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Chapter 462: Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation!

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“Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. He knew it was a Blood Cauldron, but he didn’t know it had another name.

Yan Di rolled his eyes and said, “You have the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, which proves you obtained his transmissions. In the future, don’t take it out in front of other people,” warned Yan Di.

Lin Feng had never seen Yan Di look so cautious and serious, and so he asked, “Why?”

“Lin Feng, you obtained Xuan Yuan’s transmissions, don’t you know why he died?” asked Yan Di. Lin Feng knew that the Demon Emperor had been killed by Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s father, and had assumed that it was to ensure Tian Di’s future and to prevent Xuan Yuan from growing stronger and stronger.

Lin Feng told Yan Di what he knew, explaining what the Demon Emperor had told him.

Yan Di smiled.

“Sigh… The Demon Emperor didn’t want you to be in danger because of the Blood Cauldron, so he didn’t tell you the truth,” said Yan Di, smiling wryly. He pointed at the blood-red demonic marks on the tiny cauldron. The cauldron easily weighed a million tons even when it was tiny. It could destroy a whole mountain!

“Why would the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation be dangerous?” asked Lin Feng. Yan Di remained silent. Since Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t want to tell Lin Feng the truth, could he tell him? As a friend, he didn’t want Lin Feng to be in danger, either.

But if Lin Feng knew how powerful it was, wouldn’t he do his best to become stronger relying on it? Maybe the Demon Emperor had progressed so quickly because of the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation…

“Tell me. Don’t worry,” said Lin Feng, smiling when he saw Yan Di’s expression.

Yan Di nodded. Since Lin Feng wanted to know and that he had the cauldron already, he was the Blood Cauldron’s new master.

“Lin Feng, it’s a legend my grandfather told me. I don’t know if it’s accurate or not but I believe it, especially after seeing the cauldron refine two Shan Wen Beasts into pills.”

“What legend?”

“According to the legend, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had a teacher, and that teacher had the power to modify the environment, which naturally gave him the power to destroy the Continent of the Gods. After that, he recruited a few disciples; one of them was Xuan Yuan, the Demon Emperor!

“That great master was extremely rich, and he gave his disciples some priceless items. In the end, he gave the Demon Emperor three items: the Xuan Yuan Throne, the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, and the Demon Staff.

“Those three items contain the strength of the earth and the sky. Xuan Yuan’s teacher made them himself. The most important thing is that those three items can’t be compared with any other items.

“The Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation is the most powerful one: it can transform and refine the ten thousand things of creation, especially when its master is strong. The pills it creates are blood-red pills which are really good for pure Qi. Back in the days, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor created a demon army and recruited hundreds of disciples. Relying on the Blood Cauldron of the Ten Thousand Things of Creation, he made pills for them.

“Thanks to those pills, Holy Spirit Emperors were all willing to submit to him. Five pills sufficed to make Godly Emperors submit. Imagine how imposing and awe-inspiring Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was back in the days. With so many disciples, how could he have been killed by Tian Di’s father?

“Back in the days, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was one of the strongest cultivators in the world. He had a terrifying army, who would have dared attack him? Hundreds of Godly Emperors, you imagine how strong that army was?

“But it meant Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s success and failure at the same time. He became too greedy, so his pill refining speed became slower and slower. In the end, he even refined his disciples and army to get pills for himself!

“When Tian Di the Celestial Emperor and his father learned about that, they were greedy and wanted pills too. In the end, they fought against Xuan Yuan, and he was doomed.” explained Yan Di. Lin Feng was astonished, and his heart felt heavy.

That Blood Cauldron looked ordinary, but it could create pills which were very beneficial for cultivation.

Thinking about that, cold sweat appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead. He was lucky that he hadn’t been refined by the cauldron. Godly Emperor Blood definitely knew the cauldron could refine people too, but had made him go into it.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s hair bristled. Did Godly Emperor Blood want to refine him back then to retrieve his original strength?

But it couldn’t be… because no matter how strong Godly Emperor Blood was, he was a soul and using a blood pill was useless, because it was only efficient on pure Qi… Eh…?

“Yan Di, can the pills only be used to heal pure Qi? Can a soul recover with it?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course. A blood pill is not only for pure Qi, it can help a soul recover, it can also heal vitality. It can also help cultivators break through. Blood pills are among the most powerful pills in the world. They’re priceless. If anyone knows you have the Blood Cauldron, they’ll probably try to kill you.

“I hope that nobody noticed you used the Blood Cauldron just now. Maybe they don’t even know what it looks like. But when I saw you use it, I remembered what my grandfather told me,” said Yan Di.

Lin Feng was confused. If it was really the case, then it meant that Godly Emperor Blood might have really wanted to refine him to recover, but in the end, Lin Feng had done so well and proved he was strong, so Godly Emperor Blood had decided to transmit his knowledge to him.

Lin Feng realized he had brushed with death. He could have been turned into a blood pill. Lin Feng didn’t blame Godly Emperor Blood; he had compassion for him, any strong cultivator would think about that if they were turned into a broken soul.

But maybe Lin Feng could help Godly Emperor Blood now with a blood soul pellet and a blood pill.

“Yan Di, I want to make a few blood pills and keep them. Let’s find more Shan Wen Beasts and other beasts!” said Lin Feng. He was excited now, even if his whole body hurt. He raced into the depths of the valley.

Yan Di smiled wryly and shook his head speechlessly. “Usually, people who come here are scared; this time, the beasts shall tremble with fear, not us!

“How cruel and ferocious.”

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