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Chapter 428: Chu Lian Ying!

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“When the Great Huang Dynasty was destroyed, I knew my father had escaped. I wasn’t sure about my three brothers, but if what he just said was true, then it means one of my brothers is still alive,” said Huang Nü. Her face was ghastly pale.

If her brother was still alive, she could imagine how much he had suffered as a prisoner in the Spiritual Yin Temple. The Spiritual Yin Temple wouldn’t be kind to him.

“Anyway, let’s clean up, then go see Yan Di,” said Lin Feng, glancing at the blood on the main street. There were Yin Qi and the two old men’s corpses to dispose of.

“Leave it to me,” Jiang Hao smiled. He took out a small jar which contained a clear liquid. He dropped some drops of the liquid on the corpses, and they decomposed completely. What a great way of taking care of corpses!

“Eh, it seems like I still have a lot to learn about you guys,” remarked Lin Feng, smiling wryly. The liquid in Jiang Hao’s small jar was incredible. It could make corpses disintegrate. What if it were used on a living being?

“Hehe, it’s a special disintegration liquid my clan created,” Jiang Hao laughed. Lin Feng understood that Jiang Hao’s clan was probably incredible. The Continent of the Gods was so big, there were many mysterious clans and people.

The Four Temples and the Three Dynasties were famous and influential, but might not be the ultimate and most powerful groups in the world.

“Great Leader Lin Feng, we should go back to the Chu Clan first. Maybe someone knows about your friend,” suggested Chu Lian Feng.

Lin Feng thought it was a good idea. Since they were in the Gods Government, why not try and get some information about Yan Di there?

The Chu Clan was a first-class group in the Gods Government. The leader of the clan was a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer. They had four Godly Emperors of the first layer, the three managers and Chu Lian Feng’s brother, Chu Lian Ying, but now Chu Lian Feng had also broken through to the Godly Emperor layer, so now the Chu Clan had six Godly Emperors. That kind of strength was already not bad.


At sunset, the sky was red. Lin Feng and the few others arrived at the periphery of the Chu Clan. The Chu Clan was situated on the periphery of the Gods Government. Their territory was vast, dozens of li across.

There were three mansion houses in a big courtyard. There was also a big river there, leading off to Godsland. Behind the Chu Clan was a mountain, ten thousand meters high, its peak in the clouds. It looked like a mystical place.

When they arrived, Lin Feng realized the Chu Clan was quite extraordinary. Tu Ba and the few people all gasped with amazement. Their friend Chu Lian Feng was from such a rich family, and even more unbelievable, he was the Second young Master of the Chu Clan. He could have relied on his family to become stronger, but he had decided to rely on his own self and practice in the wild.

Why would the Chu Clan decide he wasn’t suitable to become the leader of the clan? Why choose Chu Lian Ying? Tu Ba and the others didn’t understand. Only Lin Feng understood.

“Go and inform my dad I’m back,” Chu Lian Feng said to some servant when they arrived. The servants took Lin Feng and the others to a palace and had them wait there.

When the servant saw their Second young Master, they were scared, especially since they knew that Chu Lian Ying had been chosen to become the new leader. Now, the Second young Master had come back at a critical moment, what would happen?

The messenger was Chu Lian Ying servant, so he didn’t go and inform the leader of the Chu Clan first, but Chu Lian Ying instead. He told him Chu Lian Feng had come back.

When Chu Lian Ying heard that, the cup of tea he was holding exploded. An skinny old man next to him frowned, and they glanced at one another. They couldn’t believe it.

“How come he came back alive?” Chu Lian Ying couldn’t believe it. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty had sent two strong cultivators of the Spiritual Yin Temple to kill him! Had they failed to kill Chu Lian Feng?

The skinny old man pulled a long face and narrowed his eyes, “It seems like the few people with the Second Young Master are quite strong!”

“Eh? Second Uncle, you mean…?” When Chu Lian Ying heard the second manager, his expression suddenly changed.

“Maybe they are people with powerful backgrounds, and he asked them for help to become the leader,” said the second manager. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Hehe, how could pieces of trash compete with geniuses? And even if they attempt the impossible, the Chu Clan and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty have agreed to form an alliance. I am sure my father will not refuse, he’s not stupid. As long as there is an alliance between the Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Chu Clan, nobody will try to prevent me from becoming the new leader!” said Chu Lian Ying firmly.

The second manager nodded. Indeed, Chu Lian Ying was right. No matter how many strong cultivators Chu Lian Feng had recruited to help him, Chu Lian Ying was supported by the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Who would dare offend the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?

“Let’s go, second uncle. Let’s go and see my brother. Hehe!” said Chu Lian Ying, confidently smiling at the old man.

The old man nodded and followed Chu Lian Ying. They quickly left the room.


After informing Chu Lian Ying, the servant went to the leader. This was a period of uncertainty in the Chu Clan. Such periods could be dangerous for some and full of opportunities for some others.

“No matter what happens, you shouldn’t get angry. It would put you in a worse situation,” said the third manager. He had already come back from the auction house and he felt like he had to warn Chu Lian Feng.

The third manager was worried that Chu Lian Feng would get angry and ruin everything. If he caused trouble in the Chu Clan, it would be complicated for him to become the leader in the future, he would lose all his chances.

Chu Lian Feng nodded. He wasn’t that impulsive, but he was still angry that his father wanted Chu Lian Ying to become the new leader. Didn’t his father consider him a son anymore?

However, their positions in the family were different, Chu Lian Ying’s mother was their father’s favorite wife. Chu Lian Fang’s mother was just a woman whom their father had slept with.

“Great Leader Lin Feng, Great Leader Tu, you may get involved in a big battle if you stay here,” said Chu Lian Feng, feeling guilty.

Tu Ba smiled carelessly. He was ready to support his friend.

Lin Feng didn’t mind, either. They were all ready to help Yan Di obtain the legacy of the emperor of the dynasty, so he was with them in case Chu Lian Feng needed his help. Lin Feng would use his full strength to help, and then they’d also do their best to help Yan Di.

At that moment, Chu Lian Feng heard someone laugh loudly in the corridor. That voice was rather unpleasant to hear. It was sharp and almost strident. “Haha, brother, you’re back! If my servant hadn’t told me, would you have told me you were back?”

Chu Lian Ying was holding his fan. The skinny second manager was behind him, his face expressionless.

When Chu Lian Feng heard his brother laugh loudly, he frowned. Chu Lian Ying then entered the room. He had a big smile, as if he were happy to see Chu Lian Feng. However, Chu Lian Feng knew perfectly well that in normal circumstances, he usually made fun of him and even bullied him. Why was he acting this way this time?

“Brother, you’re here,” said Chu Lian Feng. No matter how bad their relationship was, Chu Lian Feng stood up and cupped his fist respectfully.

“Haha, brother, come, sit down. It’s your home here too. What’s with the politeness?” said Chu Lian Ying smiling broadly. They almost looked close. When Chu Lian Feng sat down, Chu Lian Ying looked over at Lin Feng and the others. His blood was almost boiling.

Six, six Godly Emperors! Chu Lian Ying was almost worried when he saw that. What if Chu Lian Feng managed to become the leader of the Chu Clan? What if they didn’t care about the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?

Chu Lian Ying was wondering where his brother had found so many Godly Emperors, and two Half-Godly Emperors of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer!

When Chu Lian Ying saw Huang Nü, he was suddenly aroused. She looked bewitchingly beautiful. However, Lin Feng looked at him icily so Chu Lian Ying guessed they were together.

“I really want that woman,” Chu Lian Ying said to the second manager telepathically. The second manager nodded indifferently.

“Brother, can you introduce your friends?” asked Chu Lian Ying, smiling cheerfully.

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