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Chapter 441: Heroes’ Meeting!

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“Apart from people from the Three Dynasties, only people from Godsland and the Gods Government have cyan talismans. Even the members of the Four Temples only have blue talismans.”

“Let’s not discuss those things, let’s just do our job.” replied one man to the other. If they offended someone from a group like that, they’d end up killed.

The two men went back where they were. However, Lin Feng and Huang Nü hadn’t left yet. The two men just looked at Lin Feng and Huang Nü mockingly, but then ignored them. As they saw it, they were a million times more worthy than someone like Lin Feng, even though they were just servants.

Lin Feng was done talking rubbish with those people. He had no time to waste. He grabbed Huang Nü’s cyan talisman and walked up to the two men.

The two men looked at Lin Feng, and the leader shouted furiously, “You bloody tramp, you-”

However, the man didn’t have time to finish his sentence, as Lin Feng threw the talisman at his face. The man grabbed the talisman after it hit his face and looked at it. Suddenly, his expression changed drastically. He couldn’t believe his eyes, and suddenly didn’t look very proud.

The man’s face turned ghastly pale, his hand was shaking violently. He was terrified.

Lin Feng took Huang Nü’s hand and they walked past the man. Lin Feng frowned and said mockingly, “Good boy, do your job. And regarding our social status, you don’t need to know. Why would we belittle ourselves by talking to you?

“And remember, you are just servants. You’re nothing here. In the future, be careful, don’t make fun of people who come here, don’t look at them disdainfully. It would be a pity if your pretty little face ended up being full of scars,” said Lin Feng.

His words felt like blades in the two men’s hearts. They had the impression they were going to die. They only had the strength of the fifth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, but because they worked there and rubbed shoulders with the great and the good, they felt special, and were arrogant.

But they couldn’t afford to offend Godly Emperors, they were nothing. They were terrified in front of Lin Feng, they wanted to know his social status, but Lin Feng looked at them icily so they didn’t dare ask.

“Haha, Brother Lin Feng, why get angry at two servants? If you think they should die, just tell me and I’ll have them killed.”

As Lin Feng was about to get into the park, he heard someone laugh freely behind him. Lin Feng turned around and saw Tian Fan approaching. He was followed by three cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. Tian Fan wore simple clothes like Lin Feng, which didn’t match his social status.

The two servants paled even more when they saw Tian Fan. When they saw Tian Fan talk to Lin Feng in such a friendly way, they had the impression they were going to collapse. They ground their teeth and let themselves fall to their knees.

“Great Master, please forgive us for our offenses. We are such tiny little and insignificant people.”

“Right, Great Master, we are insignificant fools. We are worthless. Your Excellency, you are wearing such simple clothes, we didn’t know you were such an extraordinary being, therefore… therefore…”

“It’s alright! Rise now. You are guards of the Long Yun Pavilion, what are you doing kneeling down in front of people? Rise now!” said someone else. Tian Fan and Lin Feng saw a tall and skinny man in white clothes appear, slowly walking over to them.

The two servants stood up as if they had seen their parents. They ran to the man as fast as they could and then knelt down in front of him, bursting into tears,

“Great Prince, you are here, if you hadn’t come, we would, ahhh…” they sobbed together.

“Stop crying! Rise now!” shouted the man in white clothes. He grabbed them by the back and lifted them back up.

However, Tian Fan’s expression changed, and he smiled icily, “Great Prince, you’re not giving Brother Lin face by forgiving those two servants?”

“Eh?” When Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. That was too strange. He had never accused the two men of anything himself, but Tian Fan was acting as if he had. What was he trying to do?

Lin Feng quickly guessed Tian Fan’s motive and smiled icily. He wanted to get somebody else to do the dirty work, in other words, he was trying to destroy Lin Feng and the white-clothed man’s relationship before they even had time to exchange a few words. It seemed like the man didn’t care about giving face to Tian Fan, which meant he probably had an extraordinary background.

Lin Feng had guessed right, Tian Fan really wanted to cause trouble between him and the white-clothed man.

The white-clothed man looked at Lin Feng, frowned, and then at Tian Fan again, “Who is he, and why would I give him face?”

“Eh… Great Prince, how could you say that? He’s the one I invited. You…?” said Tian Fan, pretending to be angry, as if he stood on Lin Feng’s side.

The two servants were still lying on the ground but actually, on the inside, they weren’t scared anymore. Their Great Prince was there, nobody could kill them anymore. On the contrary, they looked at Lin Feng mockingly. What did Lin Feng intend to do now?

“Hehe, I see, humble and modest, eh? Could you tell me where Brother Lin is from?” said the Great Prince, watching Tian Fan scornfully. He glanced at Lin Feng, but he didn’t look at him mockingly. On the contrary, he looked cautious. No matter what Tian Fan was trying to do, whether they were really friends or whether he was actually plotting against him, the fact that Tian Fan actually paid attention to him meant he was strong.

“Great Prince, you’re in charge here at the Long Yun Pavilion, you must have heard of Lin Feng, right?” said Tian Fan, ignoring the white-clothed man’s mocking expression. On the contrary, he laughed and pointed at Lin Feng.

The Great Prince was surprised. He looked over Lin Feng from head to foot and finally smiled, “I see! Lin Feng, Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City?”

“Apart from that, Brother Lin has another social status,” said Tian Fan, chuckling as if the Great Prince didn’t know.

The Great Prince looked at Tian Fan inquiringly. Tian Fan immediately added, “Brother Lin is the real double champion, not Dan Nü.”

“Oh? So the rumors were true?” said the Great Prince. He was seemingly a little bit surprised. He had already heard the rumor, but it was just difficult to believe that Lin Feng had finished first with the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer.

“What do you think? Will you give Brother Lin face now?” Tian Fan asked hastily when he saw the Great Prince’s expression.

The Great Prince glanced at the guards, then he looked at Tian Fan and shook his head, “My servants might have made a mistake, but they’re guards here, I trust them. Even if they make a mistake with visitors, so what? I told them to be vigilant.

“Regarding Brother Lin, if he’s angry, I don’t mind exchanging views on cultivation with him to solve the issue.

“Regarding you, Tian Fan, don’t pretend to be a good person. I know that you’re trying to stir up trouble. You’re trying to cause trouble between him and me. But I, Si Ma Yan, am not stupid, I’m far smarter than you, haha!” the Great Prince mocked.

Tian Fan looked glum. The Great Prince lifted the two servants and clapped their shoulders, smiling as he said, “In the future, don’t judge a book by its cover, and don’t insult people unceasingly. Brother Lin was right to teach you a good lesson, and he was merciful. Someday, you could get killed if you meet someone more aggressive. You understand?”

“We are lucky to have a master like you. Thank you for trusting us,” said the two servants, lowering their heads guiltily. They felt terribly embarrassed. It was definitely a good lesson, they wouldn’t act so arrogantly again.

“Alright, if you understand, it’s good. Now apologize to Brother Lin,” said Si Ma Yan nodding.

The two servants looked at Lin Feng and got ready to apologize when Lin Feng raised his hand.

“I am not a petty and vile person. You made fun of me because your master told you could under certain circumstances. It’s your job to humiliate trespassers. Apologize to your master, not to me. You didn’t make me lose face. You made him lose face,” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly. He didn’t care about such things. Tian Fan was the one who had kicked up a huge fuss about it, and who had tried to seize an opportunity to cause trouble between him and Si Ma Yan.

“Thank Brother Lin,” said Si Ma Yan to the servants.

They both cupped their fists and bowed before Lin Feng. They weren’t angry at him anymore.

“Alright, since Brother Lin has a talisman, you can come in. All the heroic cultivators of this world are here. Hehe, it’s a flourishing period for our world.”

“Thank you for your hospitality, Brother Si Ma,” said Lin Feng, smiling neutrally.

Si Ma Yan shook his head. He just glanced at Tian Fan mockingly and said icily, “Tian Fan, you’re not the one who gave a talisman to Brother Lin, right? Hehe! You invited Brother Lin and didn’t give him a talisman, what is that supposed to mean? Were you plotting against him?

“I will tell you one thing, don’t follow in your father’s footsteps. Don’t think that Tian Di the Celestial Emperor is the only strong cultivator in this world. You understand?” Si Ma Yan said icily. Tian Fan pulled a long face, while Si Ma Yan smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Please, Brother Lin.”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodded. Huang Nü followed him and smiled sweetly. Lin Feng and Huang Nü walked in arm in arm. The two servants moved aside to let them pass.

Tian Fan was angry. He looked at Si Ma Yan and Lin Feng’s backs angrily. His whole plan had failed. First, he had tried to make Lin Feng come and become a trespasser, that had failed; then he had tried to sow discord and had failed, too. But he didn’t fear Lin Feng, he was Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s son, and Lin Feng was just the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City.

“I will definitely humiliate Lin Feng here,” said Tian Fan to the other cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty. He didn’t dare do anything to Si Ma Yan, but he didn’t mind teaching a little Godly Emperor a good lesson.

The three middle-aged men from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty nodded.

“Let’s go,” said Tian Fan, waving at the the strong cultivators behind him.

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