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Chapter 450: Tian Fan Sets a New Record!

Chapter 450: Tian Fan Sets a New Record!

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“I say 15,000,” said Yan Zhan, after having thought carefully. Even though he had criticized Lin Feng, since his branch thought highly of him, it meant he was really strong.

Therefore, he said the same thing as Yan Hui. Yan Hui looked at Yan Zhan angrily, the crafty scoundrel!

“By the way, Yan Zhuang, how are your two new disciples?” asked Yan Hui, glancing at Yan Zhuang curiously.

“Not bad. they’re talented, especially Tu Dao. He’ll definitely surpass his older brother sooner or later. They’ll also become pillars of the branch, I think,” said Yan Zhuang. He was satisfied. He felt grateful that Lin Feng had brought those two outstanding cultivators.

“I recruited Jiang Hao and Qiao Lao Gou, they’re pretty good too,” agreed Yan Leng, nodding gratefully.

“Sigh, I recruited Han Da Li. He’s… infuriating.” The men all looked happy except Yan Zhan, who shook his head and looked annoyed. Everybody was surprised, as they had never seen Yan Zhan like that.

They were all curious now, and wanted to know more about Han Da Li. What had he done to infuriate Yan Zhan?

“Alright, let’s look at Lin Feng,” said Yan Hui, interrupting them.


Tian Fan and Si Ma Yan were already in front of Lin Feng. They had both climbed over 10,000 steps already, and were on the 11,000th step. However, the strength of the earth and the sky almost pushed them away. They were both extremely pale.

“I’ll try again,” said Yan Di icily. His blue-green robe was fluttering in the wind. He looked a bit old at that moment but he was resistant.

Yan Di shouted furiously, his pure Qi exploding around him, and beating back the strength of the earth and the sky. He finally managed to jump and land on the 11,000th step. He had the impression he was going to collapse, though.

Gan Cheng was still standing on the 8,000th step with Huang Nü. Lin Feng tried to catch up, he flashed over a thousand steps again and stopped. Many people were surprised.

What was going on? Why did he stop?, thought the men at the foot of the mountain.

Has he reached his limit already?, thought the watchers. Could it be that Lin Feng was done? If that was the case, he wasn’t much better than Zhao Yun.

Was he going to give up there? Bai Fu Nü watched Lin Feng, not believing he was done.

As expected, Lin Feng then flashed straight to the 11,000th step! Everybody was astonished again. But the most incredible thing was that Lin Feng didn’t stop. He released brightness strength, raised his fists and pushed against the strength of the earth and the sky, flashing to the 13,000th step and then the 14,000.

But Lin Feng felt exhausted, the energy of the earth and the sky was powerful.

“He’s amazing. He went beyond the 13,000th step!” Many people were astonished, admiring Lin Feng now. At the beginning, they had all made fun of him or underestimated him, and now they admired him.

If nothing unexpected happened, Lin Feng would become extremely famous everywhere in the Gods Government!

“Haha! He’s definitely worthy of the leader’s esteem,” said Yan Hui, looking in the direction of the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range and smiling happily. He was extremely satisfied, and looked at Yan Zhan and Yan Zhuang mockingly.

Yan Zhuang nodded. He had indeed underestimated Lin Feng. No wonder he had become his disciples’ leader. He was extraordinary!

“There’s nothing exceptional. When my disciples finish meditating in seclusion, they’ll be much stronger than him,” said Yan Zhuang. He didn’t want to acknowledge Lin Feng.

When Yan Leng heard Yan Zhuang, he nodded agreement. His disciples, Jiang Hao and Qiao Lao Gou, were also meditating in seclusion, and he was convinced that half a month from now, they would have the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer. They’d become extremely important in the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty’s Celestial Branch.

“Continue,” said Yan Hui, looking at the mountain.


They didn’t know that on the other side, an old man with flower patterns on his robe was also standing in the sky watching the Long Yun Peak, Lin Feng, and Tian Fan.

“Who’s that little boy?” the old man sighed. Then he recalled Qing Feng and frowned. “Could it be that the one Qing Feng always talked about?” whispered the old man. He looked unhappy.

“What are you saying, father?” asked a man in black clothes behind the old man. The man in black clothes was handsome and charming. He didn’t need to say anything. When in public, it was difficult not to notice him as he was almost two meters tall, yet still svelte. He looked powerful and mighty.

“Bai Qi, when you came back, did you find Qing Feng?” the old man asked the man in black clothes.

Bai Qi shook his head. The old man frowned and sighed, “What’s wrong with Qing Feng? How could she betray us because of Lin Feng?”

“Father, tell me the truth, is Lin Feng the man Qing Feng kept talking about?” asked Bai Qi. He looked grim, and his eyes were filled with killing intent.

The old man knew that Bai Qi was furious. He desired Qing Feng, everybody in the Gods Government knew it. However, Qing Feng kept saying she loved someone else. Bai Qi admired the man who had managed to win Qing Feng’s heart, but at the same time he was extremely jealous and hated him. He was ready to do anything to win her heart.

He thought that Qing Feng was a perfect woman, and he was the only one worthy of her love. Nobody else deserved her love, not even Tian Fan!

“You should hide for a little while. Continue looking for Qing Feng. Regarding Lin Feng, don’t waste your time, and don’t worry about him,” said the old man, cheering Bai Qi up.

Bai Qi nodded approvingly. Lin Feng was talented, so what? Was wasting his energy on Lin Feng worth it? No. If he saw Lin Feng, one punch would be enough.

He was proud and confident!


Lin Feng looked at Tian Fan and Si Ma Yan, they passed in front of them again. They both stood on the 15,000th step. Yan Di caught up with them after.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let them surpass him. He caught up with them.

The three of them looked at the 17,000th step. The strength of the earth and the sky was already extremely powerful. The three cultivators were suffocating. They saw three dragons, and Tian Fan’s expression suddenly changed. He used an explosive godly skill to block the dragons.

Si Ma Yan did the same. He rolled up his sleeves and released sharp energies to cut a dragon apart. The dragons roared defiantly, and energies pummeled Si Ma Yan. Si Ma Yan ground his teeth and resisted for a while, and then finally managed to jump over a thousand steps again.

Yan Di and Lin Feng continued together. They destroyed two dragons and flashed towards the 17,000th step.

Huang Nü and Gan Cheng flashed over a thousand steps as well, but Gan Cheng was on the verge of collapse. Huang Nü flashed again and landed on the 11,000th step.

Zhao Yang Chang and Zhao Yun were pushed backwards, and landed on the 7,000th step.

Huang Nü flashed over 3,000 steps again and landed on the 14,000th one, but slowly stopped.

Gan Cheng tried to reach the 11,000th step, but failed and was pushed away. He could be proud though; he was definitely qualified to be invited by the Gods Government.

Time passed, Lin Feng and the others all releasing lots of energies. They were tough and resistant. Tian Fan flashed and landed on the 20,000th step, setting a record which hadn’t been broken in ten thousand years. Many people gasped with amazement. Tian Fan was really extraordinary, definitely worthy of being Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s son.

Si Ma Yan didn’t want to give up, also flashing onto the 20,000th step. However, his face was extremely pale, and he couldn’t continue.

“I’m off,” said Si Ma Yan, smiling wryly. He couldn’t continue. He let the energy of the earth and the sky blow him off the mountain.

Yan Di tried to flash onto the 20,000th step as well, but he was too exhausted, and was instantly blown away like a leaf in the wind. He crashed onto the ground on his knees. He looked funny like that, but nobody laughed. He was from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty and had just done something incredible, setting a new record with Tian Fan.

Huang Nü, Lin Feng, and Tian Fan were the last ones on the stairs.

Huang Nü aimed for the 15,000th step. Lin Feng and Tian Fan for even higher levels.

Tian Fan’s Qi was thick, his entire body distorted. The terrifying strength weighed down on him. He glanced at Lin Feng, wondering how Lin Feng had made it that far. However, he had no time to think about those things. He had to focus!

“My father is Tian Di the Celestial Emperor, how can I let him lose face? I’ll get to the 22,000th step! ARGH!” Tian Fan ground his teeth so hard that he started bleeding. He wasn’t going to give up. It felt as if his veins and arteries were about to burst.

He flashed again, and landed on the 22,000th step!

Tian Fan set a new record again!

22,000th step! That record hadn’t been broken in fifty thousand years!

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