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Chapter 455: Kneel Down and Apologize!

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“Hou Clan? What kind of clan is that, old buddy?” Lin Feng asked Yan Di.

Yan Di smiled mockingly and said, “You remember when you were at the Long Yun Pavilion, the one who had a mouth which stuck out and a chin like an ape’s? He’s the Young Master of the Hou Clan.”

“Oh, I remember, his name was Hou De, right?” said Lin Feng. He recalled Hou De and then looked at the old man. When the old man heard Yan Di and Lin Feng talk about Hou De, he realized something was very off…

“Who are you?” asked the man. His tone of speech had quickly changed. He sounded respectful and cautious. Lin Feng didn’t reply. He looked at the Elder of Punishments and the others.

“Elder, come here,” said Lin Feng, ignoring the old man.

There was an ancient Qi in the Smoke Rain Pavilion. Inside the Smoke Rain Pavilion were private rooms. At that moment, Hou De was in a private box.

Hou Clan was smiling evilly with a woman in each arm. The two women looked good and were extremely sexy. They knew he was the Young Master of the Hou Clan, so they were willing to do anything he’d ask in exchange for Godly Stones.

Hou De was extremely excited, his hands roaming all over the two women’s bodies… and then Lin Feng entered the room. Hou De sensed an intruding Qi which infuriated him. He turned around and said icily, “Who dares cause trouble here and enter my room?”

The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan got ready to fight. They were afraid that Lin Feng was causing trouble without knowing what he was doing.

However, they were wrong. They weren’t going to have any opportunity to fight.

Hou De looked at the Elder of Punishments and the others furiously, but then he saw Lin Feng and Yan Di. He nearly fainted.

“You… You…. What are you doing here?” squeaked Hou De. He was terrified. Since he had been slapped on the other day, he was really scared of these two.

The Elder of Punishments and the others glanced at each other. Why was Hou De was so scared all of a sudden? Why did he fear Lin Feng?

They had been traveling for a few days and on the day when Lin Feng had climbed the mountain, they were in the Illusion Forest, so they hadn’t heard the news yet. It was difficult to travel from Gods City to the Gods Government. They wanted to rest and in the end, the old man had started causing trouble.

As everybody was wondering what was going to happen, Lin Feng appeared and the Young Master of the Hou Clan seemed to be extremely scared of Lin Feng. The Elder of Punishments and the others didn’t understand what was going on.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards Hou De. He stopped in front of him and clapped Hou De’s shoulder with his left hand. Hou De was so scared that he fell back down on his butt. He looked at Lin Feng, his eyes filled with terror.

“I won’t hit you, why are you scared?” asked Lin Feng, smiling in amusement.

Hou De smiled weakly. He was thinking that if Lin Feng hit him, he might die…

“Brother Lin, what are you doing here?” Hou De asked with a trembling voice, forcing himself to smile. Lin Feng looked at him icily, making him tremble from head to foot.

Tian Fan was gone, and this place was a public, not his clan. Lin Feng had become quite famous, he was now legendary, so Hou De was terrified.

“Stand up,” Lin Feng ordered Hou De indifferently.

“Eh, Brother Lin, I…” Hou De turned red, his cheeks burned. He was on the verge of fainting.

“I’ll repeat it one last time, stand up,” said Lin Feng emotionlessly. He slowly clenched his fists, which crackled. Hou De was so scared that his soul almost dispersed… but he hastily stood up.

Lin Feng smiled at him in satisfaction and tapped his shoulder again. “Not bad, obedient boy.”

“Brother Lin, who would dare not listen to you?” said Hou De smiled, but he felt humiliated and ashamed. He wished he hadn’t come to this place.

“Oh? Is that so? You’ll do whatever I say?” said Lin Feng, amused when he heard Hou De.

Hou De didn’t dare upset Lin Feng, so he nodded obediently.

Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t care what the members of the Hou Clan thought. He grabbed Hou De’s back by his clothes and dragged him over to the Elder of Punishments and the others.

The Elder of Punishments was surprised. Chen Zhan and Meng Ke looked at Hou De angrily. It was all because of him that they had been humiliated.

“Eh… Brother Lin… You…” Hou De didn’t understand, why did Lin Feng bring him in front of these people?

“They are my friends, but…” said Lin Feng. When he said “but”, Hou De shook from head to foot. He had a bad premonition. “…but the old manager of your clan humiliated them. Therefore, Great Young Master Hou, we need an explanation here,” Lin Feng said icily.

When he said that, he suddenly looked like a demon, his blood-curdling demon Qi billowed around him. Hou De understood Lin Feng was extremely angry and realized he had made a mistake.

“Manager, how come you annoyed these nice people?” Hou De asked the old man in cyan clothes.

The old man felt awkward. He told Hou De everything. Hou De’s expression changed drastically. He didn’t know what to say, because he had made the old man do that. He had decided to come to the Smoke Rain Pavilion, it was all his fault. He hadn’t thought he’d bump into Lin Feng here.

“What should we do?” Hou De asked the old man. The old man looked at the Elder of Punishments and the others coldly. If Lin Feng wasn’t there, he could have crushed these tiny little people.

“Young Master, they want to eat and drink here, so just let them,” said the old man in cyan clothes, glancing at Jian Yan and the others.

Hou De suddenly looked happy. he nodded, “Right! Indeed! We’ll just leave the Smoke Rain Pavilion to them. That must be a satisfying solution for you, Brother Lin Feng,” said Hou De, hastily smiling at Lin Feng. “We’ll leave the Smoke Rain Pavilion to your friends, Brother Lin, we’re off,” said Hou De, waving at the members of the Hou Clan. The old man, Hou De, and the others got ready to leave.

The Elder of Punishments and the others were stupefied; how come these people gave Lin Feng face like that? Jian Yan and the others had heard of the Hou Clan; they weren’t weaker than the Five Governments. They could be considered a first-class group in the region. Since when did a first-class group give face to Lin Feng? They didn’t understand, especially since Lin Feng hadn’t spent much time in the Gods Government.

“You think you can go just like that?” Lin Feng said as everybody thought the issue was solved. Lin Feng stared at Hou De’s back. Hou De sensed ice-cold energies, which made his legs shake.

The old man next to him felt furious and humiliated, turning around and saying, “We’re leave now, what else can we do?! Don’t think you can humiliate us as you wish! The Hou Clan is a first-class influential group, you can’t humiliate us as you wish!”

“Second Uncle, stop!” Hou De said quickly. His forehead was covered with cold sweat. He looked at the old man furiously. The old man didn’t understand why Hou De was so scared of Lin Feng. Maybe if the old man had seen what had happened on the other day, he would understand.

Lin Feng looked at him strangely. The old man didn’t let himself be pushed around easily, and Lin Feng liked people like that. However, he couldn’t leave the matter at that, his friends had been humiliated.

“Hou De, you think you can leave like that after humiliating them?” Lin Feng asked darkly.

Hou Clan shook from head to toe. He understood Lin Feng didn’t intend to let him go so easily. Hou De was really furious at the old man infuriating Lin Feng even more. “Brother Lin, what can we do?”

“Kneel down and apologize!” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

Everybody in the Smoke Rain Pavilion was stupefied, including the waitress outside. She understood that that man in black clothes was Lin Feng, who had recently become famous. How aggressive! He wanted the Young Master and a manager of the Hou Clan to kneel down and apologize?!

Hou De looked glum, he clenched his fists and shouted furiously, “You’re going too far! You’re lucky I’m just a cultivator of the first Godly Emperor Layer! How dare you humiliate me like this!”

“Hey, you want to fight against me? I would be happy to,” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly.

Hou De regretted what had just said, especially since when Lin Feng only had the strength of the first Godly Emperor Layer, he could defeat Dan Qing Yang who had the strength of the second. Now, Lin Feng had broken through, he was probably much, much stronger.

“Come on, Brother Lin, just let us go,” said Hou De, sighing hopelessly.

How could Lin Feng leave the matter at that, though?

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