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Chapter 427: Pressure!

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“Husband, don’t worry about me, don’t let her threaten you,” said Huang Nü. She could barely breathe, but she tried to look fine so that Lin Feng wouldn’t worry.

Dan Nü looked grim. She was holding Huang Nü firmly. If Lin Feng did anything fishy, she’d kill Huang Nü instantly.

“Dan Nü, if you touch her, you will die too and all your family members,” stated Lin Feng icily. He was rarely this furious. If Dan Nü hadn’t captured Huang Nü, Lin Feng would have killed her earlier. He couldn’t imagine what it would be like if one of his beloved wives was killed…

When Dan Nü heard Lin Feng, she smiled contemptuously. She pressed on Huang Nü’s neck a little bit, and Huang Nü’s face turned purple, she started suffocating for real. Her Qi became much weaker.

“Lin Feng, now you have two options: the first one is you let me leave and I’ll release your wife. The second one, is I kill her and then you kill me. What do you choose?” said Dan Nü, smiling ferociously and pressing even harder on Huang Nü’s neck.

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He was furious, but he had no choice. How could he choose the second option? How could he let Huang Nü die?

Lin Feng really wanted to kill Dan Nü, but it was impossible. But if he let Dan Nü escape, it would be even more dangerous for him in the future. She’d have all her fellow disciples and elders gather, and they’d do their best to kill him.

However, no matter what, he had no choice. She knew that Lin Feng’s weakness was his feelings.

“Alright, I’ll let you go,” said Lin Feng nodded.

Dan Nü smiled. Lin Feng hated her so much.

“Lin Feng, next time we meet, I will kill you and I will show you that I am still the champion!” declared Dan Nü, smiling coldly. She let go of Huang Nü, broke an alchemical talisman, space and time Dao strength appeared, and Dan Nü vanished. She had escaped.

Huang Nü was now safe.

Lin Feng took Huang Nü in his arms and released pure Qi. Her Qi became stabilized and she managed to breathe again. Huang Nü felt guilty; because of her, Dan Nü had escaped. Lin Feng’s future would be compromised now.

“Little Huang, it’s not your fault. Don’t blame yourself,” said Lin Feng when he saw her face. Dan Nü was despicable and evil. Lin Feng hated her so much…

Huang Nü nodded. She felt guilty, but she tried to control herself. Lin Feng had saved her even though his future was now compromised, which proved he really loved her. She had been right to choose him as a husband!

The Great Huang Dynasty had hopes again. Maybe they’d rise again someday. Even though the Great Huang Dynasty didn’t officially exist anymore, maybe there were more survivors and they could gather again someday. Maybe some Godly Emperors had been injured, but hadn’t died and were now in small worlds.

Then the Great Huang Dynasty would become one of Lin Feng’s assets, they’d surely support him. A Godly Emperor could already do so much alone, but what about twenty, like the Great Huang Dynasty had back in the days?

“Yin Jiu, haven’t you killed your eighth brother yet?” asked Lin Feng, narrowing his eyes.

Yin Jiu shuddered with fear but then he looked at Yin Ba again and threw himself at him without any hesitation. He didn’t want to die, he had no choice.

Yin Ba had never been so furious in his life as he started fighting against Yin Jiu. Even if Yin Jiu killed Yin Ba, he probably would get killed in the future as well, because the Spiritual Yin Temple couldn’t keep traitors.

Yin Jiu and Yin Ba’s cultivation level was the same, but Yin Ba had been badly injured, so he couldn’t compete with Yin Jiu anymore. Yin Jiu threw a punch at Yin Ba’s celestial spirit, and his skull exploded and disappeared.

Yin Jiu smiled ferociously. He was really happy Yin Ba had died, so he would survive. It was a good thing for him. He couldn’t care less if someone said he was a traitor.

“I, I killed him. Is it okay now?” said Yin Jiu. He still had Yin Ba’s blood on his hands. He looked sanguinary, but everybody understood he was just a coward.

“One more question and I’ll let you go,” said Lin Feng. Yin Jiu could already imagine himself free in nature.

“Why did you want the Great Talisman of Desolation?” asked Lin Feng, taking it out.

Yin Jiu looked at the talisman and looked hesitant for only a moment. He wanted to live, so he didn’t care about secrets anymore, his life was the important thing.

“An elder of my clan asked me to get it for him because he needed it. It would be of a great help to him,” replied Yin Jiu.

“In what way?” asked Lin Feng.

“One of the princes of the Great Huang Dynasty is imprisoned in the Spiritual Yin Temple,” whispered Yin Jiu. Huang Nü was astonished. A prince? One of her three brothers?

Lin Feng realized the gravity of the situation. He couldn’t kill Yin Jiu. He needed him!

“Speak!” shouted Lin Feng. He took out the poison Di Shu had used against him and put it in Yin Jiu’s mouth forcibly. Yin Jiu put his hand on his chest, sensing the poison flow throughout his veins. They were now sealed. His expression changed drastically.

“You… What did you put in my mouth?” said Yin Jiu. He panicked and his face paled. He was terrified.

“Don’t worry. It’s just a poison pill. If you don’t listen to me in the future, I can activate it and you’ll die in horrible circumstances. You understand?” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. Yin Jiu was as terrified as if he were facing the Reaper, but he nodded hastily, he had no choice.

“Now, go back to the Spiritual Yin Temple, act if nothing had happened. Your brothers are dead, you can blame the Elixir Temple. You can say that Dan Nü also wanted the Great Talisman of Desolation and that she asked two Godly Emperors to kill your seventh and eighth brothers. Understood?”

“I understand. I will not speak carelessly and foolishly,” said Yin Jiu, nodding hastily. Why would he say he had killed his brothers? Even if Lin Feng had told him to, he wouldn’t have done it!

“When you go back to the Spiritual Yin Temple, try to gather information regarding the prince of the Great Huang Dynasty. Try to find where he is. If you find him, make sure he’s treated well,” said Lin Feng. Yin Jiu nodded. How could he refuse?

“Give me something so that I can contact you,” ordered Lin Feng firmly. Yin Jiu hastily took out a black talisman.

“You can enter the Spiritual Yin Temple with it. Nobody can prevent you from coming in, and when you’re there, you can easily find me,” said Yin Jiu with the greatest care. He was really scared. Lin Feng could kill him easily.

“Piss off now. And don’t say who I am to anyone,” said Lin Feng. Yin Jiu rejoiced, then fled in panic. He only wished he could run faster…


Lin Feng watched him go, then glanced at Huang Nü. There was a prince of the Great Huang Dynasty in the Spiritual Yin Temple… he might be one of her three brothers.

“Little Huang, are you sure that your brothers are still alive?”

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  1. Br0kh3n88 May 21, 2019 at 2:58 am - Reply

    I Dont know author dont know about Linfeng’s Skill… Linfeng has Space Dao which already breaktrough to God skill, but he didnt use it. he just used godly skill. skill from continent of nine like useless

    • Gray June 13, 2019 at 9:30 am - Reply

      and he had HIS SPIRIT WORLD!!!
      He can put his wife in there before battle..

      and look what we got, a stupid whole writing.
      not just he let his enemy flee, he also got more problem..

      it’s like a joke to have wisdom in his godly level.
      why should this new author writes this PMG 2 and not the original Author of PMG 1. its soo sad.

      • Mo Feng April 1, 2020 at 8:03 pm - Reply

        Gray, dude, if you ever read this… WHY DONT YOU WRITE IT? if you think you can do better. If you hate it and think its stupid, why yu still reading?

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