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Chapter 452: World-Shaking Accomplishment!

Chapter 452: World-Shaking Accomplishment!

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“Yan Zun, are you sure he’s not going to betray us?” said the one in black clothes, breaking an awkward silence. He looked at Yan Zun coldly.

“Betray? Who do you think is going to betray us in the future?” Yan Zun frowned. Yan Duan looked puzzled.

“Yan Duan, you don’t understand, no matter how much our two branches try to compete, we’re the same; we’re all the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. Is your wish that the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty gets absorbed by another group someday?” asked Yan Zun when he saw that Yan Duan didn’t say anything anymore. He sighed, feeling as if a hundred years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Yan Duan didn’t say anything, but he looked puzzled. He looked at Lin Feng, weighing the pros and cons.

After a long time, Yan Duan raised his head and looked at Yan Zun. “I accept. Let’s take him for the three-party competition. If he does well and wins, we can fuse the two branches together again; if he fails, then Yan Di and Yan Chang can’t continue competing.”

“You… How is that possible? You’re too…” said Yan Zun, shaking from head to foot in anger. However, Yan Duan ignored him and left.

Yan Zun stood there, confused. He looked at Lin Feng; they could only leave it to him. But winning the three-party competition was almost impossible…

How strong would Tian Fan be after fusing back together with his original body? And how strong was Si Ma Yan, really? He was extremely mysterious. And Yan Ran Xue? The Invisible One? And Dong Fang Tian Xia? Fu Su Rong? Long Yan, the heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty? How strong was Lin Feng in comparison with all those people?

Besides, apart from them, there were Bai Qi, Liang Duan, Yan Di etc. How could Lin Feng win?

Even though Yan Zun had faith in Lin Feng and had seen how valiant and heroic Lin Feng was in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he didn’t think Lin Feng could win the three-party competition.

Yan Zun continued watching Lin Feng.


Outside of the Long Yun Pavilion were thousands of people. They were all strong cultivators who were at the top of the hierarchy in their respective groups. Many of them were Half-Godly Emperors, and there were some Holy Spirit Emperors too. They all came to the mountain to watch the man in simple black clothes climb. He had already broken a record, and was now standing on the 30,000th step.

Six thousand more steps and he’d reach the end of the flight of stairs. What if he managed to do it? Would he continue on? Many people were watching silently, nobody saying anything, the atmosphere solemn. They were watching something extraordinary.

Si Ma Yan and Yan Di were standing together, watching Lin Feng. They hoped Lin Feng would reach the end of the flight of stairs, the 36,000th step, something nobody had managed to do for a hundred thousand years.

Lin Feng stopped at that moment. The dazzling lights around him had disappeared. His cyan godly aura kept flashing. His muscles felt numb. Lin Feng tried to shrink his godly aura a little because without it, the energy of the earth and the sky hurt him even more, and the closer he felt to death, the closer he felt to success.

Lin Feng was excited. He had the impression he was going to break through!

Risking his life made him excited. His pure Qi was chaotic in his circulatory system, looking for a place to go in his body where it would not be crushed. Lin Feng’s life and death Dao was level nine already.

Lin Feng waited. He wanted to break through, and didn’t act without thinking. He remained calm and sensed his inner death Qi. The death Qi felt like a blade stabbing him in various places of his body. It was like his circulatory system was on the verge of exploding.

Lin Feng’s face grew paler and paler. However, he remained as motionless as a mountain.

At that moment, some people at the foot of the mountain started whispering, wondering whether Lin Feng would be able to continue or not.

Huang Nü could sense that Lin Feng was about to break through. Even though she didn’t have the godly emperor seed, she still had a connection to it because she still had her particular desolate Qi in her body, and also had a deep connection to Lin Feng, especially after having made love and becoming one.

Huang Nü stood on the 16,000th step, but she could still see Lin Feng. Because of him, she decided to give up. She didn’t want to disturb him so she recalled her Qi and went back to the foot of the mountain.

When she flew away, many people noticed her as she landed next to Yan Di and said, “He’s going to break through.”

“What? He’s going to break through?” Yan Di was stupefied. He couldn’t believe it, but when he saw Huang Nü’s solemn expression, he understood.

“What a beast,” said Si Ma Yan, sighing with admiration. At the same time, he also looked proud, because he was going to break through soon himself.

“Silence, everybody!” shouted Yan Di furiously. Nobody dared say anything anymore. They all knew Yan Di had a powerful background and nobody was willing to become enemies with the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty.

Lin Feng’s blood was stirring. He had the impression his heart was going to explode. He wasn’t scared, though. It felt as if waves of energies were rolling in his body. An incredible strength surrounded him.

His pure Qi surged. Lin Feng clenched his fists; his pure Qi was becoming more and more powerful!

He broke through to the second Godly Emperor layer. He wasn’t a new Godly Emperor anymore, as Chu Lian Ying had said. He now had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer! Yan Di and Huang Nü looked at Lin Feng, excited.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. His heart was still racing, but after a while, he calmed down and felt relaxed. He flashed again and landed on the 31,000th step.

“Look! Hurry! He’s moving again!”

“He broke another record! Look!”

Many people were amazed.

“33,000th! Look!” shouted a man hoarsely.

“Look! 34,000th! Two thousand more and he’ll reach the end!!”

“Oh my god! Look! He’s on the 35,000th step!” The Young Master of a big clan in the Gods Government was astonished.

Everybody went silent, one could barely hear people breathe. Everybody was astonished. Was Lin Feng going to do something which hadn’t been done in a hundred thousand years?

Lin Feng was focused, and didn’t act recklessly. He couldn’t take any risks. He was a bit nervous, too. What would happen if he stood on the 36,000th step?

Lin Feng thought carefully and then he flashed ahead. Nothing stopped him, no strength, and he landed on the 36,000th step.

When Lin Feng landed on the 36,000th step, the crowd burst into an uproar. Lin Feng had just achieved something nobody had managed to do in a hundred thousand years.

“I wish I could give birth to his child!” shouted a good-looking woman.

“Lin Feng, you’re my idol! Please be my teacher!”

“Lin Feng, please adopt me!”

People shouted all around, so loud that their voices resonated everywhere in the Gods Government. Lin Feng ignored them. He looked in front of him, but the flight of steps stopped there.

Now Lin Feng did something people couldn’t believe. He flashed off the flight of stairs and continued climbing.

Lin Feng raised his left arm and a gigantic boulder emerged from his ring. He released pure Qi, broke it into pieces and extended the former flight of stairs. It now had 36,010 steps.

Not only did Lin Feng break a record, but he also wrote a new page in history. He continued what Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and the others had started.

This was world-shaking. Lin Feng had surpassed Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and the others. He continued creating new steps.

Lin Feng continued taking out boulders, and created ten thousand new steps. The flight of stairs now had 46,000 steps. From this moment on, the younger generations would try to climb 46,000 steps, not 36,000!

Lin Feng tried to continue, but was forced away by the energy of the mountain. He hadn’t reached the middle of the mountain, but he had created a new record. In the future, people would try to break his record, not the old one!

Lin Feng’s name would be remembered throughout the whole Continent of the Gods. A few days later, everyone would hear about him, everywhere in the continent.


In the eastern part of the Continent of the Gods, in the Dark Palace, someone told Mister Time about a legendary cultivator named Lin Feng. He smiled, “That little boy is writing new pages in history. Maybe he’ll become the ruler of the Continent of the Gods.”


In the Demon Hall, Mara-Deva scratched his beard, completely astonished.

“Maybe that it’s someone who has the same name?”


The Godly Leader of the Supranatural Region and Mister Savage were completely astonished too.

“You think it’s our Lin Feng?” asked the Godly Leader. He was excited. If it was their Lin Feng, then having supported him would be the best thing he had ever done in life.

“…Maybe?” said the old man, but he hoped it was the Lin Feng who had saved him.

“After Lin Feng, Huo Wu left too, right? Sage Huo probably wants to kill Lin Feng.”

“Sigh, poor girl. All of this because of an ill-fated relationship!”

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