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Chapter 429: Who the Hell do You Think You Are?

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“That’s Tu Ba, he’s like my brother,” said Chu Lian Feng, standing up and pointing at Tu Ba.

“That’s Lin Feng, Great Leader Lin Feng,” said Chu Lian Feng, pointing at Lin Feng.

“This is Han Da Li, Jiang Hao, and Qiao Lao Gou. They’re all like brothers to me,” said Chu Lian Feng. Chu Lian Ying bowed hand over fist politely.

“That’s Huang Nü, Great Leader Lin Feng’s wife,” said Chu Lian Feng. He hadn’t noticed that Chu Lian Ying looking at Huang Nü greedily.

Lin Feng looked at Chu Lian Ying icily and said, “Young Master Chu, please behave!”

Chu Lian Ying came back to his senses and turned to Lin Feng. He didn’t say anything though. He really wanted Huang Nü.

Chu Lian Feng also noticed that his brother looking at him angrily. The atmosphere became a bit heavy.

“Little Feng is back, I want to see him,” said a voice coming from the corridor and interrupting the silence. They heard some quick steps. Everybody saw an old man in golden clothes enter the room. He had white hair hanging over his shoulders, a long nose, and small eyes.

When he entered the room, he was stupefied. There were six Godly Emperors in that room, at least! How incredible! If he hadn’t seen groups of Godly Emperors from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty in the recent past, he would have been scared.

Even though the Chu Clan was strong, they only had five Godly Emperors. Seeing six Godly Emperors who weren’t from the clan was incredible.

“Little Feng, those people…” said the old man, staring at Chu Lian Feng.

Chu Lian Feng bowed hand over fist, and was about to reply when Chu Lian Ying smiled and spoke first. “Father, they’re my brother’s friends: Tu Ba, Han Da Li, Qiao Lao Gou, Jiang Hao,” said Chu Lian Ying smiling broadly. Then he looked at Huang Nü and said to the old man, “Her name is Little Huang, what do you think of her?”

The old man didn’t understand. He looked at Huang Nü, smiled, and nodded in satisfaction, “As expected, what a great Qi. No bad. Is she taken though?” asked the old man gently, looking at Chu Lian Ying.

Chu Lian Feng could sense that something was wrong and frowned. He wanted to say Huang Nü was Lin Feng’s wife, but Chu Lian Ying smiled and spoke first again, “Father, Miss Huang Nü’s Qi is elegant and free from vulgarity, she’s a virgin, she is definitely single.”

“Eh? Really?” asked the old man. His eyes twinkled and looked over Huang Nü from head to foot, then he bowed hand over fist and smiled, “Little Huang, I am sure you and my older son… Well, I…”

“Little Huang, let’s go,” said Lin Feng, not letting the old man finish. He stood up and grabbed Huang Nü’s hand.

Huang Nü was furious. If Lin Feng hadn’t grabbed her hand, she would have insulted Chu Lian Ying. Luckily, Lin Feng had brought back to her senses.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü stood up. The old man was stupefied, but he naturally noticed Lin Feng was holding her hand. He turned to Chu Lian Ying and shouted, “What’s going on here?”

“Father, keep calm. Wait,” said Chu Lian Ying, smiling. He raised his head and walked to Lin Feng, he cupped his fist and said, “Brother, I think you’re unworthy of being with such a beautiful woman. Give up. Let me be with her. What do you think? The Chu Clan will pay you for her.

“Even better, you can become an elder in the Chu Clan. You’re also a Godly Emperor, your Qi is a bit unstable because you just became one, but the Chu Clan would accept recruiting you in exchange for that woman,” said Chu Lian Ying. He looked strange, his smile was completely distorted. As soon as he had seen Huang Nü, he had felt bewitched.

Lin Feng looked like a tramp to him. How could he be with such a beautiful woman? But Chu Lian Ying still remained vigilant because Lin Feng looked strong, so Chu Lian Ying wanted to find a peaceful solution.

When the old man heard his son, he was satisfied. That was the way a leader was supposed to talk!

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just calmly waited until Chu Lian Ying was done, but noticed that Chu Lian Ying was looking at him mockingly and that he continued looking at Huang Nü greedily.

“Hehe, are you done talking?” replied Lin Feng icily.

Chu Lian Ying nodded, “Think about it. You could make a fool of yourself.”

“Brother Chu, come here,” said Lin Feng to Chu Lian Feng, who had remained silent.

Chu Lian Feng looked at Lin Feng. He was smiling, but Chu Lian Feng was sure Lin Feng was furious. He knew Lin Feng really loved Huang Nü, and hated it when people disrespected her. Now that his older brother was humiliating her, Lin Feng was probably infuriated.

Chu Lian Feng walked over to Lin Feng guiltily. Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to that, he asked with a smile, “He’s your brother?”

“Yes, my older brother,” said Chu Lian Feng, smiling wryly and nodding. Chu Lian Ying couldn’t do much, but wait calmly. What was Lin Feng trying to do?

“His name is Chu Lian Ying?” asked Lin Feng.

“Yes, Chu Lian Ying,” replied Chu Lian Feng.

“Oh, I see,” said Lin Feng smiling and nodding. Then he looked at Chu Lian Ying and the leader of the Chu Clan, the old man.

“Chu Lian Ying, from your Qi, I think you would be really suitable to become the new leader of the Chu Clan,” said Lin Feng, nodding with a smile yet not a smile.

Chu Lian Ying didn’t understand but he said icily, “So, did you make a decision?”

“She’s mine, why would I need to think of that? However, you’re pretty aggressive to be the leader of the Chu Clan. You think you can tell people they’re yours and use them as you wish? Who the fuck do you think you are?” said Lin Feng, narrowing his eyes.

Chu Lian Ying’s eyes were suddenly wide open. He didn’t know how to reply.

‘Who the fuck do you think you are?!’

How could Lin Feng dare talk to him like that? What a humiliation! Chu Lian Ying clenched his fists. Someone who had just broken through to the Godly Emperor layer dared humiliate him?

He knew Chu Lian Ying was the future leader of the Chu Clan. How dare he make fun of him? Chu Lian Ying was furious!

The leader of the Chu Clan also pulled a long face. Someone dared talk to his son like that?

“I’ll teach you a good lesson,” said Chu Lian Ying icily. He waved and the skinny old man behind him got ready to attack.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, he turned around and looked at Han Da Li and the others, “Brothers, someone wants to attack me, what do we do?”

“Motherfucker, try and touch our great leader! You want to die!” shouted Han Da Li instantly, standing up and jumping in front of Lin Feng. He released terrifying energies of the Godly Emperor layer.

Chu Lian Ying shuddered in fear. He glanced at Chu Lian Feng imploringly. How could he help this young man?

Chu Lian Feng didn’t know what to say, so he ignored Chu Lian Ying.

“We get really annoyed when someone tries to attack our Great Leader Lin Feng,” said Jiang Hao, slowly standing up and stepping up next to Han Da Li. Their energies of the Godly Emperor layer started rolling in waves around them. Chu Lian Ying was so scared he took half a step backwards. The leader of the Chu Clan was astonished.

“I can’t stand it either!” shouted Tu Ba furiously, standing up.

“Who dares annoy our leader? Who the fuck do you think you are?” shouted Qiao Lao Gou, standing up as well. Tu Dao also shot to his feet. They all stood next to Lin Feng and glared at Chu Lian Ying aggressively.

Chu Lian Ying and the leader were astonished. The four Godly Emperors obeyed Lin Feng?

“What’s going on? Aren’t they your friends?” shouted Chu Lian Ying at Chu Lian Feng.

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