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Chapter 443: Bai Fu Nü!

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“Nu’er, let’s go,” said Lin Feng, ushering Huang Nü along. He didn’t fear Tian Fan and the cultivators with him, and he didn’t care about those three Godly Emperors. If he got angry, he could kill them.

Two cultivators of the first Godly Emperors, one of the second… Lin Feng had broken through to the Godly Emperor layer, he didn’t need to fear such Godly Emperors. Besides, Huang Nü had also become a Godly Emperor. Defeating these few people wouldn’t be too difficult for them.

“Make one more step and we’ll kill you!” shouted the three Godly Emperors icily.

“Barking loudly doesn’t make you any stronger; what makes you strong is how hard you can punch someone. Piss off NOW!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. His long hair fluttered in the wind, his eyes were bloodshot, he looked like an insane demon. He threw a punch at the cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer without any hesitation.

Demon Qi rolled in waves around him. He used the Demon Emperor Celestial Skill, which could panic people, who would then lose their senses. All the geniuses around released pure Qi to protect themselves. None of them looked at Lin Feng disdainfully anymore, especially the one who had a mouth which stuck out and a chin like an ape. He considered himself lucky Lin Feng hadn’t killed him by now.

When the cultivator of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty saw that, he was furious and also threw a punch at Lin Feng. He was a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer, did he need to fear a cultivator who had just broken through to the first Godly Emperor layer?

Of course, when their fists collided, his expression changed drastically. He realized how wrong he was!

He instantly coughed blood, and he had the impression he was going crazy as  he was pushed back a hundred meters. His left hand shook violently and felt numb.

“Impressive. You can compete with a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer?” Tian Fan hadn’t thought Lin Feng was so strong. What a genius! Si Ma Yan admired Lin Feng even more.

Nobody dared look at Lin Feng disdainfully or humiliate him anymore. However, they all feared Tian Fan, so nobody said anything in favor of Lin Feng, either.

Si Ma Yan didn’t fear Tian Fan, which didn’t mean he was ready to cause trouble for him. His clan was famous, but it wasn’t as prestigious as the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Lin Feng didn’t feel good either. He was wounded too, but he controlled himself to look normal and took a dozen steps backwards.

“If you want to kill me, you can attack. I think everyone would love to see a battle between the former double champion and the new one,” said Lin Feng mockingly. Since he had received the Demon Emperor’s legacy, the Celestial Emperor had become his natural enemy.

Lin Feng provoked Tian Fan on purpose. Tian Fan looked grim and clenched his fists. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

“Hehe, you think that because you can defeat a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer, you can measure yourself up to me?” said Tian Fan grimly. His face was distorted with an ice-cold smile.

“I am not provoking you. You plotted against me. You invited me here without giving me a talisman, you hoped I’d be beheaded and dismembered,” spat Lin Feng. Tian Fan and his father were the same, like father, like son.

“Since you realized that, I won’t lie to you. Indeed, hehe, I plotted against you, I hoped you’d be killed, because some people wanted me to do that,” said Tian Fan. A true man had the courage to accept the consequences of his actions. He told the truth and nodded without regret.

But Tian Fan’s mocking expression made Lin Feng feel unsafe. He had to remain vigilant. Tian Fan and those who meant to harm him weren’t done.

“Who?” asked Lin Feng. Thinking about that, Lin Feng thought of something. Di Shu?

Tian Fan noticed Lin Feng’s expression had changed, and he smiled coldly, “You guessed?”

“You and Di Shu are partners? You made an alliance with such a vile and petty person?” asked Lin Feng angrily. Di Shu was now relying on the help of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty to plot against him? That was a catastrophe. It meant Lin Feng would have even less chance to kill him!

The only way would be if he saw Di Shu alone one day in a remote place and used his full strength to kill him, and it had to be soon, because Lin Feng couldn’t give him any more time to plot. Otherwise, Di Shu would be a problem for hundreds and hundreds of years.

How horrible!

“Haha, you’re pissed off? Di Shu told me to tell you something. From the beginning to the end, he will never let you rest. He will never let you off, but you will never see him. Someday, his plans will succeed, and you’ll die.”

“He also said that he wasn’t stupid, he isn’t going to meet you on purpose because you’re talented. You would crush him if you met him. Therefore, he can only rely on his background. Lin Feng, Di Shu is watching you at all times, and whenever there is an opportunity, he’ll kill you,” said Tian Fan, smiling coldly. He sounded amused. Lin Feng was probably pissed off to have someone plotting against him at all times.

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He had to get rid of Di Shu as quickly as possible, otherwise, he would definitely never be able to have a good night of sleep again.

“Stop talking shit, Tian Fan. Will you not accept Lin Feng’s challenge? You’re a young emperor, after all. Hehe!” Si Ma Yan understood that Di Shu was someone who was plotting against Lin Feng. Lin Feng was in danger because of him, and this Di Shu seemed to be very good at scheming.

The atmosphere was very oppressive, so Si Ma Yan tried to change the topic. Tian Fan was the young emperor of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, why not accept Lin Feng’s challenge?

When Si Ma Yan said that, everybody raised their heads, including Yin Jiu.

Tian Fan pulled a long face. Initially, he was trying to ruin Lin Feng’s mood and to scare him. Who could be happy and serene knowing someone was watching them at all times, and waiting for an opportunity to kill them? Unfortunately, Tian Fan hadn’t expected that Lin Feng wouldn’t be scared. How could Lin Feng be scared? He controlled life and death Dao, the more he was in danger, the more chances he had to break through.

Si Ma Yan tried to stir up trouble for them to fight. What could Tian Fan do against him? Nothing. He was afraid of Si Ma Yan. Even the Celestial Emperor had told Tian Fan to be very careful of Si Ma Yan’s father, the only person the Celestial Emperors Dynasty feared.

Because of that, Tian Fan remained cautious. He didn’t want to offend Si Ma Yan, but it didn’t mean he was really scared of him.

“He cannot hold a candle to me. Really,” answered Tian Fan dismissively, glancing at Si Ma Yan mockingly.

“How do you know if you don’t try?” asked Si Ma Yan. A huge smile appeared on his face.

“The problem is if we try, he’ll die! Hahahaha!” replied Tian Fan mockingly!

“You’re quite confident. But who got so crushed once that even his parents couldn’t recognize him anymore? Hehe!” Si Ma Yan sighed and shook his head when he saw Tian Fan smile arrogantly.

When Si Ma Yan said that, Tian Fan pulled a long face. He would never forget what had happened back then, and now Si Ma Yan was mentioning it again in front of everyone. Si Ma Yan had just touched a nerve. That young man had exchanged three hundred attacks with him, and in the end he had ended up badly injured. If Tian Di’s father, the Celestial Emperor, hadn’t gotten involved, Tian Fan’s cultivation would have been crippled.

That person was the Celestial Emperors Dynasty’s sworn enemy. If he reappeared in the Continent of the Gods, the Celestial Emperor would destroy him himself. However, he had disappeared, or at least, nobody ever saw him again in the Gods Government or Godsland.

Tian Fan couldn’t stand it when people mentioned that, he felt so humiliated. Si Ma Yan had hit a raw nerve.

“Don’t try and infuriate me. If Lin Feng wants to fight so badly, I accept. But the problem is I cannot guarantee he’ll still be alive after!” shouted Tian Fan furiously.

Si Ma Yan smiled indifferently, and smiled at Lin Feng, “Are you confident you can compete with Tian Fan?”

“Eh, at least, he should end up so crushed that his parents don’t recognize him anymore, I guess, Hehe!” said Lin Feng, smiling scornfully.

Si Ma Yan laughed cheerfully and slapped Lin Feng’s shoulder.

When Tian Fan heard that, his expression changed drastically. His eyes were suddenly filled with killing intent. Now, he definitely wanted to kill Lin Feng, no matter what!

“Come on, dear friends. We’re in the Long Yun Pavilion, we’re all geniuses. Wouldn’t it be a pity if a genius got injured? You should have a mountain climbing competition, what do you think?” interrupted a gentle feminine voice at that moment. Si Ma Yan and the others turned and looked at the woman in white clothes.

She was beautiful, with a gentle and sweet air. Her skin looked so soft and so white, she was like a nymph.

Lin Feng looked at her; it was the woman from the sedan chair.

“Long time no see, Bai Fu Nü,” said Si Ma Yan.

“Bai Fu Nü, you’re prettier than ever,” said Tian Fan, smiling gently. He didn’t look angry anymore.

All the men seemed bewitched by Bai Fu Nü. Only Lin Feng didn’t look at her, because Huang Nü stopped him from looking at her.

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