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Chapter 437: Causing Trouble!

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Lin Feng felt very grateful to Yan Di’s grandfather, the leader of the Celestial Branch. Lin Feng had thought someone from Godsland had removed his status. He hadn’t thought the leader of the Branch had done that.

“I will never forget the leader’s kindness,” Lin Feng smiled.

Yan Di waved and shook his head indifferently. He didn’t say that for Lin Feng to feel like he owed him. He said that because he wanted to get closer to Lin Feng.

“Yan Di represents the Celestial Branch. He might become the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty someday, but he needs to go through the Celestial Branch first, because the Branch also has heirs and descendants. Some of them are stronger than him.

“That’s why obtaining the legacy of Godly Emperor Tian Yan is not something straightforward for him. There are always problems; the members of the Evolution Branch almost obtained Godly Emperor Tian Yan’s legacy, but the leader intervened and they gave up some reason.

“Now, you’re here, you can help Yan Di. With you, at least, he has more chances of succeeding,” said Yan Hui. He was happy to see Yan Di had friends, and he could already imagine Yan Di becoming the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty someday.

Since Yun Shan Ming had died, there hadn’t been many great cultivators, in his opinion. Back in the days, their cultivators were valiant and heroic, their ancestors had created the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, all their members lived in harmony, and nobody dared offend them, not even Celestial Emperors Dynasty or the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty. They all respected the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

However, a hundred thousand years had passed, and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had become the strongest. The Celestial Emperors Dynasty and the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty had both reached the same level as the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Then the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had internal problems and internally, had divided into two branches. Since then, choosing heirs was complicated because both branches wanted their own members to become the heir.

Lin Feng understood Yan Di’s situation. He also understood what was going on in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Yan Di was still quite lucky, as he had come back to the Continent of the Gods and had the opportunity to become the leader of a Dynasty. He had to work hard for it, but it was still an opportunity.

It was normal; where there was luck, there was danger. Yan Di felt awkward because he didn’t have the advantage at all; he was in a perilous situation, and if he made a mistake, the Celestial Branch would fail because of him.

“So, what do I need to do?” asked Lin Feng, without wasting time.

Yan Di knew Lin Feng was straightforward and he said, “I need you to come with me to the battlefield and help me fight against a beast. If we defeat one, I’ll be able to catch up with the other potential heir and we’ll be tied for the lead together.”

“What you mean is that the others are already in front of you? They already defeated one beast?” asked Lin Feng.

“Eh… Hm… Well… yes, exactly. They are one step in front of us. We defeated six beasts, they defeated seven. If they win once more, they’ll win and obtain Godly Emperor Tian Yan’s legacy,” said Yan Di. He didn’t want to disappoint his Branch. However, those were the facts, they were in a bad position. The Celestial Branch had already lost seven Godly Emperors killing six beasts, whereas their opponents had lost only three Godly Emperors to defeat seven.

“The matter should not be delayed. Let’s go now. What do you think?” said Lin Feng.

“No rush, Lin Feng. The battlefield will reopen in two weeks. You should cultivate hard and stabilize your cultivation. If you can break through to the top of the first Godly Emperor layer, that’d be even better. I wouldn’t worry about taking you with me.”

“What do you worry about now?” Lin Feng smiled. Yan Di didn’t say anything. “I understand, I will do my best. In two weeks, I’ll come with you,” promised Lin Feng.

When Yan Hui heard that, he was relieved. He chatted a little bit with Lin Feng and then left the courthouse, even though it was his own palace, giving space to Lin Feng and Yan Di.

Yan Hui took Tu Ba, Jiang Hao and the others with him. He said he was going to take them to a holy place for cultivation, but they knew that he just wanted to let Lin Feng and Yan Di talk happily. They were friends and they hadn’t seen one another for a long time.

Even though Tu Ba was crazy, he wasn’t stupid. On the contrary, he was rather smart and kind hearted.

Yan Hui didn’t lie, he took them to a great place to become stronger. If they became stronger, they’d be able to help Yan Di even better.

Yan Hui wanted to take Huang Nü with him, but Lin Feng refused, so Huang Nü stayed with Yan Di and Lin Feng.


After Yan Hui left, Lin Feng and Yan Di took deep breaths, both feeling less pressure. It wasn’t that pleasant to be around a cultivator of the fifth Godly Emperor layer, especially a law enforcement elder, even if he was kind. Even after he left, the atmosphere was still heavy in the courthouse, but less so.

“Old buddy, this is my wife, Huang Nü,” said Lin Feng smiling.

Yan Di had noticed her on arriving, but he hadn’t asked anything because they were busy. He smiled when he heard Lin Feng.

“Hehe, little boy, all your wives are extremely beautiful,” said Yan Di, smiling teasingly.

When Huang Nü heard that, she looked at Lin Feng proudly and coldly, “How many wives do you have in total?”

“Sigh, you’re like a sister-in-law to me now, so I will tell you how many wives he has,” said Yan Di in amusement. He pushed Lin Feng and looked at Huang Nü.

Lin Feng wanted to say something, but she pushed him away. Lin Feng couldn’t do much but smile wryly. He glanced at Yan Di angrily; if he said anything wrong, Lin Feng would punch him! Yan Di didn’t care about Lin Feng’s unspoken threat, though!

“Sister, Lin Feng’s first wife is Meng Qing, you know that, right?” Yan Di said to Huang Nü.

Huang Nü nodded and smiled, “Yes, I know, I just have never had the opportunity to meet her.”

“Haha, don’t worry, you will,” said Yan Di, grinning broadly.

“Apart from Meng Qing, this little boy has another wife, Tang You You. He has children with both Meng Qing and with Tang You You. Meng Qing’s son is called Lin Zhe Tian, Tang You You’s son is called Lin Qiong Sheng.

“Apart from them, he also has Liu Fei, Duan Xin Ye, Qiu Yue Xin, and a phoenix princess, Qing Feng. There’s also Yi Ren Lei, the Ice and Snow Goddess. Well, with the Ice and Snow Goddess Yi Ren Lei and Qing Feng, it’s not official, so maybe they’re just close friends, if you know what I mean. Hehe!

“Apart from those women, there’s also Huo Wu, a young girl, she’s Sage Huo’s daughter. Sage Huo is a sage in the Holy Shrine of the Supranatural Region in the East.”

Yan Di told Huang Nü everything about Lin Feng’s love life. Lin Feng blushed and smiled wryly. He really wished he could punch Yan Di.

Yan Di smiled teasingly, and waited to see what would happen.

When Huang Nü heard that, she didn’t look furious at all. On the contrary, she looked kind and gentle, looking at Lin Feng in a very tender way.

“Little Huang, you…

“Husband, those women all love you so much, what do you intend to do with those two ‘close female friends’? Will you dump them?” asked Huang Nü putting her hand on Lin Feng and caressing his chest sensually.

Lin Feng’s body suddenly felt numb, but then he coughed and came back to his senses. Indeed, he actually didn’t intend to give the two women bad news. Huang Nü sounded like Tang You You at that moment.

“I won’t. How could I?” said Lin Feng shaking his head.

Huang Nü nodded and smiled in satisfaction, “I trust you, husband. You’re a good man,” said Huang Nü, nodding as if she always believed Lin Feng.

But the more she seemed to trust and believe him unconditionally, the more he found it hard to believe.

Even before hearing those stories, Huang Nü had guessed that Lin Feng probably had many wives, but she hadn’t thought he’d have so many. She couldn’t say anything about Meng Qing and Tang You You, they already had children, and their children were already extremely strong.

On the inside, she had already decided something, she wanted to be Lin Feng’s last wife. She was determined not to let him have any more wives than that!

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