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Chapter 449: You’ll Always Lose!

Edited by RED

Bai Fu Nü looked glum. The battle seemed over but actually it wasn’t, and even worse, Dan Qing Yang was in danger. Bai Fu Nü didn’t want to see that. Who was Dan Qing Yang to her? And Lin Feng? One was an almighty dragon, the other was piece of trash. One had a powerful background. The other was supported by the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, but he was still a piece of trash.

But now, the situation wasn’t that simple anymore, her way of thinking was just too simplistic. Lin Feng was extremely strong!

Dan Qing Yang sensed something wrong because when he used his special skill, people usually lost and screamed in alarm or pain. However, Lin Feng didn’t give make a sound. On the contrary, demon lights flashed within the golden lights… and those demon lights were terrifying.

“We’re done playing now, Dan Qing Yang! Piss off now, moron!” Lin Feng sneered, appearing in front of Dan Qing Yang. Dan Qing Yang’s golden lights completely disappeared, corroded away by the demon lights.

Lin Feng flashed and landed on Dan Qing Yang’s head, then kicked him straight in the face. Dan Qing Yang had never thought a cultivator who was weaker than him by a cultivation layer could humiliate him like that.

“AAAAHHHHHHH!! NOOOOOO!!” shouted Dan Qing Yang furiously. He had the impression he was going insane. He crashed down at the foot of the mountain on a stone in the forest. The boulder exploded at the impact, and Dan Qing Yang’s Qi was extremely weak.

Everybody was astonished. Nobody had thought Lin Feng would defeat a cultivator of the second Godly Emperor layer like that. What a crushing defeat for Dan Qing Yang, the sixth envoy of the Elixir Temple!

“It’s almost hard to believe,” said Si Ma Yan, chuckling and shaking his head. Even though he found Lin Feng really strong, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would defeat Dan Qing Yang. He had underestimated him a little bit. Dan Qing Yang had wanted to humiliate Lin Feng, and had flashed onto his head and tried to kick him in the face. In the end, after a hundred attacks, Lin Feng had done that back to him. What a humiliation for Dan Qing Yang!

Dan Qing Yang was completely furious. But after losing this battle, he would feel depressed for a while. He had always thought that if someday he lost against someone like this, he wouldn’t feel like practicing cultivation anymore, he felt too humiliated.

Tian Fan was angry, too. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would defeat Dan Qing Yang, that Lin Feng was so strong. Everybody had made an error in judgement. Only Yan Di and Huang Nü were convinced Lin Feng could win, so they didn’t seem surprised. Lin Feng was a legend to Yan Di.

To Huang Nü, Lin Feng was her strong and determined husband. Nobody could surpass him!

Lin Feng stood on the 2,500th step. He looked at the miserable Dan Qing Yang down there, who was feeling so humiliated. Lin Feng looked indifferent as he said to Dan Qing Yang, “Don’t feel humiliated. I should. It took me so long to defeat you, I feel inept!

“Dan Qing Yang, I don’t know why you feel so proud. You’re not half the man I am. You just had access to more resources as a kid, but otherwise, you’re nothing. You still lost against me, Lin Feng. The reason why you feel humiliated is just because you always thought too highly of yourself before.

“You’re not me. You didn’t know how strong I was. I don’t blame you. However, before making fun of people and looking at them disdainfully, you should think twice.

“Doing that could be a descent to hell for you. Don’t think that you can rely on your background to humiliate people, and that applies to all the others too. By doing that, you end up making fools of yourselves,” said Lin Feng, glancing around. All those who had humiliated him heard him. Now, who would dare humiliate and make fun of him?

Was Dan Qing Yang strong? He had still lost against the one they had made fun of. What about them? Could they compete with Lin Feng?

“Don’t be too satisfied. Sooner or later, I will crush you!” shouted Dan Qing Yang furiously, standing up.

When Lin Feng heard that, he laughed, then smiled mockingly. “I’ll tell you one thing: you can’t measure up to me. You will always be a loser!”

I’ll tell you one thing, you can’t measure up to me. You will always be a loser!

That sentence echoed in Dan Qing Yang’s head. Nobody dared say anything. Lin Feng was right. Strength was the most important thing.

If that little boy hadn’t interrupted us, I’d have climbed over 5,000 steps already, thought Yan Di with a sigh, looking at Dan Qing Yang angrily. He continued climbing the flight of stairs, flashing to the 5,000th step in one go. People were all astonished.

Lin Feng and Yan Di are so strong, the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty is amazing, thought many people. They didn’t belittle Lin Feng anymore.

Lin Feng turned around and didn’t look at Dan Qing Yang again. It was a waste of time, and unnecessary.

Lin Feng sighed and looked at Yan Di, who was already on the 5,000th step. He took a deep breath and flew up to the 5,000th step.

Gan Cheng moved, too. He flashed from the 1,000th step to the 3,000th, and then to the 4,000th.

Tian Fan and Si Ma Yan also followed and flashed to the 5,000th step. Huang Nü followed, 4,000th, 5,000th… but the terrifying energy made it hard for her to breathe.

After the 5,000th step, it seemed like the real competition was going to start.

Tian Fan was fine, Yan Di was fine. Now, they all focused.

Historically, people who managed to get to the highest part, like Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and the others, had managed to get to the 36,000th step. But back then, they had the strength of the third and fourth Godly Emperor Layers, and it had been a hundred thousand years since someone had managed to climb up to the 36,000th step.

That’s why the 10,000th step was a goal for most people of the younger generations. If anyone managed to do that, every group in the Continent of the Gods did their best to raise them.

Si Ma Yan and Tian Fan flashed to the 6,000th step. The pressure was becoming greater. Si Ma Yan was less confident now.

When Lin Feng was about to jump to the 7,000th step, he heard Zhao Yun, the Young Master of the Zhao Clan, sigh, “I can’t.”

He stopped at the 5,000th step. Zhao Yun’s muscles kept twitching, and his body was completely distorted. One more step and he’d explode, so he had no choice but to give up.

5,000 steps, that was good already, the members of the Zhao Clan could be proud of him.

Lin Feng sighed, but then continued, releasing energies to push the oppressive power of the earth and the sky away. It felt as if he were carrying the world on his shoulders. Lin Feng raised his arms, his forehead covered with sweat. He was already struggling, but he was determined and he reached the 8,000th step, the best so far. Everybody else was behind him.

Many people were astonished. Bai Fu Nü couldn’t help but gasp in amazement. Lin Feng was really talented, people like him were rare. Even if she didn’t like him, she had to admit he was talented.

The members of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty were stupefied. Yan Hui had released his godly awareness to watch Lin Feng from close up. He was stunned, and he said to the three other middle-aged men smiling, “Did you see that? That’s our Young Master’s best friend. The leader chose him. He’ll become a pillar of the Celestial Branch in the future,” Yan Hui smiled. He hoped that someday Lin Feng and Yan Di would become the pillars of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and make the Celestial Branch the main branch of the Dynasty, as neither the Celestial Branch nor the Evolution Branch hoped the Dynasty would break up.

“That little boy is not bad. But it’s only the 8,000th step, don’t get carried away,” said a middle-aged man in brown clothes to Yan Hui. The man frowned. Even though Lin Feng was strong and talented, Yan Hui was getting carried away, and the man didn’t like that.

“Hey, Yan Zhan, let’s bet! Let’s bet on the number of steps he can climb. What do you think? If I win, you transmit the Fire Vein Formula to Lin Feng. Okay?” said Yan Hui when he heard that. He seemed excited to bet with Yan Zhan.

The man in brown clothes smiled mockingly, “You old grouch, you think I don’t know what you’re trying to do? You just want to raise Lin Feng!”

“I wouldn’t put it that way. What I can say is that the stronger he becomes, the better it is for us,” said an ice-cold man next to Yan Zhan.

Yan Zhan didn’t understand, but he smiled, “We didn’t ask you for your opinion, Yan Leng.”

“I also think that little boy is quite strong. You don’t think so?” said Yan Leng, smiling indifferently yet coldly.

“Alright, let’s wait and see who the winner will be,” said Yan Zhan angrily.

“I think he can climb 15,000 steps,” said Yan Zhan, smiling cheerfully.

“I say 13,000,” said Yan Leng. He raised one finger and released the strength of the fifth Godly Emperor layer, then drew something, the image depicted Lin Feng and the flight of stairs.

“I say 10,000,” said a tall and sturdy middle-aged man in blue clothes next to Yan Leng. The muscles of his face kept twitching in an intimidating manner.

“Yan Zhuang, don’t you think you’re belittling him?” asked Yan Zhan, belittling his choice.

The tall and sturdy man grunted icily, “If I came here, it’s only because of my two new disciples, Tu Dao and Tu Ba. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come.”

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