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Chapter 447: Advancing Side by Side!

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“I can go?” said Huang Nü, looking at the flight of stairs. She seemed excited. She also wanted to become stronger, she didn’t want to just rely on Lin Feng to get her revenge. If she could become stronger and bring the Great Huang Dynasty back to life, she’d be happy. She had to rely on herself to bring the Great Huang Dynasty back to life, anyway. She couldn’t rely on Lin Feng for that!

“Go,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Huang Nü, tickling her nose. She took a deep breath, looked at the flight of stairs and nodded. She slowly walked towards it, and when she arrived at the foot of the flight of stairs, her armor appeared, and she flashed and landed on the 500th step.

When Lin Feng saw how easy it seemed for her, he was happy. He was the last one to try, and turned into a cyan beam of light. Energies of the Godly Emperor Layer rolled around him and pushed the energy of the earth and the sky away. When he flew above the 500th step, he had the impression the energy of the earth and the sky was trying to pierce through his chest. However, Lin Feng threw a punch and forced the energy away. He flashed again and reached the 600th step.

Bai Fu Nü watched them advance. Only Lin Feng had made it to the 600th step, while Tian Fan, Yan Di, and Si Ma Yan had only reached the 500th step. Zhao Yang Chang and Zhao Yun were on the 200th, Dan Qing Yang was on the 400th like Gan Cheng.

When Tian Fan saw Lin Feng, he was displeased. He released pure Qi all around his body and flashed up, reaching the 700th step. However, before even landing, Gan Cheng flew past him and landed on the 800th step. Tian Fan looked even less happy.

Yan Di smiled widely, his cyan Taoist robe fluttering in the wind. He also flashed onto the 700th step without any effort, still a hundred less steps than Gan Cheng.

Si Ma Yan glanced at Lin Feng and flashed again, raising his arms and releasing a terrifying amount of energy of the Godly Emperor Layer. He managed to reach the 900th step.

Zhao Yang Chang ground his teeth. He flashed up, but only reached the 500th step. A terrifying strength bombarded him and nearly pushed him away.

Zhao Yun moved at the same time as Zhao Yang Chang, easily reaching the 700th step.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Nü. She didn’t say anything, simply clenched her fists and flashed gracefully. She landed on the 700th step.

When Huang Nü landed, Lin Feng flashed ahead, throwing punches around him that destroyed the energy of the earth and the sky. He landed on the 900th step.


Bai Fu Nü was at the foot of the flight of stairs, calmly watching. Lin Feng was first, Gan Cheng was second, Tian Fan, Yan Di, and Si Ma Yan were together.

“Is he really that extraordinary?” whispered Bai Fu Nü, glancing at Lin Feng. She had mixed feelings for a few seconds but then she quickly regained her anger. She said to herself, “So what? He’s a Godly Emperor who doesn’t have a background. What can he do?

“Sister Qing, I hope he’s not the man you kept talking about, the one you will never forget, otherwise…” whispered Bai Fu Nü. Then she looked worried again, glancing at Lin Feng and smiling icily, “Otherwise, Brother Bai Qi will kill him, because you will always be Bai Qi’s wife. Nobody can touch you…”

Bai Qi was a legend in the Gods Government. When he was a hundred years old, he was already a Supreme Holy King; when he was three hundred years old, he already had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, and could defeat cultivators of the fourth.

Bai Qi was the pride of the Gods Government. They gave him everything they had, all their most precious treasures, but Bai Qi didn’t mind all that. He liked one woman, and her name was Qing Feng, who had arrived in the Gods Government not very long ago.

He kept courting Qing Feng, but no matter what, she kept refusing, because she was in love with another man, and she refused to tell them his name.

Bai Fu Nü hoped that Lin Feng wasn’t the man Qing Feng kept talking about. Was this an outstanding man? Hehe, thinking about Brother Bai Qi, she thought Lin Feng was a piece of trash in comparison.

Bai Fu Nü looked at Lin Feng mockingly when she thought of Bai Qi.

“Look, the woman who came with Lin Feng is on the 1,000th step,” said someone behind her, bringing her back to her senses. The people behind were young masters from second-class groups. They weren’t that outstanding, only having the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer or the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

Bai Fu Nü raised her eyes and saw Huang Nü on the 1,000th step. She was standing there steadily. Bai Fu Nü was perplexed. “Who is she? Why is her Qi so particular? She’s not weaker than me?”

Bai Fu Nü frowned icily and clenched her fists. She was jealous.

No matter who you are, if you ever dare offend me, you’ll die!, thought Bai Fu Nü, staring at Huang Nü’s back. She didn’t look gentle or kind at that moment…

When Lin Feng saw Huang Nü was on the 1,000th step, he was happy. He couldn’t stay behind though, so he flashed from the 900th to the 1,000th. However, Lin Feng didn’t stop, continuing on and flashed again, landing on the 1,100th one. Everybody was astonished.

“That guy is extraordinary.”

“Indeed. No wonder the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty supports Lin Feng.”

“He managed to crush Han Chang, which proves he’s really strong. However, it’s useless. Young Emperor Tian Fan, Young Master Si Ma Yan and Yan Di from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty are not lamp oil,” said the men at the foot of the mountain. They were bewitched by the climbing competition. Many people watched Tian Fan closely.

Tian Fan wasn’t happy. He flashed to the 1,000th step, and then flashed again and landed five meters away from Lin Feng on the 1,100th step.

Tian Fan glanced at Lin Feng icily. “You can’t measure up to me. Even if you have better fighting abilities, I’ll always stand above you!”

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