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Chapter 444: News from Qing Feng!

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“Greetings, dear princes,” said Bai Fu Nü to Si Ma Yan, Tian Fan, and the others smiling aloofly. All the men were bewitched.

When Huang Nü saw those men’s expressions, she was disgusted. What a bunch of pigs! She was lucky with her husband, she thought, then glanced at him again and got furious again, as he was staring at her.

“Lin Feng, you have three seconds to stop looking at her and look at me again,” said Huang Nü, grinding her teeth furiously.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He looked at Huang Nü again. He found her more beautiful anyway. Huang Nü hadn’t put on sexy clothes or makeup, so men didn’t really pay attention to her. If she had put on clothes similar to Bai Fu Nü’s, everybody would have been looking only at her.

“Bai Fu Nü, what are you doing here, at the Long Yun Pavilion? The members of the Gods Government usually don’t come here for no reason?” said Tian Fan, drawing closer to Bai Fu Nü. Only a meter separated them, as he laughed lightly. He looked completely bewitched.

Bai Fu Nü put her small white hand in front of her mouth and giggled. At the same time, she took half a step backwards and replied, “Young Emperor Tian Fan, my father had me come here. He asked me to come and find some geniuses to invite to the decennial ceremony of Godsland, the Gods Government, and Gods City,” said Bai Fu Nü in a sweet and gentle voice.

All the men were terribly aroused. They all started daydreaming about sleeping with her. They wished they could just grab her and kiss her on the spot. However, everybody knew that even though she looked weak and gentle, she was a Godly Emperor and extremely strong. Her father was the leader of the Gods Government, much stronger than the leaders of the Four Temples.

So, all they could do was take a deep breath. They hoped they would get invited to the decennial great competition, however. That would be such a great honor. They were all young princes and gentlemen from powerful and influential first-class groups, but they rarely had such opportunities. Now, an occasion had arose.

Tian Fan was also excited. Even though he was the Celestial Emperor’s son, he was just his son in the end, he wasn’t the Celestial Emperor himself. In this world, only strength mattered. His father was strong, but it didn’t mean he was extremely strong himself. People remained vigilant around him, but they didn’t fear him for his strength.

Maybe when people from small groups heard about Tian Fan, they were terrified and astonished, but people from the Gods Government, the Four Temples, and other prestigious groups, weren’t like that. Even when they met Tian Di himself, they were respectful, but that was all.

“Brother Lin, come here,” called out Si Ma Yan, frowning when he saw Lin Feng was about to leave.

Lin Feng tapped Huang Nü’s back and went back to Si Ma Yan, curious now.

“Brother Lin, Tian Fan humiliated you a few times, and I know you want to fight against him, but how about climbing the mountain as a challenge?” asked Si Ma Yan, smiling thinly. He glanced at Tian Fan mockingly.

Tian Fan was furious, and the Godly Emperors behind him seemed irate too. Lin Feng had just punched and pushed away a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer, which had astonished everybody, and the strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty felt humiliated.

Now Si Ma Yan was infuriating them even more. He didn’t care about what they thought, he just wanted to annoy Tian Fan.

“If I say no, they will despise me even more, won’t they?” asked Lin Feng, smiling cheerfully.

Si Ma Yan laughed darkly.

“Alright, since you accept, let’s see who can climb higher. That way, we can see who’s more talented peacefully without anyone getting injured,” said Si Ma Yan. All the geniuses around smiled. Si Ma Yan looked so noble and strong. Tian Fan had always wondered where Si Ma Yan came from, and the others too, actually. But all their elders had told them not to offend him and to give him face at all times.

Even though their elders didn’t say why, it proved that Si Ma Yan’s background was powerful. Even the Celestial Emperor didn’t want to offend him. Could it be that there was a cultivator even stronger than him, a hermit maybe? Nobody knew.

Therefore, when Si Ma Yan suggested that, nobody dared contradict and upset him. Tian Fan was actually satisfied with that suggestion. If he managed to make Lin Feng act a little less arrogantly, it would be great.

Even if Lin Feng was talented and strong, so what? A chicken couldn’t become a phoenix, a snake couldn’t become a dragon.

When Bai Fu Nü saw how excited everybody looked, she was enthused. The most intriguing person there was Lin Feng, the man in simple clothes.

She found him mysterious, she wanted to ask him something, or otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully at night.

Thinking about that, she walked towards Lin Feng, as all the geniuses around watched her.

Huang Nü also drew closer to Lin Feng and took his arm, staring at Bai Fu Nü icily. She didn’t like Bai Fu Nü already. The Gods Government had also contributed to the destruction of the Great Huang Dynasty long ago. Therefore, Huang Nü considered Bai Fu Nü an enemy, too.

Bai Fu Nü was a bit surprised, perplexed when she looked at Huang Nü. Then she smiled and continued walking towards Lin Feng, stopping half a meter away.

Lin Feng found that strange. He didn’t know her, what did she want from him?

“Prince Lin, greetings,” said Bai Fu Nü politely, her voice gentle and soft. She almost looked like a celestial being in a dream.

Flowers, the sky, anything seemed dull around her.

Lin Feng didn’t go crazy when he saw beautiful women, but he knew how to appreciate beauty. Otherwise, his wives wouldn’t be beautiful.

But Lin Feng thought the same as Huang Nü; Bai Fu Nü was strange, as if she were pretending to be someone she wasn’t.

“Bai Fu Nü,” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding courteously.

“Prince Lin, I would like to ask you something, if I may?” asked Bai Fu Nü, as if she had were trying to read him.

However, Lin Feng stood there calmly and unperturbed. Bai Fu Nü was a bit disappointed, but Huang Nü was also extremely beautiful. Bai Fu Nü thought that if Huang Nü dressed better, she could look much better, too.

“Go ahead,” Lin Feng nodded. Even though he didn’t know what she wanted, he could see she looked serious.

“Prince Lin, do you know where Sister Qing is?” asked Bai Fu Nü, staring at Lin Feng. She looked extremely sad for a few seconds, Lin Feng noticed.

Lin Feng was confused. Sister Qing? He didn’t know her, why was Bai Fu Nü asking him about her?

“My father sent Sister Qing to organize the competition in Gods City. After the competition, she got angry because of you, then some strong cultivators of the Gods Government severely injured her. She has disappeared. So I’d like to ask you, what kind of relationship do you have with Sister Qing? Why did she offend the Gods Government because of you?

“My father recruited Sister Qing, she was his first disciple. He’s never had a disciple before. He transmitted all his knowledge to her. In only a year, he helped her break through to the Godly Emperor Layer, and when she saw you, she gave up everything. Why?”

When Bai Fu Nü asked that, she looked both touched and angry at the same time, and even a little bit disgusted.

Lin Feng frowned, not knowing what to say. He recalled that female Godly Emperor during the competition, she had offended the Gods Government because of him…

Who was that female Godly Emperor then? Sister Qing? Bai Fu Nü called her Sister Qing? Unless…?

Lin Feng suddenly shivered. Huang Nü and Bai Fu Nü both noticed. Bai Fu Nü wanted to say something, but Huang Nü shouted angrily, “Bai Fu Nü, my husband doesn’t know your Sister Qing! Stop pestering him! Didn’t you want to see them climb the mountain? Please!”

Huang Nü shouted so loud that Bai Fu Nü shuddered and drew back. Huang Nü reminded her of Sister Qing…

“I’m sorry, Prince Lin,” said Bai Fu Nü when she saw Lin Feng remaining silent. She curtsied and walked away, looking over her admirers.

Huang Nü looked at Lin Feng, knowing he had discovered something.

“Husband, what’s wrong? Do you know Sister Qing?”

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