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Chapter 431: Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s Son, Tian Fan!

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“You…” Chu Lian Ying still had his hand on his chest. His chest hurt terribly. He looked at Lin Feng angrily, but when he saw Lin Feng’s mocking smile, he was even more furious and coughed up blood. His face became even paler.

“You dared injure the Great Young Master! You will die!” shouted the skinny second manager furiously, so angry his hair started fluttering. He turned into a hurricane and shot towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. A cloud of dust and sand appeared all around him as he raised his hands.

“Old people shouldn’t look down on juniors with arrogance. What a disgrace! The young master is an arrogant moron, could it be that his slave is an old fool?” snorted Lin Feng. He released the strength of the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill and threw a punch out, surrounded by demon energies.

The second manager’s face paled. However, he threw his fist at Lin Feng so quickly that he didn’t manage to take it back. His fist collided with Lin Feng’s fist. Boom! The second manager was blown a thousand meters away. He crashed onto a pavilion and the pavilion completely collapsed. The servants of the Chu Clan were terrified.

“Like master, like dog. And a stupid dog must die,” said Lin Feng, looking at the second manager angrily. Did they think Lin Feng would let himself be pushed around by them without doing anything?

The leader of the Chu Clan was completely aghast. His own son had been defeated by Lin Feng in one punch, and incredibly humiliated. Now, the second manager of the Chu Clan had also been crushed! What a humiliation for the Chu Clan!

“Little boy, don’t be too arrogant!” shouted the leader of the Chu Clan at Lin Feng angrily. He was so furious he was shaking from head to foot. He clenched his fists and deadly energies emerged from his body.

He had the strength of the third layer, able to oppress Lin Feng. Lin Feng could now compete with cultivators of the first and second Godly Emperor layers, but not the third.

The leader of Ya City had been a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer. If Godly Emperor Blood had not helped him by using his special strength sealing technique, Lin Feng would have died… and the leader of the Chu Clan was much, much stronger than Yuan Xuan, the leader of Ya City.

“What? Master, you’re a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer, and you dare bully much weaker people?” retorted Lin Feng, releasing brightness strength to block the old man’s terrifying energies. At the same time, he smiled widely.

“You injured my child and a manager of the Chu Clan. You think I should spare your life?” shouted the leader of the Chu Clan furiously. He wanted to injure Lin Feng severely and show him nobody could do such things to the Chu Clan.

“You’re blaming me for those things? Hehe, Master, you have a penetrating sense of judgement. Your son provoked me unceasingly until I couldn’t control myself anymore. He even challenged me to a battle, he said I should attack him first, so why would I refuse? Then I crushed him, what did I do wrong?

“And your second manager wanted to help your son regain face, all I did was protect myself. I defended myself as well, what’s wrong with that? Now, you’re going to blame me for having protected myself? Are the members of the Chu Clan people who are just wild and illogical? Hehe, if that’s the case, I am starting to think that Brother Chu might, in the end, not be a member of the Chu Clan. Why is he so different from all of you?” Lin Feng said to the leader of the Chu Clan, glancing sarcastically at Chu Lian Feng and then Chu Lian Ying.

“You…” the leader of the Chu Clan looked completely infuriated. He clenched his fists, but he didn’t attack. He would lose face if he attacked, especially since Lin Feng had just been talking about moral values and principles. Could the old man really blame Lin Feng for his son and second manager’s petty behavior?

The leader of the Chu Clan glanced at Tu Ba and the other Godly Emperors. If he infuriated all of them, the Chu Clan would be in danger. He was a cultivator of the third Godly Emperor layer, but if those five Godly Emperors decided to cause trouble, he wouldn’t be able to ensure the safety of the Chu Clan.

The leader of the Chu Clan sighed and calmed down. However, as he was about to say something, he raised his head and saw a few godly auras in the distance, which made him really happy.

“The strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty?” Chu Lian Feng looked glum.

Lin Feng was startled. Four godly auras appeared in the sky, all middle-aged men. They looked extraordinary. Their Qi looked swift, powerful and sharp, especially the Qi of the leader, who was wearing golden clothes. He had a golden helmet on the head and a a jadeite belt around his waist. On his belt was written CELESTIAL EMPERORS.

The man had a long nose, his hair was hanging to his shoulders. His skin was snowy-white, and his eyes were so slanting that he had the demeanor of a transcendent being. He was wearing a snowy-white jade ring on his left hand, which emitted an ice-cold Qi.

Lin Feng glanced at the extraordinary-looking man. He probably had a very high status in the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

“Brother Tian Fan, you’re finally here,” said Chu Lian Ying when he saw the heroic-looking man with the helmet. Chu Lian Ying was really happy, and quickly got back up onto his feet, smiling at the man. He was afraid that the man would be angry at him if he saw him on the ground looking like a mess.

The man ignored Chu Lian Ying, though. He just nodded at the leader of the Chu Clan and said, “Greetings! It’s an honor to see you, Leader Chu.”

“Please don’t be so polite, it’s an honor for me, my dear Tian Fan,” said the leader of the Chu Clan hastily. He looked alarmed when he saw Tian Fan. He tried to smile, but his smile looked strange.

Lin Feng understood what was going on. Chu Lian Feng looked unhappy too. Those were probably strong cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Chu Lian Ying had probably contacted them, otherwise, why would such incredible cultivators have come?

“Come on, Leader, I must greet you politely. I’m younger than you, I owe you respect,” said Tian Fan, smiling politely. Even Lin Feng was amazed, that man was really handsome. He was probably a lady killer.

Huang Nü looked at Tian Fan icily, then at Lin Feng and said telepathically, “Husband, if I’m not mistaken, he’s the Celestial Emperor’s son, Tian Fan.”

“Oh? He’s the Celestial Son?” Lin Feng’s smile stiffened when he heard that.

Huang Nü nodded. She was sure that that man was Tian Fan, the Celestial Emperor’s son, also known as the Celestial Son.

Lin Feng studied Tian Fan. If Huang Nü wasn’t mistaken, Tian Fan was the one who used to be first on the previous Gods List; the one who, with the strength of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer, had reached the top of the list, and now…

Lin Feng looked over Tian Fan from head to toe. Lin Feng detected seven or eight different sorts of Dao flowing in Tian Fan’s circulatory system. His godly aura was also dazzling, it was difficult to keep one’s eyes open in front of him.

Top of the second Godly Emperor layer?

In around a year, Tian Fan has broken from the Half-Godly Emperor layer to the top of the second Godly Emperor layer? How talented, thought Lin Feng. But Lin Feng overlooked the fact that his father was Tian Di the Celestial Emperor. How hard could it be for Tian Fan to do something like that?

Lin Feng looked at Tian Fan, and Tian Fan looked at Lin Feng, too, smiling icily. Light beams emerged from Lin Feng and Tian Fan’s eyes. It felt like those light beams could burn the entire courtyard.

“Tian Fan here. Who are you, Your Excellency?” asked Tian Fan, smiling calmly and bowing hand over fist. The leader of the Chu Clan and Chu Lian Ying were stunned. Chu Lian Ying jumped in front of Tian Fan and smiled, “Brother Tian Fan, he’s just a tiny little Godly Emperor, no need to pay attention to him, I…”

“Shut up!” shouted Tian Fan icily. Chu Lian Ying was so scared he didn’t dare say anything anymore. Tian Fan then smiled at Lin Feng again.

“Lin Feng,” replied Lin Feng. He didn’t know why Tian Fan looked at him, but now Lin Feng didn’t have a criminal status anymore and had done nothing wrong, so he didn’t fear giving out his name.

“Oh? Lin Feng? The Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City?” asked Tian Fan. He looked surprised.

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