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Chapter 442: Slap! Slap!

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Lin Feng and Huang Nü followed Si Ma Yan and arrived in the Long Yun Pavilion. There were a dozen steps made of jade leading up to the pavilion. Inside were a dozen chairs, all made of pale jade carved with dragon marks.

Si Ma Yan sat down in the middle chair. Lin Feng and Huang Nü sat down next to him silently. Lin Feng glanced around. All these people were heroic cultivators with powerful backgrounds. Lin Feng didn’t know any of them, except Yin Jiu. At that moment, Yin Jiu was chatting happily with someone, and didn’t even notice Lin Feng.

“Hey! Brother Si Ma, what’s wrong with that guy’s clothes? Hehe,” said someone, laughing indifferently. That person didn’t really sound disdainful, but it was clear they didn’t respect him, either. They were haughty.

When Lin Feng heard that, he looked at the one who had just talked. That person was skinny, had a mouth that stuck out and a chin like an ape. He was wearing a large cyan robe and a jade belt with sable patterns. He didn’t look elegant at all, and at first glance, it was easy to think he looked really stupid and detestable.

What he said instantly drew people’s attention, though. Yin Jiu turned around and suddenly, he paled. He couldn’t believe it… was that really Lin Feng next to Si Ma Yan? Yin Jiu instantly started shaking.

Bang! Yin Jiu dropped his glass of alcohol. He hastily picked it back up, looking panic-stricken. He was dead drunk just before, but now he had instantly sobered up.

When the two men facing Yin Jiu saw him like that, they laughed mockingly, “What’s the matter, Yin Jiu? You know him?”

“How could you know someone like that? He’s dressed like a bum. He must be one of Brother Si Ma’s servants. He’s quite audacious though, sitting next to Brother Si Ma like that… Brother Si Ma is really kind. If it had been me…”

That man didn’t wait for Yin Jiu to reply. He stood up and downed his glass. He looked completely drunk, his eyes almost closed. He walked over to Si Ma Yan and burst into drunken laughter, “Brother Si Ma, I, Han Chang, would like to toast you, thank you for inviting me.”

Si Ma Yan raised his head and glanced at Han Chang indifferently, then nodded. He raised a jar, filled his glass and toasted with Han Chang. However, Si Ma Yan’s expression didn’t change at all.

Han Chang downed his glass and smiled, but he didn’t walk away. He just looked at Lin Feng icily and disdainfully, “Your servant doesn’t know how to behave at all. Brother Si Ma, you recruited him as a servant, you’re a prestigious Godly Emperor, but he dares sit with you! Can he measure up to you though? Fuck off now!” shouted Han Chang at Lin Feng and then violently threw away his glass. He tried to lift Lin Feng from his chair.

Lin Feng frowned. At the gate, it was different when the two servants had tried to humiliate him, because they were servants. After that, his patience had already reached its limits. Now people were making fun of him in the pavilion, and Lin Feng was starting to get angry.

Lin Feng grunted icily and grabbed Han Chang’s hand. Han Chang looked angry and struggled, but no matter how hard he tried, it didn’t work; he only had the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer.

Lin Feng frowned and asked Si Ma Yan, “Who is this?”

“He’s the Young Prince of the Han Clan in the Gods Government. He may become the new leader of the Han Clan soon,” Si Ma Yan informed him. He didn’t know why Lin Feng was asking him.

When Han Chang heard Si Ma Yan, he instantly tried to stand upright, glared at Lin Feng icily and howled, “Did you hear that? I am the future leader of the Han Clan, let go of my hand now! Otherwise, I will kill you!”

“The Han Clan? Are they very strong? What kind of clan is that?” Lin Feng ignored Han Chang and continued looking at Si Ma Yan.

Si Ma Yan was momentarily speechless, but replied, “The Han Clan’s leader is Han Chang’s father. He’s a cultivator of the fourth Godly Emperor layer. The Han Chang has seven Godly Emperors. He’s one of them. The Han Clan is also quite powerful, in terms of power and influence, they’re like the Chu, the Zhao, and the Zhao Yang Clans, a first-class Clan.”

“I see,” Lin Feng nodded. Si Ma Yan didn’t understand; did Lin Feng fear the Han Clan? But then he thought it was normal, as who would be willing to offend a clan like that for such a small thing? Nobody was willing to kick up a huge fuss about such a trivial matter.

But… he was wrong!

“I don’t give a shit whether you’re from the Han Clan, the Chu Clan or whatever. You humiliated me, so now you either apologize or I’ll kick you out of here,” said Lin Feng, grimly closing his grip on Han Chang’s arm with more force.

Han Chang had the impression his arm was going to break, as bone crackled. It sobered him up instantly. He stared at Lin Feng and shouted angrily, “You dare humiliate me? You want to die!”

“When I humiliate you, I want to die, but what when you humiliate me, then? You think that because you’re the prince of a big clan, you can humiliate me? Piss off now! You better not bump into me again! Each time I see you, I’ll beat you up! Piss off now!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He raised his left hand, released brightness strength, grabbed Han Chang by the shoulder, then threw him away.

Han Chang wanted to react, but Lin Feng was extremely strong. He crashed somewhere in the middle of the park. The two servants saw him fall, astonished and startled.

The others were all amazed and all looked at Lin Feng blankly, then at Han Chang in the distance.

“Haha, Brother Lin, not bad! That’s why I invited you!” said Tian Fan. He had just arrived. Lin Feng had thrown away a Godly Emperor so easily. Tian Fan smiled broadly and cupped his fist.

The other guests raised their heads. They hadn’t really paid attention, Lin Feng looked so ordinary… They were all from powerful and influential groups, some were from the Four Temples, some from mysterious yet extremely powerful groups…

When Tian Fan showed up and they heard him, they all looked at Lin Feng. Who was this guy who had been invited by Tian Fan?

Everybody watched Lin Feng as he sat down. Huang Nü raised her glass and toasted Lin Feng, and they downed their glasses. After that, Lin Feng stood back up and glanced around. He looked at Tian Fan coldly. “Tian Fan, you invited me only because you wanted those people to humiliate me, right?

“I will give you a piece of advice: be careful with whom you mess. I, Lin Feng, will not let you succeed in your evil scheme. You are Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s son: if you really despised me, you would have hit me and been done with it, but plotting against people isn’t worthy of a gentleman.

“Brother Si Ma, thank you for helping me. I don’t know what your background is, and I see that you are not afraid of Tian Fan or his father. Meeting you is a real pleasure. I would be happy to become friends with you. I live in the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty; if you have time, come and pay me a visit.

“Tian Fan, if you have no question, I’m off. Little Huang, let’s go,” said Lin Feng, receiving Huang Nü’s hand and preparing to leave. Everybody remained silent. They didn’t care about what he said, all they remembered was he lived in the…

Branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty?

Lin Feng lived in the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty? How was he related to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty?

When Tian Fan heard that, he was furious. He looked grim, his lips quivered, but he didn’t manage to say anything.

Si Ma Yan was surprised, but smiled plainly. Lin Feng had a bad temper. Regarding them becoming friends, that wasn’t something you just said, it took time to become friends.

Huang Nü looked at the crowd icily and followed after Lin Feng, the guests all looked after her blankly. The woman next to Lin Feng was so pretty and charming…

“Stop. Our young emperor invited you, he gave you face. You must give him face, too. Nobody dares humiliate him! You want to die?” shouted one of the strong cultivators who had come with Tian Fan, the leader of the small group. He looked at Lin Feng icily.

“You’re just a tiny little Godly Emperor and you dare release your anger at our young emperor? You’re not afraid of death?

“Our young emperor didn’t say anything. You better give him face. If you make another step, we’ll kill you, you worthless dogs.”

The three Godly Emperors blocked Lin Feng’s way and stared at him in icy pride.

The atmosphere instantly became heavy…

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