The two of them put on masks and then caught up with Tu Dao. The three of them walked for half an hour on the main road, but didn’t see Yin Jiu and Dan Nü. However, it didn’t mean that they were safe. Lin Feng could sense the pressure.


After some time, they arrived at an intersection with many buildings. It was a perfect place to hide somewhere and assassinate people.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh. Three people appeared in front of Lin Feng and the two others. The one in front was Dan Nü.

Dan Nü looked at him icily and disdainfully at first, but then her expression changed and her heart twitched. A unicorn mask?

She hadn’t forgotten Lin Feng during the competition, or that he wore a unicorn mask. With the strength of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he had managed to defeat her, a Half-Godly Emperor! Back then, she didn’t think Lin Feng could become a champion, but he had defeated her…

Then, she had become the champion; Lin Feng was supposed to be a dead piece of trash. How could he do better than her? How could a piece of trash do better? She was Dan Nü from the Elixir Temple, how prestigious! Now she was considered the champion!

Dan Nü didn’t think she had done anything inappropriate. On the contrary, she disdained Lin Feng. Even if he had become the champion first, he had no background, so nobody had been able to protect him.

Dan Nü smiled mockingly when she thought about that. Her Qi didn’t change. That was the man of the third hall in front of her, and he was only a Half-Godly Emperor. Even though he had already broken through to the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, the difference between a Half-Godly Emperor and a Godly Emperor was gigantic. Those three people wanted to die!

“You’re the one who messed with me?” said Dan Nü, pointing at Lin Feng with her finger icily.

A bad smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face. He didn’t look at her, but at the building behind her and said, “Spiritual Yin Temple, why are you hiding, dear friends?”

“Eh?” Dan Nü was surprised. She hadn’t noticed anyone’s presence around, and this Half-Godly Emperor had?

The two old men behind Dan Nü gazed into the distance. As expected, Yin Jiu and four servants in black clothes appeared on the road. A distorted smile appeared on Yin Jiu’s face. He slowly walked up to Dan Nü and bowed hand over fist. “The wonderful, the magnificent Miss Dan Nü, greetings.”

“Prince Yin Jiu, greetings,” replied Dan Nü coolly. They were both from the Four Temples, and had a similar status, so she respected him.

“Miss, what should we do with them?” said Yin Jiu, smiling icily. To him, Lin Feng and the two others were dead already.

“What do you think we should do, Prince Yin Jiu?” asked Dan Nü, smiling mockingly.

“Just tell us and we’ll listen to you, Miss.”

“You tell us. You probably have more ways of doing things than me.”

“We should destroy his dantian and cripple his cultivation, what do you think?” Yin Jiu smiled icily.

“Yes, alright. You attack, or I do?” said Dan Nü, smiling coldly and nodding.

“The two Masters behind you can attack,” said Yin Jiu, looking at the two old men behind her. Then he smiled respectfully and cupped his fist at them.

Dan Nü and Yin Jiu smiled broadly, scorning Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng smiled mockingly when he heard them.

Disciples from big groups were arrogant. He was used to that. They were so used to being respected because they were disciples from the Four Temples that it was difficult for them not to rely on their status when facing enemies.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü glanced at each other and smiled knowingly. These arrogant disciples were not going to have a good time.

“Are you done talking? I don’t have time to play with. Come on and attack,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Dan Nü and Yin Jiu were surprised at first, but then they smiled scornfully again. Dan Nü asked disdainfully, “You know who we are?”

“Dan Nü from the Elixir Temple and Yin Jiu from the Spiritual Yin Temple. Of course I know you,” replied Lin Feng, nodding.

“Hmph! Since you know, how dare you talk to us like that? We’ll give you one opportunity, kneel down and beg us, and we may not cripple your cultivation. You’re a Half-Godly Emperor, you could join the Spiritual Yin Temple and become a slave there. We’d spare your life. What do you think?” said Yin Jiu icily. He looked extremely proud as he narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, that’s a good solution. You kneel down and beg us. The Elixir Temple also needs a slave. What do you think?” said Dan Nü, nodding disdainfully.

“Miss, he’s just a Half-Godly Emperor, a Half-Godly Emperor isn’t even worthy of becoming a slave in the Elixir Temple. We already have enough Half-Godly Emperors,” said an old man behind Dan Nü, giggling mockingly.

“You’re right, we have enough Half-Godly Emperors. Let’s kill him, then?” said Dan Nü smiling mockingly. But at the same time, she stared at Lin Feng intensely, hoping he’d kneel down and beg.

However, Lin Feng just smiling in contempt, which infuriated her, “Die!”

“Hey! Wait! I want to say something.”

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