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Chapter 434: Yan Hui!

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“Your Excellency, you’re saying you know fellow disciple Yan Di?” asked the two disciples at the top of the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range who had suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng and the others. The two disciples were impressed, this group of people was entirely composed of Godly Emperors. The weakest ones were two strong cultivators of the top of the Half-Godly Emperor layer. At the same time, it wasn’t difficult to imagine that Yan Di knew such strong people.

“Brothers, if you find him, he’ll confirm we know one another,” said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist and smiling.

The two disciples glanced at one another, but remained vigilant. Lin Feng looked unassuming, but still, they had to be careful, as they didn’t know him, after all.

“Your Excellency, it’s already late at night. Fellow disciple Yan Di is already taking a rest. I’ll let you have a rest somewhere and I’ll talk to him tomorrow morning, what do you think?” said the disciple at the front, bowing shortly. He seemed honest.

Lin Feng smiled, knowing they were going to investigate for safety purposes. But Lin Feng didn’t blame them, and now he was sure Yan Di was there, so they didn’t need to go to Godsland immediately.

“Alright, thank you, brothers,” said Lin Feng approvingly. He didn’t want to cause trouble for Yan Di’s group. They would have a calm and peaceful night, and tomorrow morning, he’d see Yan Di. That wasn’t a big deal.


The two disciples led the way. Lin Feng and the others followed the two disciples along a small mountain road, eventually arriving in a small, calm courtyard. The disciples smiled, “You can take a rest here. You’ll see fellow disciple Yan Di tomorrow.”

“Thank you very much,” said Lin Feng smiling broadly. The two disciples left quickly.

Lin Feng turned around and smiled at Han Da Li and the others, “You guys can take a rest. Tomorrow, I’ll introduce you to my friend. You don’t need to stay with me for now,” said Lin Feng, entering a house with Huang Nü.

Tu Ba and the others gazed into the distance. They couldn’t believe they were in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, many people dreamt of being here.

“Let’s go in,” said Tu Ba to Jiang Hao, Han Da Li and the others. They entered other houses. They couldn’t cause trouble here. There were at least twenty Godly Emperors in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty!


Lin Feng wanted to spend a calm and peaceful night there, he couldn’t wait to see Yan Di. However, the two disciples were really cautious. After taking Lin Feng and the others there, they didn’t go too far. They went to the courthouse of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and the law enforcement officer, Yan Hui.

Yan Hui was already sleeping when the two disciples woke him up. Yan Hui opened his eyes. The two disciples sounded worried.

“Come in,” said Yan Hui. He raised one hand and the door opened itself. Yan Hui put on a blue robe and got up.

“Elder, sorry for disturbing you,” said the two disciples, bowing respectfully.

Yan Hui was one of the two most impulsive and aggressive elders of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. One was a Great Elder in the headquarters of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. The other one was Yan Hui, who stayed in the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

Both were cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor layer. They were incredibly strong, but Yan Hui was also a good and honest person, and if people respected him and were honest, he supported them.

Therefore, even though Yan Hui had a bad temper, everybody in the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty respected and admired him. They didn’t fear or hate him.

Yan Hui wasn’t very old, about twenty millennia or so, so the fact that he had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor layer wasn’t surprising, it was rather normal.

But still, that was already incredible. Even in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, not many people could compete with him.

Yan Hui looked young, like a thirty-year-old middle-aged man. He had no wrinkles at all. It was the advantage of being an extraordinary cultivator.

Yan Hui looked at the two disciples and frowned, “Someone is here?”

“Yes, Elder, how did you know?” The two disciples’ expressions changed quickly, startled.

Yan Hui smiled wholeheartedly and shook his head, “You’ve been in the Dynasty for so long, don’t you know I have a sixth sense? It is my duty to know these things.”

“Elder, since you know, what should we do?” asked the two disciples quickly. They couldn’t make decisions like that, they had to ask him.

Yan Hui was thoughtful. If those people had been Holy Spirit Emperors, it would have been easy, but five cultivators of the first Godly Emperor layer… no matter where they went, people would remain extremely cautious.

“He said he was looking for Yan Di?” asked Yan Hui, frowning.

The two disciples nodded.

Yan Hui wondered why those people were looking for Yan Di.

“Yan Di is in a critical situation now, nobody can disturb him. If he makes a single mistake, he may never obtain that knowledge.” whispered Yan Hui. The two disciples looked at his expression, not understanding.

“The knowledge isn’t extremely abundant, but the two parties are important. Yan Di is the heir of the Dynasty, he can’t fail. If those people are Yan Di’s friends, they may be able to provide him with a timely help, and then he would have even more chances of winning. But…” whispered Yan Hui and then his expression suddenly changed, “If they’ve been sent by another group and want to plot against Yan Di, then it’s a potential disaster.”

Yan Hui tried to think of all possible solutions. In the end, he decided that the best would be to go and see them on the next day and then he’d make a decision.

“You can leave. Don’t act rashly. Just wait, and tomorrow, bring them to me,” said Yan Hui.

The two disciples knew the situation was delicate. They didn’t dare say anything of course, they just bowed and left.

Yan Hui walked in circles around his room, thinking. If it wasn’t the middle of the night, he would have gone and asked Yan Di himself. Yan Di would tell him.

Yan Hui couldn’t sleep at all that night. He released his godly awareness and inspected the courtyard where Lin Feng was. If anything happened, he’d take measures.

Lin Feng and the others had already chosen their rooms. They were all exhausted because of everything they had gone through during the previous days. Very quickly, Tu Ba, Han Da Li and the others were snoring and sound asleep. Lin Feng was also exhausted.

“Little Huang, you should rest. You look exhausted,” said Lin Feng caressing her back. She nodded. Lin Feng left the room and went to another room.

Lin Feng sighed and sat down on the bed. He felt pressured. He missed Qing Feng, he missed his own son, and his teacher, Emperor Yu.

Also, he felt pressured because Di Shu. Di Shu couldn’t possibly have disappeared, and was probably plotting against him. It was mutual though, Lin Feng wanted to kill him, too. As long as Di Shu was alive, Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to have a good rest. It was like a snake was hiding under a stone and spying on him.

Apart from that, Lin Feng also wanted to avenge Xuan Yuan, the Demon Emperor. He had been convicted, which wasn’t fair, because he used to be the most outstanding cultivator in the Continent of the Gods.

Also, he had to find Meng Qing. She had gone to Godsland, which was a boundless territory. It was as vast as hundreds of regions together. There were hundreds of first-class influential groups there, as well as the Three Dynasties. Finding Meng Qing wouldn’t be easy, but he had to do so. He had the impression he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He also needed to avenge Huang Nü. The Great Huang Dynasty had been the victim of a plot and they had been destroyed. Of course, Lin Feng would need lots of time before he could do that. He had broken through to the Godly Emperor layer, but he was still extremely weak. How could he do anything against the Spiritual Yin Temple and Elixir Temple? He needed to break through to the fifth Godly Emperor layer before doing anything in that respect.

The most critical element was Tian Di, the Celestial Emperor. To avenge the Demon Emperor, Lin Feng would need to deal with Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, and to do that, Lin Feng needed to break through to the seventh Godly Emperor layer, at least!

Time made Lin Feng feel even more under pressured. He shook his head and massaged his neck. He was about to rest when he sensed something, as if someone were spying on him.

“Who the hell are you! Come out!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. It felt like something had been spying on him from the sky, but Lin Feng looked at the sky and didn’t notice anything. Was he wrong?

Yan Hui was surprised and recalled his godly awareness. He nodded, “That little boy is special. He only has the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer, but he can detect my presence even though I have the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor layer. Interesting!”

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