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Chapter 459: Mount Sumeru’s Tablet!

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Lin Feng and Yan Di didn’t say anything, meditating. Time passed quickly. Early in the morning, they heard some whistling sounds.

Boom boom boom!…

After the whistling came some rumbling sounds, and the six stars started rotating at full speed. The world began to shake, as if there were an earthquake, and dazzling blue lights appeared. The atmosphere was so distorted that Lin Feng had the impression he was going to faint.

Lin Feng suddenly had the impression he was free-falling, but it was like the stars prevented him from crashing. He understood what was going on; his soul and body were being separated. Yan Di was going through the same thing. Their souls turned into beams of light and flew far, far away. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and saw a blue vortex with stars around.

“Grab my hand!” Yan Di said to Lin Feng. His voice sounded eerie, the atmosphere didn’t carry sound the same way as outside. Lin Feng grabbed Yan Di’s hand and then everything around them became blurry and white.

It felt extremely peaceful. The atmosphere changed around them, blue lights reappeared, and then they appeared in a different world. There were mountains, oceans and forests, but it was still an illusion, even if it looked real.

“Let’s go to the Mount Sumeru’s Tablet,” Yan Di frowned. He started flying towards the west, and the grasslands there. Lin Feng followed him.


Lin Feng didn’t know how long they ran, but with the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor, their legs hurt. There was no night time there. The sun was always bright and scorching.

Finally, Yan Di stopped. Lin Feng stopped too, seeing a hundred-meter-long plate. On it was written: Mount Sumeru’s Tablet.

When they arrived, Lin Feng smelled something old. He had smelled the same Qi from Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, Godly Emperor Huang, and Godly Emperor Blood. It showed how old that Mount Sumeru’s Tablet was.

The Mount Sumeru’s Tablet was like a lofty mountain protecting the grasslands for miles and miles around.

Yan Di looked at the Mount Sumeru’s Tablet and frowned, then smiled wryly and said, “We’re too late. They already took the Mount Sumeru’s Talisman away.”

Yan Di looked angry. Lin Feng didn’t understand why. “What Mount Sumeru’s Talisman?”

“Look, over there,” said Yan Di pointing at a small cavity. The color there was different from the rest of the plate, but one had to pay careful attention.

“The color is different which proves the talisman has been taken away. Look on the ground, there are footprints,” said Yan Di. There were eight footprints there.

“What’s the Mount Sumeru’s Talisman for?” asked Lin Feng.

Yan Di explained, “The Mount Sumeru’s Talisman is useful for tracking the beasts in here, and it’s also easier to kill beasts with it.

“Last time, we got the Mount Sumeru’s Talisman, but we were much weaker than the Evolution Branch’s cultivators, so we lost. This time, they got the talisman first, it’s not going to be easy,” said Yan Di. He seemed dispirited all of a sudden, and clenched his fists.

Lin Feng understood. The talisman was important for killing and tracking the beasts.

“Let’s go. They can’t be that far. Let’s go and get it,” Lin Feng frowned.

When Yan Di heard that, he burst into laughter. “Haha! Awesome! Let’s go and steal it then! Even if we fail, we can prevent them from moving!”

“Right! It’s been a while since we’ve done completely insane stuff together! Let’s enjoy ourselves!” said Lin Feng, laughing like a madman.

Yan Di chortled gleefully. They flew away, looking for the others.


Yan Chang was with three strong cultivators. He was holding the Mount Sumeru’s talisman and smiling.

Yan Chang and Yan Di were different. Yan Chang was quite young and handsome, wearing fine golden clothes. The three strong cultivators with him were older by only a generation, still quite young.

But it was difficult to guess how old they really were, because they were Godly Emperors and at that level, it was even easier to look young. Yan Di didn’t care about the way he looked. He looked like an old man, but if he wanted to, he could look young too.

“Young Master, we’ve got the talisman this time, so we’re almost sure to win this round,” said a man behind Yan Chang. He sounded happy. The previous time, they didn’t have the talisman, but they had won anyway, so now with the talisman…

Yan Chang smiled indifferently and shook his head, “Don’t be so confident. The Celestial Branch lost many people in the previous rounds, so this time, they probably sent their strongest cultivators. Don’t underestimate them.”

“Haha, don’t entertain imaginary and groundless fears. We’re one step ahead, how could they catch up with us? We’re definitely going to win.”

“Right, Young Master, we’re going to win and our branch, the Evolution Branch, is going to take control over the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty,” said the strong cultivators behind him, laughing loudly. They didn’t look nervous at all, because they had such a big advantage over the other team. What could they fear? What could happen?

When Yan Chang heard them, he was very unhappy. He regretted that he had taken such people with him. If they were too careless, it could ruin the whole plan. Yan Chang wasn’t a kid, he had lived for thousands of years, he had experience and knew that overconfidence was dangerous.

But the three cultivators were careless and overconfident.

“Oh? Some people are following us,” Yan Chang frowned. He saw two silhouettes flicker in the distance.

The three cultivators turned around and saw two silhouettes getting closer. They were surprised.

“Could it be that the Celestial Branch only sent two people?” The three cultivators were confused.

Yan Chang narrowed his eyes and saw Yan Di and Lin Feng. He knew what they wanted; they were going to steal his talisman!

“Yan Di, long time no see. You didn’t progress much,” said Yan Chang, smiling mockingly. Even though they only had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer on the battlefield, they could still see each others’ real cultivation levels.

Yan Di had the strength of the top of the second Godly Emperor Layer, one step away from breaking through to the third. However, Yan Chang had broken through to the third Godly Emperor Layer a short time before. He was now one step ahead.

Yan Di stopped in the air. Lin Feng stopped next to him and looked at Yan Chang and the three others. He was startled when he saw Yan Chang had the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer, and the others of the second.

“Yan Chang, you’re much, much older than me, you think having the strength of the third Godly Emperor Layer is something you should be proud of?” replied Yan Di cuttingly.

When Yan Chang heard that, his expression didn’t change, and on the contrary, he smiled even more resplendently. “You’re older, I’m a young man.”

“Haha, you want to get some young chicks, that’s all.”

“Hehe, you’re quite spontaneous, but your life is meaningless, not like mine. I am happy. I’m not a virgin anymore. Haha!”

They didn’t want to kill each other, as they were from the same family, and had the same blood, but they were rivals. Yan Di’s grandfather was Yan Zun, Yan Chang’s grandfather was Yan Duan. Yan Duan and Yan Zun were biological brothers.

“Maybe, but do you know how many wives my best friend has?” Yan Di mused aloud, glancing at Lin Feng.

Yan Chang looked over at Lin Feng. Yan Chang liked women, so when Yan Di said that, Yan Chang understood that Lin Feng was a lady killer. It was also the first time Yan Chang heard Yan Di call someone his best friend.

“Your friend has the strength of the second layer?” Yan Chang asked cautiously.

Yan Di smiled and nodded proudly, “He’s very famous too, you may have heard of him.”

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