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Chapter 453: Nobody Invited Lin Feng?!

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One day had passed since Lin Feng had shaken the whole world. People everywhere in the Gods Government took delight in talking about Lin Feng and the new flight of stairs.

The atmosphere was lively in the Celestial Evolution Mountain Range. Lin Feng came back to the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, and all the disciples came out to greet him and ask him questions about cultivation. Lin Feng now had the strength of the second Godly Emperor layer, after all. Even in the main branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, he was now strong enough to become an elder.

The majority of the disciples who asked Lin Feng for pieces of advice were Low-Level and High-Level Holy Emperors. Holy Spirit Emperors were already quite strong, but Lin Feng had already become a legend.

But there was a list in the Gods Government, and Lin Feng’s name wasn’t on it. People didn’t understand why.

That list was issued by the Gods Government and contained the names of the people invited to participate in the three-party competition. Si Ma Yan, Bai Qi, Chu Lian Ying, Chu Lian Feng, and Zhao Yang Chang were all on the list.

Even Yin Jiu and the sixth envoy of the Spiritual Yin Temple were on it. Dan Nü, Dan Qing Yang, Dan Qing Chang were on it, too. Dan Qing Yang was the sixth envoy of the Elixir Temple, Dan Qing Chang was the fifth.

Those people were invited by the Gods Government to participate, it was an incredible honor. Initially, Gan Cheng was also on the list, but he had refused. He didn’t care about the event because he had decided to join the army of Godsland.

The invitation list issued by Godsland was even more incredible. Tian Fan, the Young Emperor of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty; and Long Yan, the only heir of the Dragon Capital Holy Dynasty, a cultivator of the fourth Godly Emperor Layer.

The list issued by the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty contained Yan Di and Yan Chang, the heirs of the Celestial Branch and the Evolution Branch.

Those people were all famous. Above those lists, there were people like Yan Ran Xue, who all the men of the Continent of the Gods found bewitching and devastatingly beautiful. It was said that she wasn’t from the Three Dynasties, but her teacher was a mysterious hermit who had fought against Tian Di the Celestial Emperor in the past and had only lost against one attack.

All the men of Godsland dreamt of being with Yan Ran Xue.

Apart from her, there would also be Dong Fang Tian Xia and Fu Su Rong, but the Invisible One who used to be second on the Gods List wasn’t there, so he wasn’t going to represent Godsland.

The Gods Government and Godsland’s lists were issued so many people paid attention to them. There was still much time before the three-party competition, and the different parties had never issued the lists so early.

The Gods Government and Godsland had issued their lists, exciting many, but nobody cared about the list issued by Gods City. Each time during the competition, without any exception, they were always eliminated first, and they usually suffered a crushing defeat. The competition was more about Godsland and the Gods Government.


In a courtyard of the branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, Yan Di was angrily holding the list and swearing while Lin Feng looked on.

“How is that possible! The leader of the Gods Government is a moron! Why isn’t your name on the list?” shouted Yan Di furiously. How unfair!

“Right! Why isn’t your name on the list?” exclaimed a disciple next to Yan Di, clenching his fists. They were both furious.

Lin Feng just looked at them and smiled.

Huang Nü was there too, sorting some clothes for Lin Feng. He had been insulted because of his clothes in the Long Yun Pavilion, so he needed some fine clothes and Huang Nü had made some for him. That way, she wasn’t bored.

Yan Di looked at the clothes she was making for Lin Feng. Even though she was a princess, she was also really good at making clothes. Yan Di wanted a woman like that, too!

Lin Feng chose a robe and put it on. It wasn’t eye-catching, being pitch-black. It still suited Lin Feng really well.

Lin Feng also put on a belt Huang Nü had made for him. It had a yellowish jade stone on it with “LIN FENG” carved on it. It made him look powerful and mighty.

He looked like a different person. His black robe was completely different from the previous one. Lin Feng remembered Meng Qing had made him change his clothes back then, and he had forgotten about it and never changed them again. He didn’t really care about fashion. Now that he was with Huang Nü, he had to take care of himself.

“Hehe, you look handsome and smart,” said Yan Di, stroking his beard. Huang Nü looked at him angrily. Yan Di blushed and laughed.

Yan Di still couldn’t believe that Lin Feng was with a real princess, the princess of the Great Huang Dynasty!

“Lin Feng, you really don’t care about the list?” asked Yan Di. No matter what Lin Feng thought, Yan Di was furious at the Gods Government for not inviting Lin Feng. If Yan Hui hadn’t stopped him, Yan Di would have gone to the Gods Government to complain. Lin Feng had written a new page in the history of the world, and the Gods Government was ignoring him.

Lin Feng looked at Yan Di, imagining how Huang Nü and Yan Di felt. Even though Huang Nü didn’t say anything, he knew she was angry, because it wasn’t fair.

But actually, Lin Feng really didn’t care, and he didn’t take it to heart.

“Old bastard, I didn’t climb the mountain hoping the Gods Government would acknowledge me. I did it as a personal challenge. I don’t care about them. I also don’t know the leader of the Gods Government.

“Regarding the three-party competition, I will participate no matter what. But I won’t represent the Gods Government. I won’t represent Godsland either. I will represent Gods City,” said Lin Feng coldly.

Yan Di was surprised, he had thought Lin Feng would represent Godsland, not Gods City. “Why?” he asked. He didn’t understand Lin Feng’s decision.

“Right, Uncle! Why!? Gods City is so small. Each time, they lose at the competition,” said the disciple behind Yan Di. Yan Di had actually recruited him as a disciple. His name was Chen Guang, and he had the strength of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, he was quite talented.

Lin Feng looked at Chen Guang. He couldn’t help but think of his own disciples, Ye Chen and Fu Chen. Ye Chen was probably still in Tiantai in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and Fu Chen was probably still in the Supranatural Region? How strong had he become?

Lin Feng was a bad teacher. He hadn’t taught anything useful to his disciples. They just practiced alone.

“Lin Feng, you should represent Godsland,” said Yan Di. Chen Guang nodded.

“Hehe, even if Gods City is weak, you trust me, right?

“I like to be alone, I don’t like being in big groups. Godsland and the Gods Government have chosen so many people already, so I can represent Gods City. Even if I went to Godsland, they wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to me.

“Besides, I spent more time in Gods City. Even though Godly Emperor Tian and the others bullied me, I also have some nice memories from there. Imagine if I win, then I’ll really become famous.

“The whole world would remember someone forever if they won the competition as a representative of Gods City, but not necessarily if they were from Godsland or the Gods Government, because they win all the time,” said Lin Feng.

Yan Di didn’t really think so but he had to respect Lin Feng’s decision. Lin Feng was stubborn anyway. Yan Di was quite excited at the same time; how far would Lin Feng go during the competition? The problem was that they would also be opponents during the competition.

“Little boy, if we have to fight, I’ll be merciless.”

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