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Chapter 426: Godly Emperor Layer, Explosive Power!

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“You think I’m scared of you?” retorted Lin Feng, laughing fearlessly. He raised his hands again and threw punches at the two old men, condensing the strength of the Mara Nirvana Formula in his fists at the same time. The two old men suddenly saw an illusory demon god, making them shudder.

However, they only paused for a few seconds before throwing punches at Lin Feng. They were determined to kill Lin Feng.

Two Godly Emperors attacked a single Half-Godly Emperor. Such a scene was extremely rare. Tu Ba and the others were extremely nervous; they needed to get rid of their respective opponents and then go and save Lin Feng!

“Husband, I’ll help you!” shouted Huang Nü when she saw that. Her expression changed drastically as she flashed towards Lin Feng. However, Dan Nü who was injured jumped in front of Huang Nü and looked at her with killing intent in her eyes.

“You’re his wife? I’ll kill you then!” shouted Dan Nü ferociously. She attacked Huang Nü without hesitation. Even though she was severely injured, she was convinced Huang Nü couldn’t compete with her.

Huang Nü was pressured and nervous, but what could she do?

The main street became completely chaotic. Tu Ba was fighting against Yin Jiu, he was also pressured. Chu Lian Feng was fighting against Yin Ba, Qiao Lao Gou against Yin Qi.

Han Da Li and Jiang Hao flew towards the two old men. They couldn’t let Lin Feng fight against them alone. However, Lin Feng shouted, “I don’t need help! I want to see whether they can kill me or not!” He attacked the two old men.

The old men shouted furiously, “What an arrogant little boy! You want to die!”

“You want to die! Not me!” shouted Lin Feng, laughing maniacally. He condensed the strength of the Mara Nirvana Formula in his fists and threw punches at them. Lin Feng was confident he could defeat them, which made the two old men even more furious. Who did he think they were? Punching bags?

“You want to die! Alchemical Corrosion!” shouted the two old men furiously. They charged forwards. Lin Feng sensed a strange energy fill the air around him. His expression changed, and energies hummed all around him.

“Birth of a Buddha!!” shouted Lin Feng. The two old men groaned with pain and were pushed back half a step.

Many people in the distance were completely astonished, Lin Feng had just pushed back two Godly Emperors with the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer!

Lin Feng is so insane, thought Tu Ba when he saw that, amazed. He felt lucky to know someone like Lin Feng. Even when he had battled against Lin Feng, it wasn’t so incredible.

“Celestial Fire Eyes!” “Sky Burning Flames!” shouted the two old men using their trump cards. Those two godly skills were at the top of the Godly Skills’ List.

The two old men initially thought it would be easy to kill Lin Feng, but it wasn’t. They had no choice but to use godly skills to fight against him. Lin Feng was only a Half-Godly Emperor, how strong would he be if he broke through to the Godly Emperor layer?

They had to get back to the Elixir Temple and bring some cultivators of the second Godly Emperor layer to kill him! He was too dangerous, and he posed a threat to Dan Nü!

Flames invaded the space around Lin Feng. There were millions of eyes in the flames staring at Lin Feng, and light beams appeared.

Lin Feng was under even more pressure. The two Godly Emperors were really strong. Lin Feng’s pure Qi wasn’t as thick as theirs, making it difficult for him to resist their attacks.

But he didn’t mind, he had to risk his life. Lin Feng already had the impression he was about to break through. Risking his life led to new opportunities!

“Birth of a Buddha!” shouted Lin Feng. He jumped and raised his arms. The explosive energies of his Birth of a Buddha skill filled the air and collided with the flames and eyes.



The two Godly Emperors were injured. One of the old men’s eyes had turned into two pieces of hanging, bloody flesh, the other old man was hurled away and his Qi became unstable. His strength decreased to that of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

Lin Feng was still furious. He flashed again and chased the two strong cultivators. He had to kill them. He couldn’t let them go back to the Elixir Temple, otherwise it would be a big problem for him in the future.

“Piss off!”

At the same time, Yin Qi and Tu Ba’s battle was over. Yin Qi was furious, throwing a hundred punches at Tu Ba and pushing him away. Yin Qi smiled icily, and flew towards Lin Feng. He wanted to kill him.

“Stop!” Han Da Li and Jiang Hao jumped in front of Yin Qi to stop him, and attacked.

Yin Ba flew away from Chu Lian Feng and flew towards Lin Feng. He also wanted to kill him.

Yin Jiu threw a punch at Qiao Lao Gou and flew towards Lin Feng as well. They were all determined to kill Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was now surrounded by four Godly Emperors. The terrifying Godly Emperor Qi oppressed him. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to explode, but it made him feel even more determined and enthusiastic. The feeling that he was going to die made him excited.

“Haha! Yes, that’s right! Continue!” shouted Lin Feng, laughing frantically. He opened his arms and let their energies bombard him.

Yin Jiu and Yin Ba glanced at each other. What was going on? Lin Feng was just laughing? They didn’t care though, they used their full strength. Boom! Boom! Lin Feng’s veins and arteries started crackling and he was smashed away. The two old men seized that opportunity to jump in and throw punches at him.

Lin Feng’s hair was completely messy, and he was barely recognizable. However, Lin Feng’s body was filled with energy. He was about to break through!

“Die!” shouted the two old men, punching Lin Feng’s chest. Blood splashed, and Lin Feng went crashing through three buildings.

Lin Feng put his hand on his chest and coughed blood. He was extremely excited. He had just broken through. Thanks to the two Godly Emperors’ potentially deadly attacks, he had broken through from the Half-Godly Emperor layer to the Godly Emperor layer.

Godly Emperor layer, that legendary level many people never managed to reach in life, Lin Feng had done it!

Lin Feng clenched his fists and condensed energies. He had the impression his energies were unlimited compared to before. Lin Feng burst into laughter again. Now, he had only one thing in mind: kill Yin Jiu, Yin Ba, and the two old men!

“Eh? He’s not dead yet?” When the two old men saw that, they couldn’t believe it.

“Kill him!” shouted an old man, furiously raising one fist again.

Lin Feng looked at him icily. Two beams of light appeared and the old man shuddered with fear. He had the impression he was going to die.

“You happily punched me, now it’s my turn!” said Lin Feng, smiling cruelly. The old man’s vision became blurry, and Lin Feng disappeared. A second later, the old man saw a punch move towards his celestial spirit extremely quickly.

There was an explosion. The old man’s head blew apart, and blood flew everywhere. Lin Feng kicked his corpse away.

He flashed towards the other old man, whose expression changed to panic. He wanted to turn around and escape, but Lin Feng had broken through to the Godly Emperor layer, how could the old man escape?

“Come on! Let’s fight happily! Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He used the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, the energies dazzling in his dantian. He clenched one crackling fist and punched the second old man, who collapsed instantly.

Lin Feng had just killed two Godly Emperors! Everybody was completely astonished.

Everybody stopped fighting and stared at Lin Feng, either in fear or admiration.

Yin Qi looked glum. Lin Feng had broken through, so they couldn’t kill him anymore. If they continued trying, they’d be the one who’d die!

“Let’s go!” shouted Yin Jiu. Yin Qi and Yin Ba came back to him and they got ready to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” said Lin Feng with a rictus grin. He looked like a demon. He was going to kill all these Godly Emperors! “Tu Ba, Jiang Hao, use your full strength to attack Yin Qi. Han Da Li, Chu Lian Feng, Qiao Lao Gou, use your full strength to kill Yin Ba.

“Leave Yin Jiu to me!” said Lin Feng, smiling cruelly. Yin Jiu’s legs shook violently. He had never been so scared.

“Let me go! Brother, I will submit allegiance to you and serve you, my ruler! Please!” shouted Yin Jiu. He didn’t want to die so he started begging Lin Feng. He knelt down as he pleaded.

Yin Qi and Yin Ba were furious when they saw that and shouted furiously, “Bastard! Hurry up and stand up, you disgrace!”

“Brother, no… Daddy! Please spare my life! I agree to become your slave!” shouted Yin Jiu, ignoring his two brothers. Lin Feng had just killed two old Godly Emperors, Yin Jiu knew he couldn’t compete with him.

Lin Feng looked at him mockingly. He recalled how arrogant and confident Yin Jiu looked just before. And now he was on his knees begging him, he even said he agreed to become his slave… And just before, Yin Jiu had told him he would spare his life and recruit him as a slave if he knelt down and begged.

The wheel of fortune turned… and the wheel of fortune was based on strength!

Lin Feng liked that kind of feeling, having someone’s life in his hands made him feel good.

“You kill Yin Ba and I’ll spare your life,” said Lin Feng, smiling bloodthirstily and glancing at Yin Ba.

Yin Jiu looked at Yin Ba icily, then attacked him.

“You asshole! I’m your eighth brother!” shouted Yin Ba furiously.

“I want to live! You die!” shouted Yin Jiu ferociously, using his full strength.

Lin Feng looked at Tu Ba and the others, and Yin Qi. Tu Ba and the others killed Yin Qi. Almost nothing of his body was left.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. However, at that moment, Dan Nü shouted out, “Lin Feng, if you dare move again, I’ll kill your wife! We’ll die together!” Dan Nü’s face was completely distorted with hatred and ferocity. She had her left hand on Huang Nü’s neck. If she pressed a little, she’d kill her.

Lin Feng looked on grimly. He had Tu Ba and the others stop. Yin Ba and Yin Jiu glanced at each other.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, you really love your wife. Hehe!” exclaimed Dan Nü. Her face was pale and she was severely injured but she was happy. She now had the situation under control. Lin Feng couldn’t do anything anymore.

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