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Chapter 433: Old Friend, Here I Am!

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“Brother Chu, let’s go,” said Lin Feng to Chu Lian Feng after Tian Fan left. Lin Feng didn’t sound very happy, and Chu Lian Feng smiled wryly. He knew why Lin Feng wasn’t happy, but it didn’t matter, they didn’t need help from the Chu Clan. He said, “Great Leader Lin Feng, we don’t need to leave, we can spend a few days in the Chu Clan, I-”

“I know what you’re thinking Brother Chu, but since people in the Chu Clan don’t listen to you, I think it would be troublesome to stay here. So forget it,” said Lin Feng, interrupting Chu Lian Feng and glancing at the leader of the Chu Clan and Chu Lian Ying.

Chu Lian Feng could understand Lin Feng. If the Chu Clan’s members lived in harmony, it would be different.

“Alright, Great Leader Lin Feng. I won’t insist then,” Chu Lian Feng sighed.

Tu Ba and the others stood up again and got ready to leave. The leader of the Chu Clan glanced at them. As expected, Lin Feng was really their leader, everybody obeyed him. He had thought Chu Lian Feng was their leader, if that had been the case, the Chu Clan could have benefited from such a powerful group.

Unfortunately, the leader of that group wasn’t Chu Lian Feng, but Lin Feng!

Lin Feng left; Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and the others followed him closely. When Lin Feng left, he didn’t say goodbye to the leader of the Chu Clan, he just left the courtyard. Nobody dared stand in Lin Feng’s way. Who would dare cause trouble to a Godly Emperor?

The leader of the Chu Clan and Chu Lian Ying watched them leave, safe and sound, even if they were furious on the inside.

After Lin Feng left, Chu Lian Ying looked at Chu Lian Feng and shouted furiously, pointing at him with his finger, “You asshole! Nobody would have caused trouble to the Chu Clan if you didn’t exist!”

“I’m an asshole? You’re the fucking asshole, Chu Lian Ying! Don’t pretend you’re a good person! Initially, I came here with a few friends in peace, thinking the Chu Clan would be happy to see I have strong friends. They initially wanted to form an alliance with the Chu Clan. But then you cast greedy eyes on Great Leader Lin Feng’s wife, and out of respect for me and my family, he didn’t kill you! If it had been someone else, they’d be dead!” said Chu Lian Feng. He was already angry that the Chu Clan had disappointed Lin Feng, but when Chu Lian Ying insulted him, it was too much, the final straw.

The two half-brothers had contradictory views, and peace between them was now impossible.

“Bastard, how dare you talk to your brother that way!” shouted Chu Lian Ying furiously. His face was distorted with hatred.

“Piss off! Don’t pretend you consider me a brother. You’ve never been a brother to me. How do you even dare say that word in front of me?!” shot back Chu Lian Feng icily.

Chu Lian Ying’s expression changed drastically. He clenched his fists and ground his teeth, “Could it be that you want me to kill you?”

“Alright! Come and try!” Chu Lian Feng also clenched his fists and released terrifying explosive energies.

When the leader of the Chu Clan saw that, he was very unhappy. How horrible to see those two brothers be so mean to one another! He was so furious he threw a punch at the building behind him, and a gigantic hole appeared.

The two brothers shut up and looked at the old man.

“Stop arguing. It’s so sad to see two brothers act like this!” said the leader of the Chu Clan angrily. “Little Yin, go back with the second manager,” said the leader of the Chu Clan to Chu Lian Ying.

Chu Lian Ying was unhappy, but his father was angry, so he left quickly with the second manager.

“You leave too,” said the leader of the Chu Clan to Chu Lian Feng.

Chu Lian Feng frowned, not intending to leave. The third manager looked at him, hoping Chu Lian Feng would leave for the time being, and wouldn’t go insane in the Chu Clan and destroy everything. Chu Lian Feng didn’t leave, though…

When the leader of the Chu Clan saw that, he looked grim and demanded, “Anything else?”

“Father, I’d like to ask you something,” said Chu Lian Feng icily.

“Oh?” said the leader of the Chu Clan. He could see Chu Lian Feng looked very displeased at that moment, which made him shudder. He knew what Chu Lian Feng was going to ask, “Well, don’t ask me anything and just leave.”

“Father, when you decided to make my older brother the sole heir of the clan, didn’t you think it would make me unhappy?” asked Chu Lian Feng coldly, ignoring his father’s words.

The leader of the Chu Clan looked at him angrily, but then he still calmed down and said in a less cold voice, “I already made up my mind, no need to talk about it. You should support your brother in the future and help him make the Chu Clan rise. You understand?”

“Hehe, father, you are good at scheming. Support my brother? You think that’s possible?” said Chu Lian Feng. He had made up his mind too, now. Since his father was merciless, then nobody could blame him, Chu Lian Feng!

“Oh? What’s that supposed to mean?” said the old man icily.

“Father, I know what you’re thinking. You think the Celestial Emperors Dynasty supports the Chu Clan thanks to Chu Lian Ying. Therefore, you want him to become the leader of the clan. Today, you saw how Tian Fan talked to Chu Lian Ying though. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty doesn’t give a shit about the Chu Clan.

“I just want to tell you one thing; Chu Lian Ying managed to draw the attention of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, but I can draw the attention of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. I can become very, very close to them. It’s all like a chess game. Wait and you’ll understand someday. You will regret. You will realize that choosing Chu Lian Ying was your biggest mistake in life ever,” Chu Lian Feng declared coldly. The old man pulled a long face, but Chu Lian Feng didn’t care, ignoring him as he turned around and left.

The third manager bowed in front of the leader of the Chu Clan and quickly caught up with Chu Lian Feng.

The leader of the Chu Clan looked after Chu Lian Feng. Chu Lian Feng’s words still echoed in his head. He knew it might be a mistake, but he was too proud to admit it. The old man thought Chu Lian Feng wasn’t worthy of being his child, he was too ungrateful.

“Chu Lian Ying is the only one who can become the leader of the Chu Clan. Little Feng, you better support your brother, otherwise…” The old man’s eyes were filled with murder. He glanced at a chair next to him and blew it apart with an idle swat.


After Lin Feng and the others left the Chu Clan, they flew in the direction of the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Lin Feng asked a few people where it was, and they told him it was the mountains to the north of the Gods Government. There were a dozen palaces there, all branches of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

It took Lin Feng and the others half an hour to arrive. The mountain range was called the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range. Ten thousand li separated them from their main headquarters in Godsland.

The Celestial Evolution Mountain Range was tens of thousands of meters high. Even though it was dark outside, Lin Feng and the others could see the white clouds which enveloped the peaks of the mountain range. Lin Feng could sense the Qi of the Godly Emperor layer, and wondered how many strong cultivators were there. Since they were a part of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, there were probably many strong cultivators.

“Let’s go and climb that mountain,” said Lin Feng to Tu Ba and the others. The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty was probably the best place to stay.

Tu Ba and the others looked excited when they saw the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range. It was the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty! It was the dream of many people to go there and become members of that incredible group. They stood at the top of the continent. Independent cultivators couldn’t go in there easily.

Now, they were with Lin Feng, so they didn’t need to worry about going in.

Jiang Hao and Qiao Lao Gou looked excited, too. They had been faction leaders for dozens of years, they had had a simple and rough lifestyle for such a long time. It was finally time for them to think about their future.

Lin Feng and his group walked up the flight of stairs which led to the top of the mountain range. In ten minutes, they reached an altitude of thirty-thousand meters. There were a dozen palaces in front of them. They were surrounded by godly auras which meant that in one another those palaces, there was at least one Godly Emperor.

Yan Di, wait for me, I’m here, thought Lin Feng. He was touched and moved to be there. Finally, he had left the east of the continent, had gone through a lot, and now they were going to meet again.

My old friend, I’m here!


Editor’s Note: Yes, they climbed sixty li in ten minutes, but covering two hundred li takes them hours, and a thousand li days. Just ignore it and roll with it.

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