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Chapter 460: Fighting Over the Talisman!

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“Oh? Why is he famous?” Yan Chang asked. He was curious. He stared at Lin Feng as if he wanted to read Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t look Yan Chang in the eyes.

“Lin Feng, perhaps you have heard of him?” said Yan Di smiled proudly.

“What? You’re Lin Feng?” The men behind Yan Chang smiled mockingly and pointed at Lin Feng with their fingers.

Lin Feng frowned. The guys behind Yan Chang seemed really detestable. He asked, “What? Is there a problem?”

“Hehe, if you’re Lin Feng, I’m Young Emperor Tian Fan,” said a black-clothed man, smiling sarcastically.

“Tian Fan is a piece of shit! Do you know what Lin Feng did?!” shouted Yan Di furiously.

The man in black clothes wanted to contradict Yan Di, but Yan Chang looked at him angrily, “I knew I shouldn’t have taken those three morons with me! Shut up!”

“Yes, Young Master,” said the man in black clothes, glancing at Lin Feng and Yan Di angrily, but he didn’t say anything more.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why Yan Chang and Yan Di were rivals, as they seemed to get along. However, the three morons behind Yan Chang seemed really detestable.

“Are you really Lin Feng?” asked Yan Chang. Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t say anything more. Whether Yan Chang decided to believe him or not was his problem.

Yan Chang instantly believed him, because Lin Feng’s personality definitely matched everything he had heard about him. This was definitely Lin Feng, the one who had extended the flight of stairs created by Tian Di the Celestial Emperor!

“Incredible, I would have never thought Brother Lin would be friends with Yan Di,” said Yan Chang sighing and smiling. But then he grinned hard, “But, if you think you can rely on Brother Lin to steal the talisman from me, you’re wrong.”

“Is that so? Let’s try then,” said Yan Di, smiling fearlessly. He landed on the ground, ten meters away from Yan Chang.

Lin Feng also landed and looked at the three men behind Yan Chang. They all seemed angry, and their energies slowly emerged.

Lin Feng didn’t understand why those people were so aggressive. He hadn’t done anything to them.

“Let’s try then,” said Yan Chang, smiling indifferently. He raised his hands and Qi started humming.

Yan Di stopped smiling, and glanced at Lin Feng and said, “Can you compete with those three?”

“At the very least, I can prevent them from bothering you,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t promise anything, but Yan Di was still relieved.

Yan Chang was surprised. Lin Feng intended to fight against three people?

When the three heard Lin Feng, they shouted furiously, “You want to die! How dare you belittle us? Go!”

Boom boom!…

Terrifying energies rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. However, his expression didn’t change. He flashed and threw a punch at the energies. The three cultivators surrounded Lin Feng like tigers eyeing prey.

Yan Chang and Yan Di didn’t waste time and started fighting. They didn’t try to kill each other, though.

“You three, you can’t injure Lin Feng!” shouted Yan Chang furiously, then continued fighting against Yan Di.

Their energies kept colliding unceasingly.

However, Lin Feng was under pressure. Even though he wasn’t afraid of fighting against them, he could sense that they didn’t care about injuring him. But he couldn’t complain to Yan Chang. He had to resist.

“One against three? Who do you think you are? You’re a miserable little cultivator, you just defeated Tian Fan’s servant, that’s all,” said the man in black clothes mockingly. His face was distorted with hatred and ferocity. He used his full strength to attack Lin Feng’s circulatory system. Lin Feng understood something: these people had excellent relations with Tian Fan!

How come the disciples of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty had made friends with those of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty? Lin Feng didn’t understand.

He had no time to ask questions though. He threw a punch at the man in black clothes, but the two others arrived at him very quickly. Lin Feng released explosive brightness strength and demon Qi in waves around him.

The two others felt pressured, but they were still angry and threw punches in Lin Feng’s direction.

Lin Feng punched the black-clothed man’s shoulder. The man groaned with pain and his face paled. The two others were getting closer and closer to Lin Feng and smiled wickedly. They ground their teeth and used their full strength.

Lin Feng felt even more under pressure. The black-clothed man didn’t flinch. He came back towards Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng wasn’t going to sit and wait. He raised his arms and grabbed the black-clothed man’s arm, then he suddenly lifted him and threw him against the two others’ punches, before condensing brightness strength in his feet and kicking the two others.

After that, Lin Feng released the strength of the chiliocosm of the Great Tao and condensed it in his fingers. Black holes appeared around his fingers, and the black-clothed man’s expression suddenly changed. He didn’t dare stay too close, so he retreated as quickly as he could, but now Lin Feng wasn’t going to give him any opportunity. He used his full strength to catch up with him and threw an explosive punch.

The black-clothed man coughed blood and was smashed away, glaring at Lin Feng furiously. However, Lin Feng was merciless; since the men wanted to kill him, Lin Feng couldn’t leave the matter at that. His friend was Yan Di, not Yan Chang, and Yan Chang had seen what was going on, anyway.

The black-clothed man couldn’t dodge. He realized he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng, and understood that Lin Feng was really strong.

The black-clothed man ground his teeth so hard that his gum started bleeding. He looked like a mess. He looked at the two others, who were flying towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. The black-clothed man smiled defiantly and suddenly started throwing punches at Lin Feng again.

Lin Feng wondered why this guy was risking his life to kill him? Lin Feng then understood, the two others were releasing special energies to use their godly skills, and it was already quite painful.

“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He threw a punch and smashed the black-clothed man away. Then he turned around and threw punches at the others using his Mara Nirvana Formula. They were both sent flying like rag dolls.

Lin Feng groaned with pain and was pushed back half a step. The two others looked miserable.

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He was going to use his full strength, and started releasing the energies of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill. He initially intended to be merciful, as these people were from the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty after all, but since they were trying to kill him, Lin Feng wasn’t going to let them off.

With the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill, even if they didn’t die, they’d be badly injured at least!

“Lin Feng, stop!” called out Yan Di. Lin Feng had to give Yan Di face, so he stopped. His expression changed when he saw Yan Di, his hand on his chest, blood dripping from his mouth. Yan Chang had injured him.

Yan Chang was injured, too. They were both badly beat up. And most importantly, the Mount Sumeru’s Talisman was broken in two.

It was one of the reasons why Yan Di had told Lin Feng to stop.

The problem was that the three men might think they had won.

“Hmph! It’s only temporary. You’re even more worthless than a dog. If they hadn’t stopped us, you’d be dead already!” snarled the black-clothed man. His face was completely pale, but he laughed loudly and mockingly.

“Indeed, one more second and you’d be dead! Yan Di saved you.”

“One against us three? You’re a joke!” “Half a second later, you’d have died! Haha!” the two others laughed icily.

As expected, the three provoked Lin Feng and said they would have won. Lin Feng knew it would happen.

But still he gave up. Killing them wasn’t difficult, but it also wasn’t necessary.

“Yan Di, what do we do now?” asked Lin Feng, flying back to Yan Di.

Yan Di shook his head. He was holding half of the talisman as he said, “We’re unlucky. Without the talisman, none of us can track beasts.”

“It’s all your fault, Yan Di,” Yan Chang said angrily. He was terribly annoyed. He had managed to find the talisman, but because of Yan Di, it was broken.

“We have no choice, but to rely on our own abilities,” said Yan Di, smiling wryly. He felt a bit guilty.

Yan Chang sighed. There was no other solution now.

“Let’s go,” Yan Chang said to the three others.

The three others looked at him respectfully. They bowed hand over fist before their master, Yan Chang. However, Lin Feng had the impression they were plotting against him.

“Yan Chang, watch out, there’s something wrong about your servants,” Lin Feng said to Yan Chang telepathically, after having thought it out carefully.

However, Yan Chang just smiled, turned around, and left.

Lin Feng watched four people head in the distance. There was definitely something wrong…

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