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Chapter 448: Battle in The Sky

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“Is that so? I can’t wait,” replied the amused Lin Feng. He laughed mockingly and flashed away again, landing on the 1,200th step. Lin Feng had the impression a lion was attacking him, and it wanted to kick him away. Lin Feng grunted icily and threw a punch out, crushing that strength before flashing to the 1,300th step.

Yin Jiu gave up at that moment. He glanced at Lin Feng and Tian Fan, who he couldn’t afford to offend. Therefore, when he reached the 800th step, he gave up.

Si Ma Yan and Yan Di arrived on the 1,100th step at the same time. Si Ma Yan didn’t struggle at all, he kept laughing loudly. He flashed again and landed on the 1,200th step, but he didn’t stop, he continuing to flash to the 1,500th step.

“Old buddy, are you trying to stand out, too?” Si Ma Yan mocked Yan Di.

Yan Di just grunted. They looked like kids. Yan Di’s robe fluttered in the wind and he flashed to the 1,500th step. He had the impression a mountain was on his shoulders. He was nearly blown away, but he managed to endure the pressure and then stand steadily.

“Haha! What’s the matter? You can’t stand the pressure anymore?” said Si Ma Yan, laughing wholeheartedly. Everybody heard him. He looked like the ruler of the world from there. He opened his arms and embraced the terrifying energy.

1,600, 1,700, 2,000, 3,000. Si Ma Yan looked insane, he was in a frenzy. When he finally reached the 3,000th step, his face paled a little bit. The terrifying strength of the earth and the sky kept crashing against his body.

“I can surpass you, Si Ma Yan!” proclaimed Tian Fan and Yan Di at the same time. They both flashed to the 2,000th step, 2,500th, then 3,000th.

Lin Feng didn’t rush. He seemed relaxed, and even smiled. He was enjoying himself.

“What’s wrong? You can’t catch up with the others? It’s always been like that. Piss off!”

However, Lin Feng sensed a strength coming towards him, from Dan Qing Yang. Dan Qing Yang sneered at him mockingly, his face distorted with hatred and arrogance.

“Mind your own business,” said Lin Feng icily. He flashed straight to the 2,000th step. He was now 1,000 steps away from Dan Qing Yang.

Dan Qing Yang’s face stiffened, and he clenched his fists. He wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson, but because of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, he had to control himself.

“Don’t worry. We’ll be able to teach him a good lesson in time. A cultivator of the fourth Celestial Emperors Dynasty is on his way. Don’t worry about the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty,” said Tian Fan to Dan Qing Yang telepathically, when he saw Dan Qing Yang wanted to attack Lin Feng. Tian Fan sounded confident.

Dan Qing Yang smiled ferociously, like a sly snake. He couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng suffer, avenging Dan Nü’s defeat. Lin Feng, double champion of the Gods List? Nonsense! He had an undeserved reputation!

Dan Qing Yang didn’t care about the Gods List, anyway. Many geniuses, including him, didn’t need a Gods List to prove how strong they were. Why had Tian Fan participated in the competition before? Because that one time, there were too many geniuses.

Apart from Tian Fan, there was Dong Fang Tian Xia, the mysterious cultivator people called the Invisible One, Fu Su Rong, and Yan Ran Xue! Those people were heroic cultivators from the three Dynasties, that’s why Tian Fan had participated in the competition.

Dan Qing Yang despised the cultivators of the current Gods List. He thought they were only pieces of trash. Dan Nü was the only Half-Godly Emperor who had participated. That Gods List wasn’t even worth mentioning.

Regarding Lin Feng, Dan Qing Yang was convinced he could show how ridiculous Lin Feng was.

Dan Qing Yang turned into a beam of light and flew towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. Deadly energies rolled in waves and carried everything away around him. Lin Feng raised his fists and threw punches at Dan Qing Yang when he sensed the energies.

Dan Qing Yang didn’t flinch. He flashed again and appeared above Lin Feng, landing on Lin Feng’s head. He raised one foot, ready to kick Lin Feng’s face. He looked extremely proud.

Lin Feng was furious when Dan Qing Yang kept provoking him. Lin Feng had no choice but to teach him a good lesson and show him he had a bad temper.

Lin Feng raised his fists, condensed the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao in his dantian, and two white beams of light emerged from his fists. Dan Qing Yang didn’t have time to fly away before Lin Feng’s energies hammered him.

Dan Qing Yang’s face stiffened. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng was strong. He hadn’t even managed to kick him! He had thought it’d be easy…

Lin Feng and Dan Qing Yang fighting on the flight of stairs drew everyone’s attention. Tian Fan, Yan Di, and Si Ma Yan all stopped and looked at them.


Bai Fu Nü looked at the explosions around the 2,000th step confidently. Against Dan Qing Yang, Lin Feng didn’t stand a chance, in Bai Fu Nü’s opinion. The only question was, how long would Lin Feng be able to endure?

Dan Qing Yang was a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer, how could he lose against Lin Feng, who had just broken through to the Godly Emperor Layer? If Dan Qing Yang lost, then he was really a piece of trash, Bai Fu Nü thought, as did the men behind her.

“Dan Qing Yang is definitely going to win. Lin Feng will only be able to withstand a few attacks.”

“I think so, too. How could a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor Layer lose against someone who has just broken through to the first Godly Emperor Layer? Lin Feng is doomed. Poor guy, he didn’t have time to climb too high.”

“Hehe, he deserves it, he-” began Hou De mockingly. However, he wasn’t even done talking when he was blasted away screaming.

The middle-aged man of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty merely glanced after Hou De. That guy really has a short memory. It needs to be refreshed regularly.


After Lin Feng forced Dan Qing Yang away, he continued and climbed up another three hundred steps, landing on the 2,500th step. Dan Qing Yang continued chasing him, raising his arm and throwing a punch. A golden beam of light barrelled towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to suffocate.

Lin Feng knew that he couldn’t underestimate Dan Qing Yang. He was a genius in the Continent of the Gods, and definitely strong.

Lin Feng performed some hand seals; a small white imperial imprint appeared and grew to a gigantic size before smashing towards Dan Qing Yang. Dan Qing Yang’s lights pierced through the imperial imprint and converged on Lin Feng. Dan Qing Yang looked ferocious, already imagining Lin Feng getting crushed. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter, looking more and more insane.

However, Lin Feng looked abnormally calm. Defeating him and forcing him off the mountain was much more complicated than that, and Dan Qing Yang was definitely not strong enough to do so!

“Mara Nirvana Formula!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Everybody heard him as the mountain shook a little. Tian Fan and the others, who were on the 3,000th step, noticed that even the strength of the earth and the sky was pushed away by Lin Feng’s energies.

Lin Feng threw two punches, covering the flight of stairs with a cloud of demon Qi. Dan Qing Yang was stupefied.

“Eight Suns of Destruction!” shouted Dan Qing Yang furiously. He raised his hands and threw punches as well. Golden lights emerged from his fists and illuminated Lin Feng as Dan Qing Yang laughed again.

“You lose! Piss off now! Haha!” shouted Dan Qing Yang. He was sure it was his last attack, as it was one of his most special skills. He even thought it was a pity to use it against Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn’t worthy of being the victim of such a great attack!

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. Golden lights surrounded him. The energies were terrifying.

“He’s doomed. Lin Feng is definitely losing now. But he managed to exchange a hundred attacks with Dan Qing Yang, which proves he’s really strong.”

“Right. It’s not bad already. Dan Qing Yang is just too strong,” said the disciples at the foot of the mountain in admiration.

“No, you’re wrong. Lin Feng didn’t lose. On the contrary, he won.”

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