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Chapter 458: Celestial Evolution Battlefield!

Edited by RED

In the courthouse…

Yan Hui and a few elders were standing together as Yan Di and Lin Feng entered the palace. Yan Di bowed hand over fist in front of the elders. Lin Feng only knew Yan Hui, but he could see that all the other elders were extremely strong. He sensed the Qi of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer in the room.

Yan Hui smiled at Lin Feng and nodded, “I didn’t think you’d become a legendary cultivator at the Long Yun Peak. Not only did you break Tian Di’s record, but you also created a new one. The younger generations will surpass us in time.”

“Right, we even bet last time, the best we thought you could do was 20,000 steps, nobody had thought you’d something that impressive,” said Yan Zhan. He acknowledged Lin Feng and admitted he had underestimated him. Lin Feng was a terrifying cultivator, indeed, and he admired him now.

“Haha, not bad, little boy! No wonder you became the leader of a small group of Godly Emperors,” Yan Zhuang smiled. He was amazed.

Lin Feng looked at the few cultivators of the fifth Godly Emperor Layer, but he didn’t feel proud, he just felt thankful. It was good to feel supported.

“Thank you very much for the compliments, Masters. I just try to do my best when I do something,” replied Lin Feng, smiling and lowering his head.

Yan Hui said firmly, “Little boy, don’t talk like that, you’re humiliating those who work even harder than you, but who don’t manage to do as good.”

“You’re right, Master,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly. Yan Hui smiled in satisfaction. He looked at Yan Leng and asked, “Brother, what do you think?”

Yan Leng didn’t flatter Lin Feng like the other elders. When he heard Yan Hui’s question, he looked Lin Feng over from head to foot. The look in his eyes was threatening and cold, and he was extremely strong. Lin Feng remained silent.

“Neither proud nor arrogant. Neither docile nor domineering,” said Yan Leng after a long time. What a strange thing to say.

When Yan Hui heard, he was surprised, but he then smiled cheerfully. When Lin Feng heard that, he was impressed, too; it was a concise yet accurate way of describing him.

“Alright, are you two ready?” Yan Hui asked Lin Feng and Yan Di. The elders had called Yan Di and Lin Feng because it was time to go to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. Yan Di and Yan Chang were going to continue their competition.

Yan Di needed to win and catch up with Yan Chang. If Yan Chang won, the Evolution Branch would be in charge of the entire Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty. That would not be good for the Celestial Branch.

Yan Di felt under the pressure. Lin Feng, as a friend, was ready to do all he could to help.

“Uncle, we’re ready,” Yan Di nodded. On the other day at the mountain, he could have climbed much higher, he could have reached the 25,000th step at least, but he hadn’t because he wanted to save his pure Qi for the Celestial Evolution Battlefield.

It was different for Lin Feng, because he had to break through to the second Godly Emperor Layer, which he had managed to do, so now he was ready, too.

It was now time to go to the Celestial Evolution Battlefield to kill ancient beasts!

“Good. If you’re ready, come with us,” said Yan Hui, nodding in satisfaction. All the elders stood up and walked away.


Yan Di and Lin Feng followed them. Very quickly, they arrived above an illusory mountain range. The Celestial Evolution Battlefield was inside.

The Celestial Evolution Battlefield had been created by the leaders of the two branches. At the beginning, the purpose was to isolate ancient beasts of the Godly Emperor Layer and subdue them.

Lin Feng followed them as they flashed into a white space. When Lin Feng entered that space, he suddenly started shaking. His pure Qi shook violently and weakened. A second later, Lin Feng realized he now had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer.

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng, clenching his fists.

Yan Hui glanced at Lin Feng, smiling and saying nothing. Yan Di replied. “Our strength is restricted to the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer in here. Even the elders have the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer here,” said Yan Di.

Lin Feng looked at the elders, and indeed, they were now all Half-Godly Emperors. However, having one’s strength restrained was different from actually being at that level, because they had more experience.

“Tomorrow, the Celestial Evolution Battlefield will be officially open. Our souls and bodies will be separated. We can go into the Celestial Evolution Battlefield with our souls. We’ll be in there for two months. During these two months, we have to find ancient beasts and kill them.

“But actually, we won’t really kill them, they’re just souls. So, we’ll severely injure them and in a few hundred years, they will recover. However, if they injure us, it can be dangerous.

“If in two months we don’t get out, we’ll be stuck in there forever and become those beasts’ food. We’ll die and our bodies will remain outside, lifeless.

“The previous times I came here, two cultivators of the second Godly Emperor Layer died in here. We can’t make the same mistake again,” Yan Di explained solemnly. Lin Feng understood he had to be extremely careful.

“You two, sit in the middle of the six stars,” said Yan Leng, glancing at them. The elders moved a hundred meters away. Lin Feng and Yan Di glanced at one another. Six stars appeared around them and illuminated them.

Lin Feng’s space and time Dao was already level nine, so when he sensed the thick and dense space and time energy, Lin Feng had an idea. If he could stay there and sense the energy for a long enough time, he might be able to break through. Maybe his space and time Dao would be his second Dao to reach its maximum level.

“You two sit down. Tomorrow early in the morning, the battlefield will automatically open itself and your souls will be taken there. Yan Di already has a lot of experience in there, so Lin Feng, listen to him.

“When you enter the battlefield, don’t part. Stay together. The most important thing is that you find a godly beast and defeat it.

“You also need to pay attention to the strong cultivators of the Evolution Branch, you may bump into each other, but don’t fight to death. We’re part of the same clan, just different branches. We don’t hate each other to the point of death,” said Yan Zhan and Yan Hui as Lin Feng and Yan Di were seated. Lin Feng nodded.

Everybody then left, leaving Yan Di and Lin Feng together.

Yan Di looked focused. He was worried because he had seen people get severely injured in there, and some of them had even died. He didn’t want that to happen again…

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    And the victorious is clear; Yan Di!!! Future leader of celestial evolution emperor

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