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Chapter 439: Huang Nü Breaks Through!

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“All the people who were with you are with Yan Hui. I think that in two weeks, they’ll have broken through to the next cultivation layers already. Therefore, when you go to the Long Yun Pavilion tomorrow, they won’t come with you. I can have some people from the Dynasty come with you though, what do you think?” asked Yan Di. He didn’t want Lin Feng to take undue risks.

“No need. I’ll go with Little Huang. That’s enough,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t want to have strong cultivators from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty get involved. Even though Yan Di was like his brother, it didn’t mean all the members of the Dynasty were his family members, so Lin Feng refused.

When Yan Di heard that, he knew Lin Feng had made up his mind. He knew he couldn’t force him do anything.

“Alright, you and your wife can go alone, then. Anyway, are you going to stay in here and tarnish this place?” Yan Di asked firmly, meaning he wanted them to leave the courthouse.


Lin Feng giggled and left the courthouse with Huang Nü. Yan Di watched them leave, looking satisfied at all that was going on.

“That’s Lin Feng?” someone behind Yan Di said suddenly. Yan Di turned around and saw an old man. He looked mysterious and strong, with sharp eyes and white hair. He was skinny, but his Qi seemed deadly and swift.

The old man sat down on Yan Hui’s chair. He definitely had a high rank in the Dynasty.

When Yan Di saw him, he bowed respectfully. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have been stunned to see him bow so easily.

“Grandfather, you…?” Yan Di asked when he saw the old man’s expression. Yan Di looked incredibly humble, and his eyes were filled with admiration.

“I’m just a clone. I wanted to come in before, but when I saw you were chatting, I decided not to bother. That young man is Lin Feng?” said the old man. He didn’t explain why he had come.

Yan Di nodded, “Indeed. He’s Lin Feng, the one I met in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, who became a Ruler there.”

“I see. He’s very young and yet quite strong, not bad. Back in the days, I noticed him in the ruins of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. I already knew he’d become an extraordinary cultivator. Now he’s in the Continent of the Gods and he came to help you. It will definitely increase your chances,” said the old man.

He was quite impressed. Their Branch didn’t have so many young people. Yan Di still counted as a young cultivator, so the Branch really hoped he’d obtain Godly Emperor Tian Yan’s knowledge. With Lin Feng, who had been abandoned by the gods, Yan Di would have a better chance of succeeding.

“Grandfather, why did you come?” asked Yan Di.

“I came to see Yan Hui. I have to talk to him. You can leave too,” replied the old man. Yan Di looked embarrassed. He cupped his fist, bowed respectfully, and left the courthouse.

The old man stayed behind. If he didn’t have a dazzling godly aura, he would look just like an ordinary old man. Who would have thought he was the leader of the Celestial Branch? His clone had the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor layer. His real body had the strength of the seventh.


Lin Feng and Huang Nü went back to their courtyard late in the evening. They were alone there since Tu Ba and the others were all with Yan Hui.

“Tomorrow is the day. Little Huang, your Qi is not very stable, are you going to break through?” Lin Feng asked. They were both seated on a stone bench in the courtyard.

Huang Nü knew she couldn’t hide anything from Lin Feng, so she nodded, “Yes, I’m about to break through, but the chances that I could fail are quite high,” Huang Nü said solemnly.

“Why would you fail?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand, so he was worried.

Huang Nü smiled gently and said, “It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t taken my godly emperor seed, I would have broken through a while ago already,” said Huang Nü, blushing proudly.

Lin Feng was speechless, but then he smiled wryly. He had already thought about that before.

“Unless…” said Huang Nü when she saw Lin Feng feeling guilty. Then she giggled and blushed even more. She wanted to say something, but didn’t dare.

Lin Feng sensed Huang Nü’s heartbeat accelerate and her face was bright red. She was embarrassed, but she had no choice but to tell him because it was the safest way of breaking through. Otherwise, she could be in danger.

“Unless what? Tell me! I’m extremely worried,” said Lin Feng. He was really worried.

Huang Nü looked at him blankly and said, “Idiot. You’re an idiot. Hmph!”

“I… I’m an idiot?” Lin Feng was puzzled first, but then he remembered what they had done in the Yin Territory, so he understood.

Well, if it was the only way to help her, why not?! Lin Feng would be extremely happy to do it, he would even make the effort to do it all night long if needed!

“Hehe, let’s go, sweetheart! I’ll help you break through to the Godly Emperor layer,” Lin Feng grinned teasingly. He stretched out his hands, put his arms around Huang Nü and lifted her up, then carried her into the house.

Huang Nü blushed and didn’t dare look at him. Even though it wasn’t going to be her first time, it was going to be the first time Lin Feng and her Dao strength would fuse together for real. She was extremely nervous.

Lin Feng already had her godly emperor seed. Therefore, if she needed to break through, she needed to rely on Lin Feng and fuse together with him. That was why she didn’t want to give her godly emperor seed to Lin Feng in the first place. But now they were spouses, so there was no need to be embarrassed anymore.

Lin Feng closed the door. Shortly after, from outside, one could hear Lin Feng roar with pleasure and Huang Nü moan stridently. After a while, they weren’t as loud, but if anyone had stood right at the door, they would have heard the couple moaning gently with pleasure.

Time passed, and Lin Feng and Huang Nü didn’t come out of the house all night.


Early in the morning, the sunlight illuminated the room. Lin Feng came out of the house and stretched. The sunlight made him feel warm and relaxed.

The most important thing was that Huang Nü had finally broken through to the first Godly Emperor layer during the night. She was getting closer and closer to her original strength, which was the top of the fourth Godly Emperor layer. Lin Feng was now helping her slowly get back to her original strength.

Huang Nü finally came out of the house. When she saw Lin Feng, she blushed. They had made love passionately all night long and finally, she had broken through. However, Lin Feng was really rough in bed and she almost couldn’t handle him. His skills in bed could almost be defined as “fighting abilities”. He was powerful!

“Are you feeling any better?” asked Lin Feng, taking her into his arms, a wide grin on his face. He loved her even more now.

“Hmph! Things are much more difficult since you appeared in my life,” said Huang Nü. Her legs were shaking. She could barely stand. It still hurt!

“It’s alright, you just need to rest,” Lin Feng laughed. He lifted her up and carried her to the stone bench. She could have a small rest there, they didn’t need to go to the Long Yun Pavilion that early.

Huang Nü pouted and said nothing. She just sat there. After ten minutes, she moved away from Lin Feng’s arms and stood up and her golden armor appeared. It was almost like a transformation, from a sweet and gentle girl to a fighting goddess.

“Let’s go and see what that bastard Tian Fan intends to do,” said Huang Nü, walking away quickly.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He had never met a woman like this. She was indeed unique.

“Let’s use my shuttle,” said Lin Feng, raising his left arm. The shuttle appeared, Lin Feng jumped into it and caught up with Huang Nü.

They flew down the mountain. Shortly after they left, Yan Hui and an old man in purple clothes, the leader of the Celestial Branch, appeared at the top of the mountain and watched Lin Feng and Huang Nü leave for Long Yun Pavilion.

“That little boy has an extraordinary destiny. Yan Di being friends with him only has advantages, no disadvantage,” said the leader of the branch to Yan Hui, stroking his beard.

Yan Hui nodded. He knew what he had to do.

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