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Chapter 435: Old Bastard and Little Bastard!

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Early in the morning…

The sun was rosy. At the top of the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range, everything seemed to be made of gold under the reflection of the sun on buildings and nature. A thin mist appeared just above the ground. The place looked particularly mystical and holy.

There was nobody in the small courtyard anymore. The two disciples had come to pick Lin Feng up very early in the morning. They told him they were taking him to the law enforcement elder, Yan Hui.

Lin Feng had no reason to refuse, so he didn’t.

After a short time, they arrived in front of the courthouse. Lin Feng remembered the courthouse in Sword Mountain, but this place’s deadly Qi was much lighter than in Sword Mountain. The atmosphere was heavier, however.

“Elder Yan Hui, they’re here,” said one of the disciples, bowing respectfully.

“Come in!” answered Yan Hui majestically. The gigantic gate of the courthouse opened itself and Yan Hui appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. Lin Feng was outside, Yan Hui inside. They both looked one another straight in the eyes. Lin Feng instantly had a familiar feeling.

“Master, you hid pretty well yesterday evening when you spied on us,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t care whether Yan Hui would get offended or not.

When Yan Hui heard that, he was surprised, not anticipating Lin Feng would say that in front of everyone. But Yan Hui couldn’t refute Lin Feng’s statement, so he just smiled lightly.

“Come in. Let’s talk inside,” said Yan Hui, pointing at the big palace. He glanced at the two disciples, so they immediately left.

Lin Feng and Huang Nü entered first, followed by Tu Dao and the others. Tu Dao was expressionless. Han Da Li and Qiao Lao Gou seemed excited and curious, happy to explore new places.

Jiang Hao didn’t say anything, he just followed and sighed when he saw how majestic that place looked.

“Have a seat,” said Yan Hui, smiling broadly. He raised his hand and instantly, a few chairs appeared. He sat on the main seat, then Lin Feng sat down, Huang Nü standing next to him.

Tu Dao sat down behind Lin Feng, and so did the others.

Yan Hui looked over Lin Feng from head to foot, then he looked at the woman next to Lin Feng. She was incredibly beautiful. He seemed a bit astonished when he saw her Qi, and looked at Lin Feng again.

“I didn’t know the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty and her husband were here!” said Yan Hui. Lin Feng and Huang Nü were astonished. She looked at Yan Hui angrily, but Lin Feng raised his hand to tell her not to do anything.

“Why do you say that, Master?” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

When Yan Hui saw how calm Lin Feng was, he smiled widely. “Who else could have a body which almost solely contains the power of Huang Teng Hua? Nobody! Your wife’s Qi contains an incredible desolate Qi. Who else but the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty could it be?

“I never thought she’d come here someday, what a surprise! I only knew that many people from the Great Huang Dynasty died back in the days, and many others escaped, too. I just don’t know where they are,” said Yan Hui. He looked nostalgic. Lin Feng could see that man was honest.

“The other members of the Great Huang Dynasty?” Huang Nü shook her head. She didn’t know where the other victims had gone. What about her three brothers? What about the elders of the Great Huang Dynasty?

“Alright, anyway, tell me, you’re one of Yan Di’s friends? Can you prove it?” asked Yan Hui, changing the topic, smiling invitingly.

Actually, he didn’t need to ask, he had seen it at first glance; Lin Feng was one of Yan Di’s friends, it was obvious. Besides, he was ready to do anything for Yan Di. He had a special skill which allowed him to read people easily. But he didn’t want Lin Feng to know that immediately, so he asked him anyway.

Lin Feng didn’t know that Yan Hui could read him like an open book, so at the question, he took out the talisman Yan Di had given to him back then. He had told him that nobody could prevent from coming to the Dynasty if he showed it.

“Master, this is the talisman Yan Di gave me. Please have a look,” said Lin Feng, handing the talisman to Yan Hui. So, it was entirely true, Lin Feng was definitely one of Yan Di’s friends. Yan Di had invited him himself!

“So you’re Lin Feng? You’re the champion holding two titles, as well as the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City?” asked Yan Hui with a smile.

Lin Feng was surprised. How come Yan Hui knew so many things about him?

“Haha, don’t be nervous, you can ask your friend Yan Di why I know so many things about you. He mentioned you many times, and how talented you are, and how quickly you progress on the path of cultivation. He even asked me to contact you and ask you to come here.

“But I told him many times that weaker cultivators couldn’t come here.

“Because of that, he was in a mood at me for a little while. I couldn’t do much, so I decided to wait until you broke through to the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“However, I didn’t think anything would happen to you in Gods City, or that Godly Emperor Tian would plot against you. I don’t know when you left Gods City, but you probably have your own secret. I won’t ask you about it, but I do know that when you were in danger, Yan Di almost left the Dynasty to come and rescue you, but I told him not to leave. If he had left, it would have been a catastrophe, he would have completely lost his chance to get the knowledge transmission,” said Yan Hui, sighing. When Lin Feng heard that, he felt guilty and moved. His old buddy was really his best friend. Age really didn’t matter in a friendship.

“Haha, speak of the devil, here he is!”

Lin Feng suddenly heard Yan Hui laugh wholeheartedly. He raised his head and looked at the gate.

It was as if time had stopped for Lin Feng and the old man in the blue-green robe at the gate.

They didn’t say anything for a long, long time. When Huang Nü saw Lin Feng’s reaction, she understood how deep Yan Di and Lin Feng’s friendship was.

Tu Ba and the others had never seen Lin Feng like that, so they didn’t say anything, either.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently, and the old man stroked his beard. He was wearing a Taoist robe, which made him look like a swindler.

And then…

“Old buddy, old bastard! You’re not dead? That’s surprising,” said Lin Feng finally. His eyes were wet.

Yan Di’s eyes were wet too. At first, he wanted to go and hug Lin Feng, but in the end, he shouted furiously, “You little bastard! How dare you insult an incredible deity like me!”

“Old bastard, we haven’t seen one another for a long time and all you can do is swear. Have you forgotten that back in the days, you were my pet and my means of transportation?”

“Little bastard, you dare mention old things to humiliate me!”

“Old bastard, you are still my little Qiong Qi, I will never stop bullying you.”

“Little bastard, say that again and I will have to take measures!”

“Old bastard, even if I say that again, will you kill me?”

When Lin Feng and Yan Di started arguing, everybody was astonished, especially Yan Hui. But then a weird smile appeared on his face… no wonder they were ready to risk their lives for one another!

Huang Nü, Tu Ba and the others all smiled. They were arguing, but it was just friendly bickering.

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