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Chapter 440: Making Things Difficult

Edited by Aelryinth

The Long Yun Pavilion was one of the pavilions in the most beautiful park of the Gods Government. Opposite the pavilion was the highest mountain of the Gods Government, Long Yun Peak. It was two hundred thousand meters above sea level. The vast majority of the mountain was above the clouds!

The Long Yun Pavilion wasn’t far from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Lin Feng and Huang Nü traveled at maximum speed in the shuttle and arrived in fifteen minutes. When they arrived at the entrance of the park, they landed facing a path. Their identities would be checked on that path.

The Long Yun Pavilion had been built by the Four Temples. They were very strict and didn’t allow troublemakers there. People who didn’t have a talisman and went there were considered trespassers and executed.

They were usually beheaded and their body then dismembered. Those two punishments were the most cruel sentences in the Continent of the Gods. Back when Lin Feng had been accused of being a criminal, he was supposed to be dismembered.

Lin Feng walked forwards, Huang Nü following him. Her Qi was swift and powerful. She didn’t look soft and gentle anymore, she looked like a typical princess, the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty. The stronger she became, the more noble and pure her Qi seemed.

Lin Feng was wearing a simple black robe, his long hair falling over his shoulders. He looked proud and had a faint smile. His dark eyes made people feel cautious around him. His sharp eyebrows gave him an intimidating air.

After a short time, they arrived a hundred meters away from the pavilion. Lin Feng could already see people inside. There were a few middle-aged men in fine clothes, and a few old men… well, a few men who looked old, but they weren’t necessarily that old.

Lin Feng didn’t see Tian Fan. However, he saw Yin Jiu.

Yin Jiu was with a few men in fine clothes. They were drinking already. They seemed extremely cheerful. Would Yin Jiu’s smile stiffen if he noticed Lin Feng?

Lin Feng noticed that two middle-aged men seemed to have a central position. They were holding a few talismans with different colors. There were several white talismans, and two blue ones. Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of talismans those were.

The two middle-aged men noticed Lin Feng. When they saw how simple his clothes looked and how cold he looked, they looked at him disdainfully. Who was he? Apart from the outstanding disciples of the Four Temples, there were outstanding members from all sorts of clans. They didn’t wear simple clothes like Lin Feng did.

The two men looked at Lin Feng in disgust, and pointed at him with their fingers.

“What are you doing here? Piss off now! The Long Yun Pavilion is a clean place, we don’t need tramps here. Only the strongest geniuses of the Continent of the Gods come here to chat and relax. We don’t like bums here. Piss off!” The middle-aged man was merciless. They treated ordinary people like dogs.

The middle-aged man looked as if he had said something absolutely normal, his expression unmoved. He was having a good time and he didn’t intend to let anyone ruin his fun. When he saw some gentlemen in the distance, the two middle-aged men went to welcome them, picked up their white talismans, and when they were far enough, the two men came back.

When they came back and saw Lin Feng and Huang Nü were still there, they were irate and shouted, “You’re still here? Do we need to make you leave? Don’t think we’ll have mercy! You might be a Godly Emperor, but you’re still a bum! There are enough Godly Emperors in the world, but only noble ones can come here. Most people here can kill you just by pointing at you with their fingers. Hmph!

“Hurry up and piss off! You’re just making a fool of yourself. You think you can compete with the disciples of the Four Temples and the most prestigious clans of the continent? If you want to come here, you should come with your master! We like clowns’ shows sometimes.”

The two middle-aged men kept humiliating Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t understand. Were those two men absolute idiots? They didn’t even ask him whether he had a talisman or not, they just insulted him, but then Lin Feng realized it was probably because of his clothes. How could someone with such clothes have a talisman?

Lin Feng sighed. No matter where, there were always people like that who considered some people inferior. Humiliating others was almost like their biggest pleasure.

Lin Feng was used to that so he controlled himself. He glanced at Huang Nü, who was about to take out her talisman.

At that moment, a dazzling imperial sedan chair slowly descended from the sky. There was a golden horse in front of it. When the sedan chair landed on the ground, a sweet fragrance emerged from it. The curtains opened themselves and two slender white arms appeared. The guards hastily grabbed those slender white hands.

A beautiful woman came out. She was snowy-white, wearing silky white clothes almost like her skin. She smiled naturally, and smelled extremely good. She was devastatingly beautiful.

The woman was wearing blue ballet flats. She stepped down off one of the guards’ backs, people sighed when they saw her beauty.

Huang Nü walked closer to Lin Feng and then stood in front of him as if she were trying to prevent the woman from stealing him. She didn’t want Lin Feng to look at the woman. Lin Feng smiled wryly, put his hand on her face and smiled, “You really think I’m a pervert?”

“Yes,” Huang Nü smiled.

“She’s not as beautiful as you,” said Lin Feng honestly. The woman who had just come out of the sedan chair definitely wasn’t as beautiful as Huang Nü. Lin Feng’s wives were more beautiful than most women in the world, anyway.

When Huang Nü heard that, she smiled in satisfaction. It didn’t matter whether it was true or not, a woman always wanted to hear that, even if it was a lie.

“Hey, are you leaving? Piss off now! And even if you don’t piss off, move out of the way!” shouted one of the middle-aged men explosively when he saw Lin Feng and Huang Nü still hadn’t left. Then he walked over to the woman and smiled, “Do you have a talisman, Miss?”

“Piss off! Who do you think you are to talk to the princess of the Government?” When the middle-aged man said that, her guards pushed the man back, then threw a cyan talisman at his face. The middle-aged man caught it with the greatest care. He was scared.

The talisman was cyan, and the middle-aged man looked at them with even more admiration. Many princes and gentlemen came to that place, but only a few had cyan talismans.

The middle-aged man knew his status was too low to stay around people like that, so he didn’t say anything and moved aside to let her pass, as well as her guards.

She didn’t even glance at the middle-aged man. When she passed next to Lin Feng and Huang Nü, she looked surprised, especially when she saw Huang Nü. This woman was surprisingly more beautiful than she was. Regarding Lin Feng, she just glanced at him, he looked way too simple.

The woman walked away. The middle-aged man took a deep breath, his forehead covered with cold sweat. The man next to him smiled wryly, “Offending such people would be a really bad mistake.”

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