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Chapter 432: Tian Fan’s Invitation!

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“What? Tian Fan, you mean he’s the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City?” The eyes of the Chu Clan’s leader were wide, he couldn’t believe it his eyes.

Tian Fan smiled calmly and serenely. He touched his white ring and nodded at the leader of the Chu Clan, “Indeed. Not only that, but he’s also a champion holding two titles, he’s the double champion!” said Tian Fan solemnly. The leader of the Chu Clan felt dizzy and started shaking.

“Impossible, brother Tian Fan, how could he be the double champion? How’s that possible? The double champion is Dan Nü. He’s just a tiny little Godly Emperor, how could he be a double champion?” asked Chu Lian Ying. He couldn’t believe his ears. His cheeks and forehead started burning.

However, Tian Fan didn’t even glance at him. He just smiled at Lin Feng indifferently, “Not many people know that Brother Lin was the double champion, what a pity.”

“It doesn’t matter, it’s just a title, it doesn’t mean much. As long as I can prove I’m strong, that’s fine. And who the champion is doesn’t really matter. If you’re a champion but can’t defeat some people, then what’s the point?” said Lin Feng, smiling lightly. He didn’t care about that champion title.

“Haha! You’re so right! It doesn’t matter who the champion is if they can’t put up a fight and flee in panic, hahaha!” said Tian Fan, laughing agreement when he heard Lin Feng. Now he looked like a strong man, no longer sensitive and cultured.

“Brother Lin, I was the champion on the previous list. Now, you’re the champion, so we have a similar rank. It’s an honor,” said Tian Fan smiling. It was almost as if they had been good friends for many years. It didn’t sound as if Tian Fan was talking to a stranger.

Lin Feng didn’t understand what Tian Fan’s motive was, so he remained vigilant and listened carefully.

“If you guys had participated, I would never have become the champion,” replied Lin Feng modestly.

Tian Fan frowned, not really knowing how to interpret Lin Feng’s last statement, so he continued smiling and said, “We’ll have opportunities to exchange views on cultivation. Former and new champions often have the opportunity to exchange views on cultivation.”

“Brother Tian Fan, he’s just broken through to the Godly Emperor layer, why are you so kind to him. I think-”

“Shut the hell up and fuck off now!!” shouted Tian Fan when Chu Lian Ying started saying something again. Tian Fan looked at Chu Lian Ying ferociously. Chu Lian Ying wished he could kill Lin Feng on the spot, but he couldn’t. When Tian Fan saw how scared Chu Lian Ying looked, he smiled mockingly, “Before trying to humiliate other people, look at yourself in a mirror, you’re pathetic! What a disgrace!

“He crushed you in one punch and you keep belittling him? If he’s a tiny and insignificant Godly Emperor, what are you? A piece of trash? A fucking moron? How could the Chu Clan choose you as a new leader?” said Tian Fan mercilessly. He didn’t mind saying those things in front of the leader of the Chu Clan, first because it was the truth, and second, because his father was the Celestial Emperor!

But actually Tian Fan rejoiced on the inside when he said that, and so did Lin Feng. Before humiliating others, look at yourself in the mirror…

“Chu Lian Ying, is there nothing at all in your head? The champion of the Gods List is a tiny little Godly Emperor? You’re stupid as fuck.

“Don’t think that because we supposedly have an alliance, you can do whatever you wish. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty doesn’t lack allies like the Chu Clan. You understand?” said Tian Fan mockingly. Chu Lian Ying’s face turned ghastly pale. He was growing more and more furious, but how could he release his anger?

Tian Fan turned around and continued smiling at Lin Feng, “Brother Lin, in three days, are you going to join us at the Long Yun Pavilion?”

“Only you two will be there?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

“No, no, of course not. There will be many young people and elders from the Gods Government, from the Four Temples, and some prestigious first-class clans. But the most important person will be you.”

“Me?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Of course, you’re the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, the border of the Continent of the Gods. You have the lives of billions of people in your hand. It means you achieved incredible things. If you could come, your presence brings light to our humble event. We hope you can give us face,” said Tian Fan. What he said seemed more and more exaggerated, yet he still bowed respectfully. Many people were stunned; Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s son, Tian Fan, was proud and arrogant, since when was he so humble and respectful?

Chu Lian Ying looked at Lin Feng furiously, clenching his fists so hard his nails pierced through his palms and he bled. He couldn’t stand seeing Tian Fan look and talk to Lin Feng so respectfully.

Chu Lian Ying had humiliated Lin Feng over and over again, and now Tian Fan was making fun of him and talking to Lin Feng respectfully, as if they had a similar rank.

Lin Feng had just become a Godly Emperor, how could he act so arrogantly, relying a status which the Gods Government had granted to him?

Chu Lian Ying’s face was completely distorted with fury. He wanted to kill Lin Feng on the spot.

Lin Feng could see that, but it was like a dog was barking at him, Lin Feng didn’t care. He didn’t need to care. If he had the opportunity, he would just kick Chu Lian Ying’s head and blow it apart.

However, what was important was that Tian Fan was inviting him, which meant he had something in mind. Tian Fan was arrogant and proud, not humble and kind. How could he deceive Lin Feng?

But Lin Feng was curious, what did Tian Fan want to do?

“Alright, see you at the Long Yun Pavilion in three days,” Lin Feng said without hesitation.

Tian Fan looked extremely happy. He stretched out his arms and hugged Lin Feng. Then he said, “See you in three days at the Long Yun Pavilion then, Brother Lin!

“Let’s go now. See you, Brother Lin,” said Tian Fan, bowing hand over fist again with a smile. He turned around and left with his group.

The three people didn’t turn around, they walked backwards, looking at Lin Feng respectfully. Tian Fan disappeared first. From the beginning to the end, he hadn’t paid attention to the members of the Chu Clan.

The leader of the Chu Clan pulled a long face. He hadn’t thought such a thing would happen, nobody had. He had thought the strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty would teach Lin Feng a good lesson. Nobody had thought Tian Fan would be so nice and respectful.

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