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Chapter 456: Invitation From Gods City!

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“Forget it, Lin Feng,” said the Elder of Punishments. He understood that Lin Feng had become famous in the Gods Government, he could see that. The Young Master of the Hou Clan was acting like a weakling in front of Lin Feng. Hou De smiled in resignation. The Elder of Punishments thought it was enough.

“Right, Lin Feng, he’s the Young Master of the Hou Clan, give him face,” said Yan Di. Making Hou De kneel down and apologize was a bit too much, it would be a humiliation for the whole clan. By doing that, the Hou Clan and Lin Feng would become real enemies, and it wasn’t worth it. He had enough enemies already.

When Lin Feng heard the Elder of Punishments, he nodded. Making them kneel down wasn’t necessary, as long as they admitted they were wrong, which they had tacitly done already.

“Go now,” said Lin Feng indifferently. Hou De looked really happy.

He bowed before the Elder of Punishments and the others and said, “I’m sorry. I was wrong,” said Hou De. He very quickly left with the other members of the Hou Clan. Many people watched them mockingly as they departed.

“Disperse now!” shouted Yan Di, frowning at all the people who were watching. Even though those people didn’t know Yan Di, his terrifying Qi of the Godly Emperor Layer made them all disperse. Who would dare argue with someone that strong?

Lin Feng glanced at the waitress and said, “We’re staying in the Smoke Rain Pavilion.”

“Yan Di, come,” said Lin Feng, and they walked over to a table. The Elder of Punishments and the others followed, rather dumbstruck. They remembered Lin Feng when he had just arrived in Gods City, a young man who only had the strength of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer. Back then, the Elder of Punishments had the strength of the top of the Holy Spirit Emperor layer, and still had a lot to teach Lin Feng.

However, only a few months had passed and Lin Feng had changed so much. He progressed so quickly, everybody was astonished. It was almost impossible to compete with him in terms of cultivation speed.

The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan sat down next to Lin Feng. Yan Di sat down opposite him. Chen Zhan and Meng Ke sat down next to Yan Di. The waitress brought them a jar full of Lotus Aroma liquor and a few bowls of pickled vegetables.

They didn’t even need a private room, everybody else had left. They didn’t dare stay in the same pavilion as Lin Feng and Yan Di.

“Elder, Vice Leader, what are you doing in the Gods Government?” asked Lin Feng, raising his glass and smiling.

The relation between Lin Feng and Sword Mountain was special. Sword Mountain was almost like his home. Even though he had had issues with Lu Li back in the days, it hadn’t had any impact on his relationship with Sword Mountain because his son, Lin Zhe Tian, was now a Great Elder in Sword Mountain. In the future, Lin Zhe Tian might become the leader of Sword Mountain.

Therefore, their relationship was quite deep. They all knew that. So when Lin Feng asked them something, they had nothing to hide.

“The three-party competition is going to start in around six months. I’ve heard that the Gods Government and Godsland have already issued their invitation lists. The geniuses they invited are terrifyingly strong…

“Because of that, Sword Mountain wants to find some geniuses from the Gods Government, we don’t mind paying. Each time, Gods City gets eliminated first, we’ve never had any chance.

“All the influential groups of Gods City want to change that. Therefore, Godly Emperor Du Hu suggested that the Celestial Gods Government, the Dark Gods Government, and so on put their Godly Stones and precious items together to hire some Godly Emperors. After discussions with the Five Governments and the Six Groups, we agreed to come here to negotiate with geniuses. I wouldn’t have thought that here… well…” sighed Jian Yan. He was truly annoyed. They had thought that two Half-Godly Emperors and two cultivators of the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer would suffice to avoid trouble, but they had still ended up badly humiliated.

Lin Feng understood. Since the groups of Gods City were sick of losing all the time, they didn’t mind paying a high price to recruit some geniuses and regain face.

When Yan Di heard that, he smiled, and those people looked at him strangely. The Elder of Punishments asked, “Master, what are you laughing at?”

“Master? I’m much younger than you. Whenever you see someone with a beard, you call them master?” huffed Yan Di. He was fuming with anger and glaring at the Elder of Punishments. The Elder of Punishments, who was usually impulsive, could only smile wryly.

“Come on, stop. We’re all friends here.” Lin Feng was speechless.

Yan Di snickered and said to Jian Yan, “You should give all your money to Lin Feng.”

“Oh? Why?” said Jian Yan. He didn’t understand.

Yan Di sighed, “Because nobody in the Gods Government is as talented as my best friend, Lin Feng.”

“Really?” When Chen Zhan heard that, he was astonished.

Meng Ke looked at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. They could see that Lin Feng had become extremely strong; they couldn’t even imagine how much.

The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan’s eyes twinkled. They could see that Lin Feng had become powerful, majestic, and influential. The Hou Clan was much, much more powerful than Sword Mountain, but they still feared Lin Feng.

“Hehe, why would I lie? Walk around and talk about Lin Feng, you’ll see. Everybody knows him,” said Yan Di, glancing at Chen Zhan.

Chen Zhan and Meng Ke glanced at each other incredulously.

“Lin Feng, how strong are you now?” Even though the Elder of Punishments could see how strong Lin Feng was, he still asked because he couldn’t believe it.

“Second Godly Emperor Layer,” said Lin Feng honestly.

“Eh….” The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan were astonished and smiled badly. They felt really old. In Gods City, with the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer, a cultivator could control almost the whole city.

The strongest cultivators in Gods City these days were Godly Emperor Du Hu and the ancestor of Sword Mountain, as well as the Great Leader of Gods City himself. But Lin Feng wasn’t weaker than any of those people.

“Lin Feng, can you…?”

“Yes, I accept your invitation to represent Gods City,” said Lin Feng without letting the Elder of Punishments finish his sentence. He knew what the old man was going to say.

When the two old men heard Lin Feng, they were stupefied. Meng Ke and Chen Zhan clenched their fists. Awesome! Lin Feng was going to represent them! This time, they were definitely not going to get eliminated first as usual!

“When the three-party competition begins, I’ll introduce you to five Godly Emperors,” said Lin Feng when he saw how excited they were.

The five Godly Emperors were Tu Ba, Han Da Li, and the others of course. Even though Lin Feng wanted them to help Yan Di, they were his friends, and he wanted to introduce them to people he knew.

The Elder of Punishments and Jian Yan were stupefied. In the future, they wouldn’t need to worry anymore.

“Lin Feng, can you tell us their names, so that we can put them on the list?”

“Tu Ba, Chu Lian Feng, Han Da Li, Qiao Lao Gou, and Jiang Hao.”

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