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Chapter 445: Yan Di Slaps Some Cheeks!

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“Little Huang, I think she might be one of my wives. Do you believe me?” Lin Feng frowned, then smiled wryly.

Huang Nü smiled and nodded, “Is that so? Well, I believe you.”

“Why?” said Lin Feng.

“Because you’re handsome and charismatic. Women like you. Besides, she offended the Gods Government because of you, she also wanted to save you, which means she must really love you,” said Huang Nü. She sounded and looked smart and kind, but she was sad on the inside. Another woman… She had to get used to this…

“Husband, when you have time, can you introduce me to your parents? And the one who doesn’t cultivate much… what’s her name again, Liu Fei?” asked Huang Nü suddenly.

Lin Feng had to accept. Since she was one his wives now, she had to get to know his parents, and Liu Fei. Even though Meng Qing was his first and favorite wife, Liu Fei also played an important role in his life.

Lin Feng had known Liu Fei for longer than Meng Qing. Meng Qing respected her a lot.

Lin Feng nodded. Huang Nü was satisfied and smiled.

Lin Feng felt good suddenly, sure that Sister Qing was Qing Feng. But where was she now? Was she severely injured? Was she in danger?

Lin Feng hated the cultivators of the Gods Government. They had done so much for her, so why not forgive her? Why be mad at her for a small mistake? Why had they recruited Qing Feng, then? Lin Feng now considered the Gods Government his enemy. He definitely wouldn’t make friends with them.

“Prince Yin Jiu, Spiritual Yin Temple.”

“Sixth Envoy of the Elixir Temple, Dan Qing Yang.”

“Heaven and Earth Temple, Gan Cheng.”

“Zhao Clan, Zhao Yun.”

“Zhao Yang Clan, Zhao Yang Chang.”

“Si Ma Yan, Tian Fan, and…?”

Bai Fu Nü took out a list and started writing the names of the people who were in the Long Yun Pavilion. When she looked at Lin Feng, she stopped.

“Lin Feng, what’s your background?” she asked icily. Bai Fu Nü looked at Lin Feng angrily, but Lin Feng could understand she didn’t care.

“No background,” said Lin Feng, waving his hand. He was the Great Leader of Xuan Yuan City, but that place was the Demon Emperor’s territory, it wasn’t his.

“Someone who has no background shouldn’t be allowed to climb the mountain, right?” stated Bai Fu Nü icily.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed. Tian Fan smiled broadly and nodded at Bai Fu Nü, “Indeed, Bai Fu Nü, you’re right. It’s one of the rules of the Long Yun Pavilion. Someone who has no background shouldn’t be allowed to climb the mountain.”

Tian Fan looked at Si Ma Yan. He didn’t look at Lin Feng, because Lin Feng wasn’t his equal anymore, only Si Ma Yan was worthy of respect. It was like Lin Feng were one of Si Ma Yan’s chess pieces. Tian Fan now despised Lin Feng; he only had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer, his father could send any Godly Emperor to kill Lin Feng!

“Hehe, Lin Feng is alone, nobody supports him, even if he’s a little bit famous in the continent, so what?” agreed a man in purple clothes, smiling disdainfully.

“Zhao Yang Chang is right. I also think Lin Feng shouldn’t be allowed to climb the mountain,” said the one who had a protruding mouth and chin. Just before, he was afraid of Lin Feng because of Si Ma Yan, but now that he knew Si Ma Yan and Lin Feng weren’t related at all, he was relieved.

When Lin Feng saw that man look at him mockingly, he frowned.

“Lin Feng, now you should make a decision. You should join a group, and then you’ll be allowed to climb the mountain,” said Tian Fan. He seemed amused. He pointed at the people around and smiled.

“Young Emperor Tian Fan, the Zhao Yang Clan doesn’t want him. He only has the strength of the first Godly Emperor layer,” sighed Zhao Yang Chang, shaking his head disdainfully. He had seemingly forgotten that just before Lin Feng had pushed away a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer in one punch.

“The Elixir Temple doesn’t want him, either,” Dan Qing Yang declared icily. Why would the Elixir Temple want Lin Feng? He had injured Dan Nü! She had told them everything, and the whole Elixir Temple wanted Lin Feng to die.

“I… The Spiritual Yin Temple would be happy to have him,” said Yin Jiu, as everyone was making fun of Lin Feng. Everybody looked at him, astonished, including Tian Fan.

The Spiritual Yin Temple and the Celestial Emperors Dynasty had excellent relations, they were allies, but Yin Jiu said the Spiritual Yin Temple wanted Lin Feng, in front of Tian Fan?

Yin Jiu knew that it was a mistake, but he could already see Huang Nü look at him threateningly. Something hurt inside him, and he was scared of death, so he had to say that.

Lin Feng looked at Yin Jiu, not noticing Huang Nü had looked at Yin Jiu threateningly.

“Are you sure?” asked Tian Fan icily.

Yin Jiu pulled a long face, he clenched his fist, but Lin Feng said, “Alright, thank you for your kindness, Yin Jiu. I’m sorry though, I won’t join your group,” said Lin Feng. Yin Jiu had just offended Tian Fan, however…

“The Heaven and Earth Temple also welcomes Brother Lin. Brother Lin can join us whenever he wants. Anyone have anything to say about that?” proclaimed someone icily.

“Gan Cheng? Why would you voluntarily attract trouble?” said Tian Fan. Gan Cheng was the sixth envoy of the Heaven and Earth Temple.

Gan Cheng frowned, pushed his hair aside and rebuked, “Do the decisions of the Heaven and Earth Temple have anything to do with you?”

“Eh…” When Lin Feng heard Gan Cheng’s aggressive tone of speed, he was stupefied. Everybody was. Since when were the members of the Heaven and Earth Temple so aggressive?

“You want to cause trouble for the Heaven and Earth Temple?” shouted Tian Fan icily and furiously.

“Haha, I don’t think he’s causing any trouble for the Heaven and Earth Temple. On the contrary, I think Gan Cheng is making good decisions for the Heaven and Earth Temple!”

After Tian Fan shouted furiously, someone laughed in response. They all turned around and saw a few silhouettes appear in the park, the leader of the group an old man in cyan clothes.

“Who are you? You dare come to the Long Yun Pavilion to cause trouble? You want to die?!” shouted Zhao Yang Chang icily, pointing at those people. The people continued walking towards them, undeterred.

The old man in cyan clothes looked at Zhao Yang Chang and smiled icily, “What? Could it be that the Zhao Yang Clan doesn’t recognize the members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty anymore? You only recognize the members of the Celestial Emperors Holy Dynasty nowadays?” continued Yan Di, smiling mockingly after glancing at Tian Fan. He said to a middle-aged man behind him, “Third Uncle, some people are making impertinent remarks about the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, what should we do?”

“Hit them,” stated the middle-aged man behind Yan Di stonily. A deadly Qi filled the air around the Long Yun Pavilion. Zhao Yang Chang realized he had offended the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and his face turned extremely pale.

“Young Emperor, save me!” shouted Zhao Yang Chang at Tian Fan. He was panic-stricken. However, Tian Fan had the impression he was suffocating at that moment. The Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had sent a cultivator of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer?

“Slap him,” said Yan Di icily. The middle-aged man behind him disappeared and a second later reappeared in front of Zhao Yang Chang. Whapwhapwhapwhap!… The man slapped Zhao Yang Chang a dozen times. The last slap flung Zhao Yang Chang away and he crashed to the ground and rolled a few times. Also like Han Chang, he was blown away outside of the park.

“Zhao Yang Chang, I won’t forget you. You even dared offend my brother? You really want to die, motherfucker!” shouted Yan Di, glaring at Zhao Yang Chang disdainfully, before looking at the other geniuses of the Gods Government.

“And you, Hou De? You also disrespected my brother?” said Yan Di, settling on the one who had the monkey’s mouth and chin. Yan Di laughed mockingly.

The man was so terrified that he peed his pants. Since when had the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty supported Lin Feng?

“No, no, Elder, I-”

“Third Uncle, slap him too!”

Hou De wasn’t even done talking when Yan Di’s expression shifted and he shouted furiously.

The man disappeared again, and whap! The sound was so loud that everyone put their hand on their cheek, imagining how painful it was.

“You called me elder?! Am I that old!?” shouted Yan Di furiously. Hou De looked miserable.

Yan Di was extremely aggressive, and Tian Fan could only control himself, even though he was furious. He hadn’t thought the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty would send some cultivators here, including a cultivator of the fourth Godly Emperor layer. Next time he came out, he’d also need to bring some stronger cultivators from the Celestial Emperors Dynasty.

Not only did Yan Di regain face for Lin Feng, but he had also scared everyone.

“Lin Feng is the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty’s best friend, he’s like a brother to me, my best friend. If anyone dares disrespect him, don’t blame me for being aggressive!

“And you, you spinster, don’t think that because you’re from the Gods Government, you can make fun of other people. My brother has many stunning wives, you’re nothing in comparison!

“And you, my brother taught Dan Nü a good lesson, so what? What does the Elixir Temple intend to do? Who’s the champion on the Gods List?

“And you, Young Emperor, your daddy is the Celestial Emperor, you think it’s amazing? My grandfather is the leader of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, is it that amazing?” spat Yan Di mockingly. Tian Fan and the other strong cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty were furious, but didn’t dare say anything.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and shook his head. This bastard was quite aggressive, he hadn’t changed.

But Lin Feng was extremely moved that Yan Di had stood on his side in public. He had just offended many influential groups, and it wasn’t good for the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, but he did it anyway for Lin Feng.

“Thank you, old bastard.”

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