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Chapter 461: Refining Shan Wen Beasts!

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“What’s wrong, Lin Feng?” asked Yan Di when he saw Lin Feng was making a face. He was a bit worried.

Lin Feng didn’t lie, and told Yan Di everything, that the three cultivators wanted to kill him. When Yan Di heard that, his expression changed drastically. He was worried and couldn’t believe it. He initially just thought it was because of the tensions between the two branches of the Dynasty.

Yan Di knew that Lin Feng wasn’t a liar. Was the Evolution Branch helping Lin Feng’s enemies?

“In two months, when we go out, I’ll tell my grandfather and the elders about this. We’ll see what they have to say,” said Yan Di. No matter what, he needed to kill more beasts. He had to gain the advantage, and catch up with the Evolution Branch. If he lost, the Evolution Branch would take control of the Dynasty.

“Let’s go and find some beasts. The talisman is broken now, so finding beasts won’t be easy,” said Yan Di, holding the broken talisman bitterly. It was a pity, but at least Yan Chang couldn’t use the talisman either, so it was better than nothing.


Lin Feng followed Yan Di. They decided to fly up in the air and slowly. They flew above the grasslands towards the mountains. Then, they’d find a valley. Most beasts liked to live in valleys.

They arrived in a mountainous forest which was really dark, and followed a large meandering river. It looked like a snake from the sky. What a beautiful world!

Lin Feng remembered his own world. It was much more perfect and bigger than this world. Xue Yue was already extremely crowded. But since Lin Feng had become a Ruler in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had taken everyone out of his world and he had only kept his parents and Liu Fei, as well as a few guards.

“Be careful, Lin Feng. I can sense some beast Qi,” said Yan Di at that moment. Lin Feng looked around cautiously. As expected, he sensed an explosive Qi which made him feel sick.

The two of them sensed the ground shake. Qi rolled about them, and they heard the sound of hoofs on the ground. Lin Feng rose back up in the air and looked around to see where the beast came from. Yan Di followed him.

Very quickly, they flew to the top of a mountain. Yan Di looked extremely happy.

A hundred-meter-tall beast appeared and glared at Lin Feng and Yan Di icily.

The beast roared. Its gigantic eyes were bloodshot. It had sharp teeth and looked bloodthirsty. Those teeth reminded Lin Feng of vampires, but they were even scarier. It also had two blood-red wings.

It had blood-red dragon scales, blood Qi emerging from them. Its skin was also extremely thick and apart from the scales, it also had golden hair. It reminded Lin Feng of Jin Mao Hou, but it wasn’t a Jin Mao Hou, it was a Shan Wen Beast.

{Translator’s note: Jin Mao Hou is one of the four season gods, it’s a golden lion, copy and paste “金毛吼” in Google Images to see what it looks like. The characters used for Shan and Wen are quite rare, shan can mean “bristle” and “wen” can mean “a crack”, as in a porcelain}

The Shan Wen Beast {Translator’s note: the original characters are so rare that the author explains how to read them to the readers} was one of the ten evil beasts of the ancient times. They were extremely cruel and bloodthirsty. Back in the days, they lived in the Continent of the Gods and used to devour people alive. Everybody was terrified of them.

Baby Shan Wen Beasts were as strong as Holy Spirit Emperors, adult ones had the strength of the Godly Emperor Layer. The strongest ones had the strength of the top of the Godly Emperor Layer. They were terrifyingly strong.

The Shan Wen Beast in front of them had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer because everyone and everything’s cultivation level was restricted in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield. No matter how strong someone was, their cultivation level was always that of the Half-Godly Emperor layer there. Therefore, this Shan Wen Beast which was an adult and had the strength of the second Godly Emperor Layer also had the strength of the Half-Godly Emperor layer in the Celestial Evolution Battlefield.

“Lin Feng, it’s a Shan Wen Beast and they’re not solitary. If there’s one, there must be several others. Be careful,” said Yan Di. Lin Feng was nervous because less than a hundred meters away were several gigantic holes in the mountains. Right after Yan Di spoke, the Shan Wen Beast flew towards them and bared its fangs.

“Be careful!” shouted Lin Feng. He pushed Yan Di violently and jumped towards the beast while taking out his Buddha Sword and raising it. He used as much strength as he could to hit the beast’s fangs. The lights of the Buddha Sword weakened, but he didn’t manage to injure the beast. it was perfectly fine.

The Buddha Sword was a high-level godly imperial weapon; such weapons sufficed to kill Half-Godly Emperors, but not to destroy the Shan Wen Beast’s teeth!

Lin Feng was stupefied, and stepped backwards. The Shan Wen Beast flew towards Lin Feng extremely quickly again. Lin Feng shouted furiously and threw a kick while releasing brightness strength. The Shan Wen Beast was knocked away, but quickly came back.

Lin Feng ground his teeth, his Buddha Sword appeared in front of him horizontally. He managed to hit the hooves of the beast, but he still groaned with pain and was pushed back a hundred meters, a metallic taste in his mouth and throat.

Lin Feng had rarely found a battle so difficult. Even when he had fought against Dan Qing Yang, it was difficult, but not this difficult. The Shan Wen Beast was extremely powerful, an ancient ferocious beast. The legends about it were true.

Lin Feng glanced at Yan Di. At that moment, Yan Di wasn’t having a great time either, his azure robe was already torn apart. He had several wounds and was soaked in blood. Yan Di was using his full strength to fight against another Shan Wen Beast.

No, we can’t continue like this. We’re using too much pure Qi, it’s dangerous, thought Lin Feng. Then he kicked the Shan Wen Beast as hard as he could and he flew towards it again.

The Shan Wen roared furiously and ran towards Lin Feng, the ground shaking with his steps. Lin Feng raised his Buddha Sword and his Blood Cauldron. The Blood Cauldron was a supreme godly imperial weapon, the Demon Emperor’s item. It could probably help against the Shan Wen Beast.

The Blood Cauldron appeared in midair and crashed against the Shan Wen Beast. The beast screamed and was smashed away by the cauldron. It crashed against a mountain thousands of meters away.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, continuing to chase the Shan Wen Beast. The cauldron was trembling and growing bigger and bigger. It was now a hundred meters in size. It turned sideways and covered the beast.

Clang! Clang! The beast was imprisoned in the cauldron and hammered the walls as hard as it could, but it was useless. How could a Shan Wen Beast destroy something which had been created by the Demon Emperor?

Since your Qi is a blood-type one, the Blood Cauldron will refine you, thought Lin Feng.

He released pure Qi and condensed it in the Blood Cauldron. His face paled, but the hammering sounds inside the cauldron weakened swiftly, then stopped. A blood-red cloud of smoke appeared around the Blood Cauldron. It smelled like blood.

“Yan Di, throw the Shan Wen Beast inside the cauldron!” shouted Lin Feng explosively.

Yan Di didn’t reply, he just punched the Shan Wen Beast as hard as he could, the scales hurting his hand. He still used his full strength to lift the Shan Wen Beast and throw it into the cauldron. The Shan Wen Beast wanted to escape, but Lin Feng jumped and caught it.

Lin Feng pushed the Shan Wen Beast inside the cauldron. Like the previous one, the Shan Wen Beast hammered the walls of the cauldron, but the cauldron started refining it. The sounds quieted down and then they stopped, and a cloud of blood-red smoke appeared.

Yan Di coughed, his Qi was unstable, and his wounds were serious. It was extremely difficult to fight against a Shan Wen Beast. If Lin Feng hadn’t used the Blood Cauldron, they might have both been killed.

“Alright,” said Lin Feng when he sensed that the Blood Cauldron had stopped refining the beast. He was extremely happy. He raised his hand, and the cauldron descended to the top of the mountain. Yan Di looked at the cauldron, confused.

Lin Feng shrank the cauldron to as small as his hand. The blood Qi was extremely thick, but it was pleasant. It could also help people’s pure Qi recover.

Lin Feng looked at the cauldron. It had neither too much nor too little energy. Lin Feng took out two blood-red pills. The pills contained blood Qi and could heal pure Qi.

“Lin Feng, that’s the Demon Emperor’s Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation?”

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