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Chapter 436: Yan Di’s Situation!

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“Alright, alright, stop arguing. You’re in the courthouse here, respect this place,” Yan Hui said finally. The two of them stopped shouting, then Lin Feng stopped looking at Yan Di. Yan Di picked a chair and sat down next to Yan Hui.

Yan Hui looked at Yan Di. He was so old already, but he still acted like a child. It made Yan Hui smile wryly.

“Little boy, Lin Feng made such great efforts to find you here, be nice to him. Besides, you kept talking about Lin Feng before he arrived, now he’s here and you argue with him?” Yan Hui chortled.

When the crowd heard that, they laughed. Yan Hui had called Yan Di “little boy”,  yet Yan Di was already an old man with white hair, and Yan Hui who looked like a middle-aged man had called him that, it was funny.

Lin Feng understood that even though Yan Di was old, he couldn’t be as old as Yan Hui. Yan Hui had already regained a natural state. If he wanted, he could look like a child, he had just chosen to look like a middle-aged man.

But Yan Di looked old, and could look younger if he wanted to. Yan Di was now a Godly Emperor, he had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer, and soon he would break through to the third Godly Emperor layer.

Lin Feng sighed. The disciples of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had many advantages. Lin Feng remembered when they had parted in Gods City, Yan Di had only had the strength of the sixth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. A year had passed, and now he already had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer.

Lin Feng was amazed by Yan Di’s talent… but Lin Feng was pretty good, too. At the beginning in the Central Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng only had the strength of the third Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Considering he had no powerful background, his cultivation speed was incredible!

Yan Di wasn’t surprised by Lin Feng’s talent anymore, he was used to it. He had spent a lot of time with Lin Feng. Maybe this year, Lin Feng was still a junior compared to him, and a year later he’d be a senior.

It had happened in Sword Mountain. When Lin Feng had arrived, he was a kid in Jian Shi’s eyes, a talented yet young Holy Spirit Emperor. But then time had passed, and Lin Feng had surpassed him.

Lin Feng was like that, Yan Di was like that. They both had a thing in common, they were both ready to risk their lives all the time to become stronger, and that had been the case even back in the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Uncle, let’s talk big,” said Yan Di to Yan Hui jokingly. The old man’s cheeks reddened. Lin Feng smiled, amused.

Yan Hui shook his head. Yan Di was the future of their Dynasty, their only real heir. They couldn’t let him down when he was in danger. They needed to protect and help him.

He wasn’t the only cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor layer in the branch of the Dynasty, there were a few people who were stronger than him, but they remained in the darkness and obeyed the orders of the great leader of the Dynasty.

Lin Feng was here now. Yan Di wasn’t perfectly safe, but at least, he would help Yan Di.

“Alright, Yan Di, if you don’t mind, we can tell Lin Feng about your situation,” said Yan Hui, coughing and smiling. The atmosphere was more relaxed.

Yan Di glanced at Lin Feng and nodded. Lin Feng was one of the people he trusted the most in the world.

Yan Hui nodded and looked at Lin Feng, about to tell Lin Feng about Yan Di’s situation… but then he glanced around and looked at Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and the others. He wanted Lin Feng to have them leave.

Jiang Hao didn’t want to offend them, so when he saw the old man look at him like that, he started walking away.

“No need. They’re all close friends of mine. They agreed to follow me, I trust them. They also agreed to help Yan Di. Don’t worry,” Lin Feng waved. Since Lin Feng said that, Yan Hui believed him.

Tu Ba, Jiang Hao and the others looked at Lin Feng and sat back down. Even though they tried to look expressionless, they were happy to be there.

“Old bastard, you can trust those people. They also want to help you obtain Godly Emperor Tian Yan’s knowledge,” Lin Feng said solemnly.

Yan Di believed Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng said he could trust them, he did.

“I am Yan Di, Lin Feng always calls me old bastard, but if you’re respectful, you can simply call me brother or older brother,” said Yan Di, smiling at those people and bowing hand over fist.

Tu Ba, Jiang Hao, Han Da Li and the others looked at him. Tu Dao, who usually looked so proud and aggressive, looked at Yan Di respectfully and humbly. They also felt even more determined. They had the chance to be there thanks to Lin Feng!

“Thank you for trusting us, brother. We will never betray you or disappoint you,” Tu Ba smiled. The others also smiled.

Lin Feng was happy when he saw that. He turned to Huang Nü and smiled at her. Lin Feng was very happy and kissed Huang Nü, which made her blush, her cheeks burning. Lin Feng could barely remember how she looked when she looked angry like in Xuan Yuan City.

Yan Hui studied all those people as he started explaining Yan Di’s circumstances.

“Yan Di is in a bad situation. There are tensions in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. We’re divided into two groups. Yan Di and I are part of a group called the Celestial Branch.

“The leader of our group is a cultivator of the top of the seventh Godly Emperor layer. One more step and he’ll be as strong as Tian Di, the Celestial Emperor. You should know, the leader of our group is Yan Di’s biological grandfather. Back in the days, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty went through great changes; our ancestor created a clone, and he took Yan Di to a small world, the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“The leader’s clone created the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan in the Continent of the Nine Clouds with the purpose of raising Yan Di and then having him come back to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. We never thought that such great changes would occur in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, or that the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan would collapse and Yan Di would nearly die. Luckily…” Yan Hui let out a breath. He was moved as he recalled those things, clenched his fists, and looked at Lin Feng, “Luckily, you were there, Lin Feng, little friend. Yan Di came back to life thanks to you, and you helped him become stronger than ever. You also helped him come back to the Continent of the Gods, it’s all thanks to you. Without you, I fear our little boy would have…” Yan Hui sighed. He couldn’t finish his sentence, it was too painful to think about.

And what would have happened back in the days if Lin Feng hadn’t trusted Yan Di and had killed him?

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just listened.

“Back then, the Evolution Branch hoped that Yan Di would die. That way, our branch would never be able to take control of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Unfortunately, haha, nothing happened the way they had hoped because Lin Feng, little friend, you saved him! Haha!

“Therefore, if you ever need anything, please talk to the Celestial Branch. They will always be happy to help. You don’t know that, but the one who revoked the edict against you was our leader. He did it personally. Hehe!” said Yan Hui smiling in amusement. Lin Feng and the others were all astonished.

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