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Chapter 438: Tian Fan’s True Intentions!

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“Lin Feng, when we go to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield in two weeks, you have to be careful, some ancient and ferocious beasts will be there, they’re extremely aggressive and violent,” Yan Di said to Lin Feng as Lin Feng and Huang Nü looked embarrassed.

When Lin Feng heard Yan Di, he raised his head and asked, “What are the ferocious beasts?

“There will be taoties, extremely poisonous strains, pixius {Translator’s note: mythical beast which had the head of a dragon, a lion’s body, hoofs, wings and a tail, for more info:}, majestic whiskered beasts, azure dragons, white tigers, vermilion birds, black tortoises… all of them are extremely strong, so be careful,” said Yan Di solemnly. The beasts on the Celestial Evolution Battlefield were terrifying.

“No Qiong Qi?” asked Lin Feng mock seriously.

Yan Di looked at him angrily. Lin Feng was making fun of him again. When Yan Di was a Qiong Qi, he was an ancient ferocious wild beast, but Lin Feng used him as a horse.

“Sigh, Qiong Qi was such a good boy, with all that fur, my bottom didn’t hurt when I was on it, and it had good muscles so it could travel over long distances without getting tired,” said Lin Feng when he saw Yan Di pulling a long face, and then he burst into laughter. Yan Di just smiled wryly.

“There’s nothing to do for now, just stay here. You can go to the Dynasty’s library and the smithy. You can also go to the kwoon, there are many geniuses there who like to exchange views on cultivation. If you want, I can take you there,” said Yan Di to Lin Feng and smiling as if he had forgotten Lin Feng was making fun of him a few seconds before.

“Old bastard, I’m going to the Long Yun Pavilion tomorrow,” said Lin Feng, frowning as he remembered Tian Fan’s invitation. No matter what that one’s goal was, he had to go, he was curious.

Lin Feng told Yan Di the whole story. Yan Di knew more things than Lin Feng about Tian Fan since he was from one of the Three Dynasties.

When Yan Di heard Tian Fan had invited Lin Feng to the Long Yun Pavilion, his expression suddenly changed to worry.

“Is there a problem?” asked Lin Feng when he saw his expression. Huang Nü also looked worried when she saw Yan Di’s expression.

“A very big problem. Tian Fan is really good at pretending,” Yan Di nodded. He smiled icily and asked, “Lin Feng, did he give you a talisman when he invited you?”

“No. He just invited me informally. He said there would be many geniuses from various groups of the Gods Government. He said that if I went, my presence would bring light to their event,” said Lin Feng  flatly. He didn’t trust Tian Fan, obviously. He was just curious.

“Hehe, I see. Tian Fan is like his father Tian Di, the Celestial Emperor. They’re trash. Be careful with them,” said Yan Di icily. He had no respect for such people.

“Lin Feng, the Long Yun Pavilion is the most famous park of the Gods Government. It’s under the control of the Four Temples. That’s where they have meetings, and it’s also a kwoon. It’s a very beautiful place with mountains, rivers, and the sky there is almost always blue. It’s in the mountains and its highest peak is two hundred thousand meters high.

“Many people who go there try to get to the top, but nobody has managed to get above a hundred thousand meters in a very, very long time. When people climb it, at some point, the explosive strength of nature surrounds them and nobody can resist it, even Godly Emperors.

“Now, Tian Fan invited you there, which means he acknowledges your strength and talent. He thinks you’re qualified to try and climb that mountain. He probably thinks of you as a rival. But he didn’t give you the invitation talisman, so I wonder what he’s thinking.”

“The Long Yun Pavilion has a rule: no matter who goes there, they must have an invitation talisman, otherwise they get beheaded. Do you understand what Tian Fan is doing now?” Yan Di asked angrily.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was furious too. Tian Fan wanted to kill him!?

It was the first time Lin Feng had met Tian Fan, so why did the latter want to kill him? No matter what his background was, he didn’t pose a threat to Tian Fan. So why did Tian Fan plot against him like that? And if Yan Di hadn’t told him that, Lin Feng might have gone to the Long Yun Pavilion tomorrow and been the victim of Tian Fan’s plot.

“Lin Feng, Tian Fan invited you even though you know absolutely nothing about the Gods Government, do you have any idea of what his purpose could be?” asked Yan Di.

Lin Feng nodded. Tian Fan clearly wanted everybody to consider Lin Feng as a criminal.

Tian Fan was like his father. Those people were sly as snakes. Their poison destroyed you bit by bit. Most people didn’t see such things coming.

“Lin Feng, don’t worry. I have a talisman for the Long Yun Pavilion,” said Yan Di, then he took out a cyan stone talisman from his ring. Lin Feng sensed a natural Qi emerging from it.

“The talismans of the pavilion were made by cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor layer, the leaders of the Four Temples, who climbed the mountain a hundred thousand years ago. It took them half a year to make such talismans.

“There are a hundred talismans in total. The strongest and most influential groups have some. The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty has fifty talismans, and I also obtained one. You can have it, I don’t need it,” said Yan Di, giving the talisman to Lin Feng. Lin Feng took it; why refuse a gift from a friend?

“When you go tomorrow, if you see the disciples of the Four Temples, be careful,” said Yan Di.

Lin Feng looked at him, Yan Di added, “The great elder and the ninth one are heroic cultivators. There are also the core disciples of the Four Temples, they’re all incredible Godly Emperors. The six envoys of the Elixir Temple are also incredibly strong. Dan Nü is the favorite disciple of the Elixir Temple, and she’s now a Godly Emperor.

“Apart from the Spiritual Yin Temple and the Elixir Temple, there might be the ten envoys of the Heaven and Earth Temple. All their envoys are Godly Emperors. There are also the envoys of the Celestial Sun Temple, who are also extremely strong.

“But because those people are extraordinarily strong, they might not show up. They don’t have much free time. But they could arrive, you can’t completely exclude that possibility. One or more could show up. If they do, don’t offend them,” said Yan Di.

Lin Feng now understood a little bit more about the Four Temples…

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